Nearly the first second of the broadcast was about J.B. Mauney—but they also featured Robson Palermo and new kid on the block, 18-year-old Jess Lockwood. They are all losing their minds over Jess already, just like they did over Cooper Davis. He is exciting to watch, though.
Later in the event, poor Jess took on Air Time, the $50K bounty bull. “That’s gonna buy him a lotta corsages for the prom,” cracked Craig. We heard the loud smack of Lockwood’s head against the bull. The kid looked all shook up, fading across the lot to the trailer, disappointed. I’d hate to be inside his head at this moment. Probably questioning his place in the universe. 47.50 for the bull.
We also had to hear (again) about J.B. being a mentor to Lockwood. Didn’t we just go through that with Derek Kolbaba? How many riders is J.B. “mentoring”? And does that consist of telling them, “Don’t stop trying till your head hits the ground”? Just asking. Same quote from J.B. as last time, slightly revised from “He’s going to be around for a long time, longer than I am” to “He’s going to be around for a long time.” Interesting.

• “That kid [Kaique Pacheco] mechanically is as good as anyone we’ve got.”—Ty Murray.
• “When you see both legs straight up, that’s what tells you the bull is in control.”—Ty, master of the obvious.
• “You have to try as hard as you can without trying too hard.”—Ty again.
• “They can kill you on accident.” Ty has a serious preposition problem.
• Every time I hear Hummer’s “Derek Kolbaba has been able to dominate the potpourri of power” I laugh. It just doesn’t get old.

“It has turned into a season of discontent” for Shane, Hummer said; I wonder if he even knows where that phrase is from. 25 consecutive buckoffs, and yet Shane’s #7 in the world. He’s going to have surgery to get some screws and metal taken out of his arm(s); it will keep him out of action for a few months.

• Kaique Pacheco came in with a 49.07% riding percentage, and finished with 50.75%.
• Fabiano Vieira came in at #4 in the world. By Round 3, he was #3, with a 51.61% riding percentage.
• Eduardo Aparecido is #6 in the world.
• Jay Miller had football scholarship offers.
• Cochise scored 45. Interesting double kick right at the gate.
• 15 guys rode in Round 1 (that’s a lotta rides), none better than Robson Palermo on Swashbuckler for 89 points.

• In Round 2 Ryan Dirteater‘s bull Calypso hipped himself and his rear end came out in a different direction, but there was no re-ride offered. Whatever happened to that “changing the trajectory of the ride” thing?
• J.B. Mauney came in with a 53.49% riding percentage, and left with 54.17%. Justin McBride called him the best rider in a decade. Where is your brain, McBride? I’ve got two words for you: ADRIANO MORAES. As I saw J.B.’s ride on Moto Moto, I thought to myself (who else would I be thinking to?), “Watch the score be ridiculous,” and sure enough it was: 89.75, which of course moved him to #1 in Round 2 (his only ride). The judges had to have him win something. (“He’s never won a major, he’s never won a major,” was the repeated refrain.) The Booth Boys were all rah-rah, even after he kept getting bucked off. They even gave us “more inside information” about J.B. Why don’t they just post his X-rays online? I’m sure there must be some nook or cranny of him they haven’t told us about.
• Round 3: Stanley Fatmax had been ridden by only one guy (Tanner Byrne, for 86.75), and Eduardo Aparecido became the second. 85.50?? YOU SUCK, YOU JUDGES! This bull obviously has a big difficulty factor, and you shaft Eduardo with a mediocre score? If that was J.B. on his back, it would’ve been 90 or more. To add injury to insult (yes, I meant that), Aparecido took a big shot to the face–without a face mask.
• I love how in “Behind the Ride,” J.W. Harris talked about Tuff Hedeman (no love lost between Tuff and the PBR) and Don Gay, instead of the usual PBR icons. I hope they don’t slap him down for this. The PBR can be very gangsta.
• Kaique Pacheco on Wicked scored 89.75 – they couldn’t squeak out that last .25? Ding!
• Big Cat is unridden. Ty described what the bull would do, and it was good enough to get rid of J.B. Mauney, who exited grimacing and half-hobbling. All I could think of was Flint Rasmussen’s crack a few years ago that if you buck off, you’d better walk out with a limp. J.B.’s been taking that very seriously.

During this event there was a brief trio of boxes in the upper right hand corner of the PBR website homepage about bareback bronc riding, barrel racing, and one more event I didn’t catch. Is this an inkling of future plans to expand into rodeo events?

PBR has announced a bull riding “Academy” for junior high, high school, and kids in special camps. Sounds great—but there’s a dark side. The behemoth has found another way to screw over the smaller fry. What about the bull riding clinics run by Shane Proctor, Wiley Peterson, Dustin Elliott, Cody Custer, Terry Don West?—not to mention Gary Leffew! Unless they’re geographically insulated from PBR outposts, they can’t compete. Maybe the PBR could just finance them, like a franchise, and they could keep going; of course the tradeoff is, all their best riders graduate to PBR school. And no doubt PBR scouts will be scouring clinics and camps for fodder to put in their pipeline. I bet they’ll offer scholarships for guys they think are BFTS-bound. I’ll also bet they won’t be spending money importing more Killer Bs. In fact, this whole operation smells like Brazilian-protection. It’s not just about stepping up to rank bulls.

Pacheco wins Round 3.
In Round 4, there was only one ride: the winner.
Eduardo Aparecido had to take on Asteroid five minutes after a blast of Stanley Fatmax. How come there was no big fuss about this, when the Booth Boys get all sympathetic for certain other riders if they have to take another bull just a few minutes after the last one? 44.25 for the bull.
Kaique took on Little Red Jacket for 88 points, $100K, and the #1 in the world slot. Not bad for a day’s work. The fun part was seeing Guilherme Marchi and Silvano Alves hoisting little Kaique in the air and Adriano Moraes giving him a bear hug.

There was no televised interview with Kaique. The PBR never has a translator any more. This way they can talk about J.B. not being #1 instead of Kaique being #1. Shitheads.

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Elite Rodeo Athletes results from Albuquerque event

From their email:

On the other end of the arena, [Cody] Ohl turned in another impressive performance. His bull Bushwacked bucked off ERA’s then No. 1 bull rider Kanin Asay in an extraordinary 2.54 seconds, remarkably similar to his three-time World Champion father Bushwacker (Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls).

After four consecutive no-score competitions, Canada’s Ty Pozzobon rode to his second win of the season aboard Red Neck with 84 points. Cody Campbell (Summerville, Oregon) captured second place, a repeat of Friday night’s results, with an 81-point ride on Buster (TNT Rodeo). A third place finish for Chandler Bownds (79 points) resulted in a return to the No. 1 position in the ERA bull riding world standings for the Lubbock, Texas, cowboy. Campbell moved from sixth to No. 2 in the overall rankings.”

I’d keep my eye on Bushwacker’s son if I were you.

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I have been a slacker lately; reporting for a newspaper fulltime cuts into my bullriding blogging! I have a backlog of notes, but people get testy if I post something too late, so I let the events go by. The only way I’d get to cover a bullriding story is if a rider or bull lived along the Hudson River below Tarrytown and above Manhattan. Not likely. But if anyone does know of such a creature, please let me know. I wouldn’t want the story assigned to someone else!:)

Billings 15/15

The headline is, THE BULLS WON.

Of course the first name we hear is JB Mauney’s, even though he had to doctor out of the event, but to give the PBR credit, they did update their opening montage with several Brazilian riders.

The Top 5 riders are separated by 300 points, so I wouldn’t be “coronating” J.B. just yet, boys.
João Ricardo Vieira is tied for the most 15/15 wins.

Mike Lee’s 500th ride happened this weekend on Tahonta’s Magic; not a shabby bull, either. Lee joins Guilherme Marchi as the only other guy to break 500. And they’re both still ticking. You can bet that was the happiest run around the ring Mike’s had.

It’s Asteroid’s make-or-break appearance. Can you believe this? The bull had a year and a half of retirement, and hasn’t quite got back up to his own standard, which compared to other bulls is still superior. Give the boy a break, Lambert! He’s got a 92.98% buckoff rate. Ever optimistic co-host Justin McBride predicted at least a 45 score for Asteroid, even though Lachlan Richardson was on his back, and yes indeed, the bull scored 45.

YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG. (which is SO not good English)(neither is that)

  • McBride predicted a ride for Derek Kolbaba on Brutus. Kolbaba is #1 on the BlueDEF tour, but the bull’s 3rd jump snapped him off his back. I mean, literally. The bull’s backfield gave him a push that send him flying and earned the bull 44.
  • Cooper Davis on Wicked resulted in a slap, buckoff, and hangup. Said Craig Hummer: “A ride that could have been headed for the record books turning into a wrecking…” whatever. 44.75 for the bull.
  • Stetson Lawrence got on Crossfire, who once was ridden by Cooper Davis for 91.50 in Albuquerque. The bull’s stat: he’s downed 23 out of 24 riders. Score: 44.25. Hummer to McBride: “I really thought you were going to say that’s the first time you’ve ever been wrong.” Justin bursts out laughing. “No. Just ask my wife.”


  • Gage Gay took on Long John, defending World Champion Bucking Bull, with predictable results. From the twisted tongue of Hummer: “He just seemed to overdominate Gage Gay.” 46.50 for one of the two bulls everyone loves this year. (Air Time being the other)
  • Kaique Pacheco is in a –gasp! – sophomore slump. Who’da thunk it? Beaver Creek Beau was his 11th (I think—I can’t read my typing) straight buckoff. 44.50 for the Beau. (I decided that’s what he should be called. If Hummer can make shit up, so can I.)
  • Big Cat is unridden, and has 13 straight buckoffs. But the bull smacked his butt against the chute on the way out, and bounced in the other direction. Eduardo Aparecido couldn’t take the re-ride, though. He was stunned on the ground when other Brazilian riders jumped to his side and sports med came out to take care of him. It’s great how the older Brasileiros take care of their puppy.

The new Bad Boy Mower Ho clearly got her job with her measurements, because she sure stinks as an actress. I suppose we’re being trained to think this is an improvement because she’s not wearing hotpants and a belly-button shirt half unbuttoned. It’s still gross that dirty old men think she’ll be theirs if they ride around on their lawns on a noisy putt-putt.


  • Mike Lee in his interview: “Being 30 is a different life age.” Ponder that.
  • It was nice to see his first-ever ride in Tampa in 2002 on Bubba. He won that first event. He’s been bull riding since he was 18, and he’s now 33. Mikey, your math…
  • On Seven Dust—Aww! He made it to 7.04. The bull was pulling some low down moves, spinning and kicking up dust. After he dispatched Lee, he got a piece of Shorty and bullfighter extraordinaire Frank the Tank. “That’s a big scary bull, and I went at him,” Lee said truthfully, then spun off into his Biblical rap. Sigh. Does he not get that this is TV, and they want sound bytes, not your philosophy of life?


  • Tanner Byrne is in a depressing mini-slide right now: 6 buckoffs in a row, even after winning in Anaheim and Duluth (the first two event wins of his career). Little Joe didn’t help matters anyway, bucking him off quickly, even though Canadianaaronroy was helping him at the chute. I put it down to sleep deprivation. New daddies be like that. However, “The great thing about Tanner Byrne is that he doesn’t have a panic button,” McBride said. He compared Tanner to Owen Washburn, 1996 World Champ.
  • Wallace Vieira de Oliveira, who is leading the rookie race, said that Slinger, Jr. reminds him of Brazilian bulls. He’s got 11 straight buckoffs. McBride voted for Wallace, Shorty for the bull. So far the only person to ride him has been Stetson Lawrence. “I’m an eternal optimist, Craig,” was McBride’s explanation. The bull didn’t even have time to go around to the right, as he was supposed to do at some point before he bucked off de Oliveira.
  • Shane Proctor, too, is on a 15 buckoff streak (15 so far). Bruiser made it 16, and scored 45.

Even João Ricardo Vieira stood no chance against Stanley Fatmax, who’s caused 70 buckoffs in his 7 years on the Built Ford Tough Series. He’s 1 for 43. This was the third time he bucked off Vieira. Score wasn’t great (43.25), but why isn’t this bull in the running for World Champion? Just ‘cause he’s not flashy?

This segment was basically the PBR’s big pat on its own back, but it’s nice to hear the riders’ side of how they feel about fans. Those autograph sessions and photo ops really are one of the best things the PBR does, and they’d better keep doing it, because they need the good will. BTW, for all the hot air about J.B. Mauney being a “fan favorite,” how many times has he ever come onto the dirt or done a session for the fans? Even in New York, which is an event the PBR always makes a big deal of, he doesn’t show his face. At least not for the past 5 years he hasn’t. People should pay attention to actions, not words.

Ryan Dirteater has won two events this season, Phoenix and Little Rock, and keeps getting better and better. Unfortunately Fire & Smoke spoiled it (and scored 44). It really looked like Ryan was going to make the buzzer, until 7.32.

Paolo Lima, #4 in the world, looked like he jumped off Little Red Jacket. 44.50 for LRJ.

Cochise attacked Fabiano Vieira; this was their third pairing, and I guess he was sick of the dude. Fabiano’s shoulder and right thigh were bothering him (get the surgery!!), and he came off the bull when he opened up with his outside leg, at 7.94. Vieira challenged the time, god knows why, and in the review, he lost time, bringing it down to 7.6. I’ve seen a rider gain time only once, and I wish I remembered who it was. How he could’ve thought he was closer to 8, I don’t know, but I guess the #2 rider in the world doesn’t have to flinch at losing $500. In any case, I still resent and have my suspicions about having two different clocks for the judges to choose from.

Asteroid’s average score is 45.6. Hummer says he’s been ridden one out of 34 (or was it 35?) times. Either he’s forgetting J.B. (is that even possible?) or the rides have been since Mauney rode him, but at least he didn’t forget that three-time (some still say four) World Champion Silvano Alves rode him at the last Finals he won. Get this: poor Lachlan Richardson has been on the bull four times. Mathematically, what are the odds, Cody? Anyway: this was a classic example of the Catch 22 of scoring: if the bull bucks off his rider too soon, he gets a lower score because the judges don’t see enough of what he can do. Hello, he bucked the guy off; what more do you want? And if a guy rides him for too long, the bull gets a lower score, too, because he couldn’t buck off the guy sooner. Asteroid still scored 45, but if Richardson made it to 7 seconds, would the score have been better, or lower? Nobody has ever clarified this.

Cody Lambert now says Asteroid is good enough; “He’s still got it.” Still has the potential to be the World Champion. Lambert, you’re making my head spin.

The bulls shut out the cowboys, and there was no buckle or trophy or check to the cowboy who came closest to staying on for 8 seconds, as I’ve seen in an occasional other event. (One was a Touring Pro event.)  Neither did they give one to the bulls—or did they? Does a stock contractor get money if his bull was the high scorer? I think Long John’s 46.50 should’ve won him a buckle. It would have to be custom-made to fit around that waist, though. (What waist?)

So the world standings are: #1 JB, #2 Fabiano, #3 Paolo, #4 JRV, #5 Shane, #6 Wallace. I’m pretty amazed at #3 and #6.

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For all the guff about how cool “The Pit” in Albuquerque is, the fact is, the arena has been named “Wise Pies.” Sorry, too goofy to be cool. I also don’t get what’s supposed to be so cool about those horrendous stairs. I can just imagine what an ordeal it is to find the ladies’ room before you pee your pants.

“One man will cast his spell over the Land of Enchantment,” burbles Craig Hummer, and we’re off and running.

Shane Proctor is no longer #1 in the world. He’s had no qualified rides since winning Iron Cowboy. This was an 0 for 3 weekend.

• “When you’re gonna get on those mean bulls, the safest place to be is on his back.” —Ty Murray
• “It’s almost like they’re freaks of nature,” says Ty, talking about the handful of guys who have been riding for years: Guilherme Marchi, Mike Lee, Valdiron de Oliveira. “They’re the veterans of the veterans.” Are you calling them old farts?
• Red Bone worked New Zealander Fraser Babbington off to the right side, and “Red Bone should be called Red Barn—that bull is huge.” This time Hummer was right.
• “I still think he has great mental control of his brain.”—Ty. Seriously. Talking about Silvano Alves.

• Cooper Davis had head-to-head contact with Slow Boogie. He challenged the “no score” call. It was amazing seeing him keep his hand in the rope even as he was flying upside down near the bull, but it just wasn’t in there long enough.
• Reese Cates, 2008 Rookie of the Year, went missing from the BFTS for a bit, then earned his way back from the BlueDEF tour. It didn’t look to me like he made 8 on Hammer It Again, but the ride was reviewed for time twice, and he did just make it, for a nice fat score of 88.75.
• J.B. Mauney almost got bucked off in the chute by Told Ya So in Round 3. And now all the hymns of adoration start, because he won the previous two rounds and became #1. And BTW, god forbid they should put him on the clock. 44 for the bull.
• Alexandre Cardozo is back from having a broken neck. He got bucked off Handsome Jeff, and his legs banged against the fence; he was on his knees for a while. Meanwhile, on his way down, his spur hit Frank Newsom in, um, an unprotected area.
• Aaron Roy (oh dear, I forgot to say Canadian) was slammed flat on the ground by Wicked Stick, and stumbled away dazed. Any time Roy gets bucked off now, or even if he rides and hits the dirt, I gulp, hoping he doesn’t break his back again.
• EEK. Tanner Byrne made noisy head contact with Catfish John, and then the bull swung him around and hard into the ground. Cornball comment from the peanut gallery (and I think you can tell which nut this is): “It’s Catfish John who sets the hook.”
• Eduardo Aparecido’s countermoves and balance on Grandpa Joe made for a pretty perfect ride, in Ty’s opinion. And yet 86.50 was all that perfection got him. Classic case of the brown skin deduction.
• Pearl Harbor was lurching forward hard in chute, and out on the dirt, Silvano bounced several times on the bull’s front end. 45.50 for PH.
• Tanner Byrne was swinging around Stuntin’ Like my Daddy’s side, still holding on. The judges reviewed it for time, but there was no way he made it, much as I would’ve liked to see 8.
• Crossfire has dished out 21 straight buckoffs, but helped earn Cooper Davis a 91.50. Now that was a ride.
• “Cue the music,” gushes Hummer, and we know we’re about to get an overdose of JB. The two times Mauney scored on Long John, in Thackerville last fall and Springfield this spring, JB’s takeaway was 92.25 and 90.25 respectively. It looked like he was glued on and headed for another 90, but—shock, horror!—he got bucked off, and the bull’s takeaway was 46.75, high-marked ride of the night. J.B. slunk away.

• What was that?? Don Gay’s head popped into an ad for the Touring Pro Division’s Lafayette, LA gig. Is he now shilling for the PBR?? Or is this the PBR’s attempt to get the CBR into their pipeline? I wonder how Tuff Hedeman feels about it.
• Asteroid is not bucking in this event. Wonder why? Is everyone soured on him now because he wasn’t sensationally outrageous in his last out?
• “Stetson Lawrence is Native American and he feels the crowd better than anyone,” says Ty. “The Navajo Nation is here.” Yeah, but is Stetson a Navajo? He’s from North Dakota. I did like his powwow dance move after his 83.25 ride on Red Dirt Traditions.

• Seeing the video of J.W. Harris riding Long John. Can’t wait to see J.W. back in action after he finishes recovering from surgery.
• Silvano Alves rode Rebel Yell, which he’d also done at last year’s Finals. He made it look like a piece of cake, and was awarded an 86, while the bull scored 44. He flashed a rare Silvano smile.
• An Athlete’s Profile on the bullfighters. Great idea.

• This time the “Hitch’d” supposed comedy segment wasn’t abominable. It was cute seeing Ben Jones “guessing” which rider Shane Proctor’s flash cards are talking about. Of course JB has to be one of them, but at least the hint wasn’t “Fan Favorite.”
• The Mini Bull Riders are adorable. Those little boys are brave and crazy. And where are the girls? I’m sure there are some brave and crazy girls out there—if their parents don’t squash it out of them.

• Robson Palermo is out with a sore left hand.
• Even though Kaique Pacheco has a 44.12% riding percentage, he’d had 7 buckoffs in a row, which turned into a complete flame-out this weekend. “To stay with the numerology,” said Craig Hummer, completely misinterpreting the word numerology, “his good friend Silvano Alves has bucked off 8 in a row.” Yeah, but then—see above.
• I am so fucking sick of hearing “PBR Fan Favorite” whenever J.B. Mauney is mentioned—and since he’s mentioned every five minutes, I am REALLY fucking sick of hearing it. That monicker makes it sound as if JB’s not only the PBR’s favorite (which he is, and which nobody is supposed to be), but that he’s also the favorite of all the fans (which he’s not). There are other favorites, you ignorant folks at the PBR, and you’re pissing off all of us.
• Bellybutton bimbos on parade, standing at attention at the chutes in case anyone want to grab a handful.
• Valdiron de Oliveira, riding at 30.30%, is in a slump. Flight Plan stumbled and ruined his ride. He challenged the “no score,” but in the video replay, you could see that he touched the bull. The crowd, however, hadn’t seen it, or didn’t believe it, and booed when it was announced.
• Guilherme Marchi (“the Jerry Rice of the PBR” as Ty insists on calling him), suffered a disgraceful instant buckoff by American Sniper. Seeing Marchi scream and grimace on the way out shows he knew it.
• Marchi re-pulled his rope because his hand was too far down the side. Didn’t help his ride. “It really was never a question that Shaft was going to win that battle,” that from Craig, who has been particularly snarky.
• Eduardo Aparecido handled Little Red Jacket’s fancy footwork for an 88.50. How was this ride not worth a 90?? Oh, right—that special math again.
• João Ricardo Viera is riding with a broken nose, courtesy of Wipeout in Round 1—looked brutal in the photo I saw—and had to take on Cochise, no less, who has allowed three people to ride him since July 2014. Paolo Lima this January in New York had the highest score: 90. The bull hipped himself on the chute, but the judges didn’t think that changed the bull’s direction. I don’t like this discretionary stuff. The bull’s score: 44.50.
• Stetson Lawrence the only rider who was 3 for 3 until the Championship Round, cowboyed up and chose Bruiser. If he rides, he wins, no matter what the score. Craig applying his wet blanket: “Did Lawrence over-pick?” Um, did J.B. overpick when he chose Long John and got bucked off?

• Red Dirt Traditions is a debut bull with potential.
• Seven Dust is still unridden, and is finally on peoples’ radar. My radar, I am proud to say, is far ahead of the curve. I noticed this guy right away.
• Big Cat – serious power – 45 – bye-bye Nevada Newman.
• Beaver Creek Beau. Pretty damned big animal. 44.25 for tossing Juliano Antonio da Silva in the Championship Round. (Not liking the tossing, just the performance.)
• Bootjack came into the event with a 1/23 record, and bounced his head off Reese Cates’s face. EEK.

Hummer’s description of Stone Sober: “the bovine version of a Rubik’s cube.” I think it’d be easier decoding a Rubik’s cube than Hummer’s brain. His next descriptive attempt: after we see a video of the bull leaping over a rider (I think it was Renato Nunes, but don’t quote me on it), his hind legs hooked up under him and scrambling, he’s “looking like a snow leopard leaping from a tree.” So apparently Craig has spent some time in the Himalayas and seen one of these rare cats flying through the air.

• Notice how when J.B. gets bucked off, the announcers immediately pretend it didn’t happen and go on to talk about something else, instead of harping on the buckoff, as they would do if he were a Brazilian rider, who “can’t ride away from his hand,” or “is in a slump” or “is searching for a score” or “just can’t seem to convert,” etc.
• So Mason Lowe sneaks up and wins his first BFTS event. Note that he did not take a re-ride in Round 1, but kept a 79.25. He scored 86.75 in Round 2, got bucked off in Round 3, and scored 90 on Brutus in the Championship Round. That just doesn’t seem right to me.
• On the clock: Robson Aragao, Juliano Antonio da Silva, Valdiron de Oliveira, and Silvano Alves. Do we see a pattern? Oh, no; I must be paranoid. Conspiracy theory, you know…

After he ran through the names of which riders were out with injuries and who didn’t make the Championship Round, Craig Hummer actually said: “By the time we get down to the good ones…” Some of those not-so-good ones should kick his bony ass.

Robson Aragao suffered facial fractures not so long ago, but that didn’t faze Spiderman. “Besides, my face looks better now,” he told Ty.

#2 Stetson Lawrence, #3 Eduardo Aparecido, #4 J.B. Mauney (nobody made a fuss about this; what a surprise—just pretend it didn’t happen and he’s perfect and always wins), & #5 Cooper Davis.
I have no idea why they interviewed Cooper, instead of the #2, 3, or 4 guys, other than that they put him in The New York Times last month (you know: successor to the crown they so regularly bestow on JB), so the hell with the rest of the guys.
What I like about the interviews with Cooper & Mason: they’re succinct. No babbling.

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Phoenix: A Breath of Fresh (Not Hot) Air

I decided to write about the PBR’s Phoenix event and skip all the ones since the Kansas City sham, because Phoenix is the first event in a VERY long time where the judges couldn’t hand favors to their favorite son. We were not bombarded with “The Face of the PBR” propaganda, we had an Athlete Profile about a different rider (though why they chose Mason Lowe is a mystery to me—no offense to Mason), and there weren’t six interviews with the same guy. It was a refreshing experience to see all the riders have a fair chance to earn points. It was a long overdue break from the WWE-style broadcasts we’ve had to endure for months.

The first anomaly on the menu was that Shane Proctor is #1 in the world standings, and his brother-in-law, whose name has been mentioned more than enough, is #2.

The worst of the event, which was not broadcast on TV, was that Roy, Bushwacker’s brother, broke two legs during the Championship Round, and has been euthanized.

“When you’re in the groove, even when you do stuff wrong, it comes out right.”—Ty Murray talking about Rubens Barbosa’s 87 on Like a Boss. I am really surprised Craig Hummer didn’t say, “Barbosa shows Like a Boss who’s boss.”
“Air Time—he’s just a freak of nature.”—Ty again.

“He’s not ridin’ nowhere near that now. He couldn’t have got off that bull any quicker.”—Ty, talking about Paulo Lima being #1 in the world standings for a while.


  • According to The Bummer, Kasey Hayes is “still searching for his relevancy.” I can’t even…
  • “Throwin’ Salt is throwing water on Aparecido.” I try so hard to understand his twisted mind, but…
  • “The shoe drops on the other foot.”—This ostensibly had something to do with Valdiron de Oliveira’s bull, Boots, stumbling out of the gate and confusing Valdiron.
  • Apparently we watched Uncle Tink “take a chink out of Schaper’s momentum.”

Ty was talking about the injury—a torn MCL– that caused Cody Nance to take 2 months off. “…your legs are very important.”

“We go from one Oliveira to another,” said Hummer, in a fog of utter stupidity. There’s no way after all these years that you can still think Valdiron’s last name is Oliveira. It is DE OLIVEIRA. Just like Wallace’s last name is DE OLIVEIRA. How many times do I have to use this analogy for the morons: Cord’s last name is McCOY, not COY. Therefore, you keep the “de.” It’s part of the last name.

Asteroid is on the cut line?! A world champion bull, one of the best ever, is now the bubble bull? A couple of not spectacular outs takes the shine off so fast? Is he being held to a higher standard because of his history? Don’t they think changing to a right-hand delivery might have affected his performance here? He seemed confused to me. Now they’re talking up Air Time as opposed to Asteroid.

I like Craig’s outfit: a celery jacket with dark buttons and moss green pleated shirt.


  • There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who takes or turns down a re-ride. You just can’t get into the mind of a cowboy.
  • Eduardo Aparecido declined a re-ride in round 1 and kept his 80.75. Well, that makes sense to me. It’s not a horrible score. Why risk it going away?
  • Fabiano’s bull, Flip Out, took a big jump out of the gate, then bucked straight up and down all the way to the Shark Cage.
  • Vieira turned down a re-ride and kept his 71.
  • Paulo Lima’s trip on Clubbanger, a slow spinner whose hind legs didn’t leave the ground all that much, definitely merited a re-ride. He would’ve been stuck with 59.25 if he didn’t take the re-ride on Admiral Bull–except that the Admiral bucked him off. Bet that 59.25 didn’t look so bad then.
  • Tornado didn’t spin, so Fabiano Vieira got a re-ride option. Nope—he kept the 64.25 and declined the re-ride.
  • Not everyone has Silvano’s nerve, though. Alves is the only guy who could turn down a re-ride and keep a stinky score, because he knew it all added up– until the new points system stopped him from using this technique.
  • Brown Sugar had bucked off Ryan Dirteater twice before. This time the bull waltzed on the ground for a moment because his nose grazed the fence, and re-ride flags flew. But the score was 87.75. Why would you give a re-ride with that score? Nobody in their right mind would take that re-ride. He would’ve blown that buckle!


  • Stuntin’ Like My Daddy came in at 17/0 against left-handed riders. Powerful hind end twists, catching a lot of air, and boom! Robson Palermo goes flying. 44.25 for the bull. Very amazing to hear, but Robson hasn’t won an event since NYC 2013.
  • My comment on the 3rd matchup between Joao Ricardo Vieira and Air Time: Woo!! Joao had to laugh about how he got flipped up end over end in a cartwheel. And this is the guy who has the highest riding percentage in PBR.
  • Ben Jones on Panda Trax was a wild ride! And that’s not an easy bull. 90.75, and the crowd went nuts.

Oh yes, unfortunately, he did. Winston Lopez, tagged as a replacement for The (white) Face of the PBR (whose “personal reasons” kept him out of the event), skipped his sister’s wedding, broke the bank paying for airfare (and a few other means of transportation), and landed on the dirt. “A wasted weekend, when you boil it down and distill it” was Craig Hummer’s comment, showing that he knows nothing about how you make good Scotch.

Said Craig Hummer about Stormy “swings for the fences” Wing: “It would be a rare occurrence indeed for Stormy to have two qualified rides in a weekend.” But isn’t he your “home-run hitter,” you shnook?

Now they do a commercial lead-in about Alves! Because their favorite boy wasn’t there, now they have room for the 3-time (some say 4) World Champion. It’s just hard to fathom how this guy is 33rd in the rankings, but my opinion (whether you asked for it or not) is that his injury freaked him out and his head hasn’t totally adjusted yet. When you go for years without being seriously injured, it’s a real kick in the head (yeah, that’s right, I did) when you have a fractured pelvis. He looks very subdued.

Hmmm…Derek Kolbaba is now Shane Proctor’s protégé?  Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that he was shadowing Shane’s brother-in-law?

In this week’s Hitch’d episode, Flint Rasmussen put new daddy Tanner Byrne through a polygraph test. Everything was going fine until: “Did you ever gag changing a dirty diaper?” Tanner hesitated, maybe wrestling with the truth, then admitted, “Yes.”

Tanner Byrne had food poisoning, too.

This was Ryan Dirteater’s first win since 2011.

Following that happy face in the event results were Fabiano Vieira, Ben Jones, Rubens Barbosa, and Wallace Vieira de Oliveira.

The world standings now look like this: Shane Proctor, JR Vieira, and JB Mauney.

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Kansas City Shame

I’m pretty sure that the only thing most people remember about the PBR’s Kansas City event is the shocking call the judges made in the Championship Round when they somehow didn’t see JB Mauney slap Fire and Smoke and not have the rope in his hand at the 8-second mark: they awarded him an 87. Despite viewing the replay multiple times, despite the fact that millions of TV viewers saw what happened, and despite the fact that Ty Murray stated on air, “That’s a weird call to me. I don’t know what was inconclusive. It wasn’t inconclusive that he slapped him. I feel like JB really got away with one,” the judges obediently followed the PBR’s idol worship script. And they used the JB Clock. It’s no joke, folks. It really exists.

I’m also pretty sure that in any other sport, those judges would’ve been benched. That incident was so appalling, it tops almost all of the PBR’s egregious acts on behalf of their favorite. Almost. Who knows what fuckery awaits us at this year’s Finals?

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Saturday Night Leftovers from the Garden

How may I offend thee? Let me count the ways…

How offensive is that voice over the loudspeaker saying that anyone who doesn’t like lasers, pyro, and loud rock and roll music, “Take your man card and go out to the concourse, because the rest of us like to P-A-R-T-Y!” Notice that there was no mention of bull riding.

And that’s what’s wrong with the slick direction the PBR has taken.

Oh, great, now they’ve got female flesh on display standing on the risers near the chutes, just like the riders do.

The music is so loud, half the time you can’t hear the announcers.

But I did hear one of them call Robson Palermo a superstar, and amen to that!

They didn’t make a fuss over Silvano, though. It was like, Oh yeah, by the way, the three-time (some say four) World Champion—next. I can’t believe Silvano is riding tonight, after his awful wreck.

It’s just so gross to have JB escorted by two bimbos. That says everything you need to know about how the PBR views women, no matter how much we tell them we hate it.

Flint standing on the Shark Cage insisting, “It’s dangerous up here!”

A lot of empty expensive streets.


Cody Nance lucked out: while he was down the Fireball jumped over him, not on him.

Kasey Hayes was at his best, scoring 87 on Micro Man: “When I get outside my head, I do it right.”

Justin Paton’s bull Rio put on quite a show after he dispensed with him, bucking off the strap, chasing people, butting a barrel, being roped and fighting it.

Funny sight behind the chutes: JB warming up by pogoing.

Alves dug deep and pulled himself back into position on Percolator when almost everyone else would’ve quit. It was impressive. The score was not. Another shocker. Not.

Nathan Schaper also did a great job of pulling himself up and hanging onto Lieutenant Dan nearly sideways.

Luke Snyder was P.F.F. (Pretty Fucking Funny, in case you’ve forgotten) in his Bass Pro Shop segment, zipped into a sleeping bag and hopping around with both feet.


The announcer dope called him “Wallace Oliveira”—how dumb! Why can’t these WASPS pronounce anyone else’s name correctly? The “de” is part of his last name. It is not optional. Just like Cord’s last name is McCoy, not Coy.


The PBR has a new cologne for men. Honest to god, I don’t know how this one got greenlighted. The name is 8 Seconds. The slogan: “Timing is everything.” Clearly they’re not connecting the dots here. Help them out, ladies.

The new women’s stinkum is “Wild Ride.” Now, are they saying the woman is what the man is riding (for a whopping 8 seconds)? They really have their heads up their asses.

Best bit: Flint demonstrating how to use perfume: spray it into the air and prance through it.


Bad luck for Ben Jones: Off the Grid lurching forward, trying to launch himself up out of the chute just as Ben nodded. It was a disaster; Ben got bucked down hard, landed on his right arm, and was in a lot of pain.

Silvano’s accident from last night in closeup: the bull’s hooves knocked off his helmet and knocked him out, then butted his body and trampled him.

J.W. Harris got trashed by the honestly named Mishap, hung up, stomped, crushed—you name it. He was very shaken up as he left; I’m sure he didn’t know where he was or what day it was.

I swear, JR Vieira’s bull Ranga was drunk: came out backwards, fell on his knees, stumbled, did every wrong thing, and got Vieira a re-ride—or a 70.75.


A diamond ring was hidden somewhere in the arena, three people were let loose on the dirt to try to find it, and it took forever for one guy to catch on that the barrel lying down on the dirt was a hint. Once he had the ring in hand, someone asked if he had a girlfriend. You could see where that was going. The announcers started pressuring him, and in a minute the poor sucker was proposing on the dirt, looking like he was facing a firing squad, while Girlfriend was ecstatic. Poor guy—came to see bull riding, and came out with a noose around his neck. As for Girlfriend, that’s just pathetic. If anyone proposed to me at a bull riding event in front of thousands of people because he felt like he was supposed to, I’d ram that ring down his throat.

Talk about manipulation: when the crowd didn’t reach the proper pitch of hysteria on hearing the first few notes of “Bad to the Bone,” the announcer became a cheerleader: “I can’t hear you,” he chanted two times, to rev them up for the Supreme Being, who didn’t live up to the hype.

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Bull Riding Hall of Fame Inductees


2016 Induction Ceremonies and Reunion
The Bull Riding Hall of Fame is excited and proud to announce
the 2nd Annual Induction Ceremonies and Reunion.

This event will also be the official Grand Opening of
The Bull Riding Hall of Fame in the Cowtown Coliseum!

Where:    Cowtown Coliseum, Fort Worth Stockyards, Fort Worth, Texas
When:     Friday, May 13th, 2016. 10am to 2pm

Schedule of Events

10 am – 12 noon:      Welcome and Opening Ceremonies
Induction Ceremonies

12 noon – 1 pm:        Bar-B-Q Lunch with all the fixin’s!
(Included with Ticket/Donation)
Live Auction

1pm – 2pm:               Resume Induction Ceremonies
BRHOF Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting
Closing Ceremonies

The 2016 BRHOF Induction Ceremonies and Reunion is an official, fundraising event for The Bull Riding Hall of Fame Inc., a 501c3 non-profit educational and service organization.

Your generous support goes to fund improvements and growth for The Hall, The BRHOF Scholarship Fund and to assist with Induction Ceremonies and Reunion event expenses…Thank You!

Ticket/Donation Pricing

Partners Table Ticket/Donation
Preferred Seating for 8
Bar-B-Q Lunch
Sponsorship Opportunity

Individual Ticket/Donation
General Admission and Seating
Bar-B-Q Lunch
Tables and Tickets can be purchased at…
If purchasing with a check, make payable to BRHOF
Mail to…
The Bull Riding Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 79177
Saginaw, Texas 76179

On behalf of all BRHOF Inductees, Members and Partners,
we look forward to celebrating this historic event in the legendary
Coliseum on May 13th…See you then!
Thank You!

The Bull Riding Hall of Fame will induct these guys on May 13 at Cowtown Coliseum:

Myrtis Dightman

John Quintana

Gary Leffew

Jim Sharp

Terry Don West

Jack Wiseman

Tuff Hedeman

Kajun Kidd (bullfighter)

Harry Vold

Steiner Rodeo Co.

And last but not least, Tornado!

For more information and tickets, go to:

And while you’re at it, send me a ticket! Just get me back to NYC on time to see Delbert McClinton at B.B. King’s Club on the 16th.

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First 15/15 Bucking Battle of the Year – NYC

NYC 15/15 Bucking Battle

For the first 15/15 “battle” of the year, there were no day sheets. Quelle surprise. So this is what I saw:
The top 15 riders of 2015 competed for 150 extra points to the winner. (As you know, the PBR once again changed the scoring system. Guess they heard it wasn’t fair to a lot of the guys. Gee, I wonder where they heard that.)

The action

    • Seven Dust, who was unridden, took on Reese Cates, and remained unridden. This bull is a dark horse, if I may use the expression. Hard to ride, and it’s surprising who he’s bucked off before.
    • Mike Lee had no better luck with Walk Off’s sideways jump, and then the horn hit his arm. So if a cowboy’s body is hit by a bull, does that disqualify the rider, for breaking the no-touch rule? The PBR sort of addressed that in its new rules; let’s see if they apply it fairly across the board.
    • Cody Nance took on Stanley’s Fatmax for the fifth time, and still didn’t ride him. The bull has the longest buckoff streak of any active bull in the PBR so far. Quote from either Clint Adkins or Matt West (I think): “If you add up the amount of time he has sat on the bull’s back, it comes to less than 8 seconds.”
    • Gage Gay’s matchup was No contest.

If you weren’t there in person, you missed the class act of two “young ladies” from Monster Energy flanking what looked like a golf cart. Three people picked from the crowd were supposed to guess the number of cans in the back of the thing. I don’t even remember what they won, but if it was umpteen cans of the stuff, that’s enough to pollute the Colorado River.

Likin’ it
I liked that they were emphasizing the bulls as well as the riders. I guess the stock contractors are stronger “stakeholders” now—plus enough fans have been squawking that we want to hear more about the bulls.


    • Valdiron’s bull was Fire Rock, and it was the same story as the last time; he was put on the clock. I mean Valdiron, not the bull. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to institute a bull clock so if the bull is screwing up in the chute and making it impossible for a rider to get out decently, he gets DQd. Why not? They already use two different clocks for the riders. Anyway, de Oliveira got out of shape and came off the side of the bull. Did it have anything to do with him being hustled out of the chute? I dunno.
    • Silvano was put on the clock automatically, probably before he even left the locker room. This was the horrible wreck you saw on TV ad nauseam. He hit the dirt, probably unconscious before he even got there, and Cochise stepped on his head so hard, the helmet went flying off; then for good measure, he trampled Alves. Nobody’s ever seen Silvano in a wreck like this. When he finally came out of it, taking forever to get to his feet, he was extremely unsteady as he slowly made his way out; it looked like he didn’t even know where he was. His chickens were not only scattered, they were on vacation in a different country.
      You could tell this wasn’t a crowd full of real bull riding fans: they weren’t quiet while the scary stuff was going down. Jerks. For those who still think hats are preferable to helmets, yeah, they look cool and old school, but if weren’t for that helmet, there would’ve been crushed pulp where Silvano’s head was. I’m sure some shitheads would welcome that outcome, but I want to see Alves around for a long, long time.

Surprise appearance
For once, there was a tolerable Bass Pro Shop segment. They seem to have upgraded their marketing; we saw a clip of Luke Snyder racing through the store in fast motion, picking up items to throw in a shopping cart, and the contestant was supposed to guess the final cost. The guy who won the guessing game didn’t even crack a smile. Come on, dude—how can you not smile at perky lil’ Luke with his twinkle and grin?

Back to the action

    • Eduardo Aparecido, on I’m A Gangster Too also was put on the clock. This was his third time on the bull, and it wasn’t the charm.
    • Slinger, Jr. slung Nathan Schaper pretty quickly. (I wonder how many times someone has used that riff). The bull’s claim to fame is that he bucked off J.B. Mauney last weekend. Heavens to Betsy, will wonders never cease? The Golden Child has feet of clay.

Arena entertainment

  • Flint Rasmussen pulled out an 8-track cassette, which probably nobody in the arena under 50 had ever heard of, and went off on a tangent about having bought it in the 80s (or the 70s? hard to remember). This bit was much appreciated by those of us in the audience who were smart enough not to buy an 8-track player—or worse yet, have one installed in the car.
  • Annoying: Billy Joel holds the record for the most performances in Madison Square Garden, which for the life of me I can’t understand, so Flint sang and play harp on “Piano Man.” He did a good job, considering how I hate the song.

More action

    • Stetson Lawrence came down off Sheep Creek. Bet he felt sheepish. (Ha! Somebody stop me.)
    • Big Red from Canada, that is, Tanner Byrne, was the first to ride, scoring 84.50 on Heat Seeker.

Please make it stop
There’s always a bit during half-time where someone (this time, Flint) shoots stressballs into the audience. This time, one has a picture of J.B. Mauney on it, and if you get it, you win something; I forgot what, since I was busy gagging on yet another attempt to shove the PBR’s fave rave down our throats.

Return to the action

    • JW Harris’s bull was acting up so much, they had to skip to the next rider while he dealt with it:
    • Fabiano, on Midnight Train, and of course Vieira was put on the clock—and then DQd. Do you see the pattern yet, folks?

Meanwhile: I’m so pissed off at the music drowning out the announcers! Can’t somebody tell that fool at the controls that yes, this is Madison Square Garden, but no, you are not giving a concert to 20,000 screaming people. You are supposed to be providing accompaniment to an event, the focus of which is  bull riding, not YOU and your broken ears that can’t tell a tolerable decibel level from one that hurts ours and interferes with the event. One advantage to watching on TV is that you don’t have to suffer this fool gladly. (And this is coming from some who worked in the rock business for 12 years.)

Return to the action

    • Back to JW, who was spectacular on Like a Boss. Harris showed him who’s boss (I assume Hummer has used that one), scoring an 88.75, but then he went through an awful post-ride experience, getting flattened and trampled.

Then a bull was let out of the pen to amuse the crowd, but all he did was trot serenely once around the arena and meekly exit. Not exciting. Next time, pick a rip-snortin’ terror for the guest appearance, guys.Very clever marketing: A UPS guy delivered the Fan of the Night buckle to Flint in the arena. UPS is now advertising onscreen; smart move on the PBR’s part: a whole new audience.

More action:

    • Joao Ricardo Vieira got jiggled up and down by Loose Change, until he hit the ground. Not what you’d expect from the guy who held a long #1 spot last year.
    • Kaique Pacheco looked like he’d conquer Little Red Jacket, but something happened that I can’t figure out, and the bull ended up with 45. I guess you deserve it if you buck off that kid.
    • And now comes God/Superman—you wouldn’t believe the buildup of hype while Mauney got ready. The arena announcer flat-out lied, saying that JB has won $8 million, and that he won NYC 3 times. No, he has not won $8 million, unless you count the million that they’re planning to fix for him at this year’s Finals. And no, he has not won NYC three times. He tied with Fabiano Vieira in recent memory. The PBR conveniently forgets “the Brazilian” every time they mention that event. This time JB was the goat, not the hero, Charlie Brown—he got Shaft-ed.

Just sayin’…

  • In case the PBR is too dumb to have figured this out: the more hype and pressure they put on JB, when he gets bucked off he’s more ashamed and angry than ever. This is not going to help his riding. There’s no reason for him to feel humiliated; no human being is perfect, but the PBR expects him to hold their banner high and ride every time (and when he does, they’re all too happy to award him often unreasonable 90+ scores). So JB feels he has to be perfect, and when he’s not, he puts on a false bravado that’s so see-though, it’s sad. Great—now he has to live up to his Dad’s opinion and insane PBR hype.
  • Regardless of how much the PBR touts JB, people were fleeing the Garden during the 15/15, and by the time the buckle was awarded, the crowd was almost sparse. Leah interviewed winner JW Harris, but for some reason he was almost inaudible. Either it was because Like a Boss kicked the crap out of him, or he doesn’t care about interviews. (Considering some of the funny things he’s said, and his cool attitude, I’d guess it’s the latter–with a touch of the former.) Then he had to stand there between two floozies and be embarrassed while he was awarded his buckle (and the 150 additional points).
  • In case this escaped your attention: 4 of the Brazilian riders were put on the clock, and nobody else was. Isn’t there supposed to be a certain amount of time a rider is automatically allowed in the chute, after which it’s up to the judge whether to put him on the clock? It seemed to me, being able to see the entire procedure on giant screens rather than edited visuals on a broadcast, that some riders were given less time in the chute than others before being put on the clock. And those others were never Brazilian.
  • The good thing is, Tanner Byrne, in second place, took home 90 points!



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NYC Report – in person

NYC Report – in person

This will be stream of consciousness, play-by-play, day by day, because anything else is too much work.

Friday night:

It’s official. The spectacle has now overwhelmed the bull riding. Plus the security procedure for entrance was so thorough, you’d think we were flying from Palestine to Israel. I even had to open my makeup bag. The whole shebang took so long, I missed half the rider introductions.

Tyler Harr gets a re-ride because of his bull Wild Party, who was not so wild. Shane Proctor’s trip on Barracuda, who had no bite, was in my eyes, a borderline re-ride (the Round 1 pen was not impressive), but at least they gave him an 80.25. Certain other riders would be given a score in the ‘70s, pressuring them to take a re-ride.

Joao Ricardo Vieira gave a solid performance on Flip Out, for 86.25

Emilio Resende is back. His bull Fire Kat popped up and down, had no spin, good air, but no spark. Emilio got a bit out of position, so 81.75 was his score.

Spiderman got to show off his great dance moves (“for the ladies,” as the stupid announcer said) for his 85 on Little Joe. So much for Ty Murray’s griping last season that Aragao “is the least talented.”  BTW, Aragao was put on the clock.

Brady Sims was the first to ride Hurricane Harry, earning 82.75.

Why is Flint wearing white Bermuda shorts? Because the weather in NYC was better than last year’s snow/sleet/ice/rain storm? (This weekend it only rained a couple of times.)

Ben Jones nearly gritted his new teeth down to the nub, he was so pissed off at not riding Lieutenant Dan.

Arrgghh—arena announcers keep forgetting to tell us the bulls’ names, and when they do, the blasting music drowns them out.

Rubens Barbosa also is back, and his bull Throwin’ Salt, scored a measly 32. Why no re-ride? Ummm…

Ryan Dirteater made Magic, for 85.

I notice rows of empty seats in the expensive section.

An Ariat boots drawing is conducted by parachute: little ones drop from the ceiling with baseball-style caps attached. One of them indicates the winner. All weekend I sat in different sections where no parachute landed. Even in the expensive seats. Just sayin’.

Gage Gay got bucked off and chased by Savage Jacket.

Eduardo Aparecido, who wasn’t at the Chicago event, rode Walkin’ Through White for 81.75.

Wallace Vieira de Oliveira, who won in Chicago, took care of Tex-lo, a spinner with no other string to his bow, for 84.75.

Tanner Byrne scored 84.50 (which it took the announcers forever to tell us) on Four Runner, who took a victory lap and needing roping to get him out of the arena.

Cody Nance showed up with a large red neckerchief. He was put on the clock (probably because of the neckerchief; unfortunate fashion choice), looked like he was making the ride on Bone Head, then got bucked off—apparently with the tippy tippy tip of the rope on the tippy tippy tip of a finger, for 78.25.

Valdiron de Oliveira bobbled on Mr. U, for what reason I have no clue.

Michael Lane was showered with re-ride flags: Tom Horn bucked in the chute. Then when the gate opened, faced off—still in the chute—with one of the bullfighters.

Nathan Schaper’s bull Striker barely left the chute as he bucked. I guess some of these bulls like to stay close to home.

Tyler Harr’s re-ride went only to 7.23.

Reese Cates had no luck on Buckle Up.

It’s SO annoying to be in the cheap seats tonight. There’s a constant flow of people more interested in drinking than watching bull riding. Cheap thrills. And then they have to pee. Buy beer, excuse me while I cross in front of you as someone is riding, sit down, drink beer, excuse me while I cross in front of you to go pee and buy more beer, excuse me while I block your view crossing in front of you, sit down, drink beer, excuse me while I step on your foot and go pee and buy more beer…again and again and again. I must’ve got up and down 20 times. I hate these people.

Kasey Hayes got hung up on Louisville Slugger at 7.6 seconds.

Sexist shit: A Hooters ad came on the big screens and the announcers urged people to go to the joint, which is across the street. Yeah, and bull riding’s supposed to be family entertainment? Let’s stare at breasts, children.

The only tee shirts available for purchase that have a rider on them are J.B. Mauney shirts. Now that he’s “The Face of the PBR,” all other riders are invisible, even the guy who won three (some say four) world championships.

Robson Palermo, who won New York in 2013, rode Alligator Arms for 87, and made it look easy. That’s my man, the Scorpio!

Paolo Ferreira Lima, who has won 4 Blue Def events, went out on Playgun, and was given 76 or a re-ride, which he decided to take.

Cody Heffernan from Australia had no luck on Gotta Go Joe.

Lachlan Richardson kept his feet in place, hallelujah, and scored 85.75 on Come On Baby.

Aaron Roy had problems in the chute with Pure Bull; later he got bucked off and almost landed on his head– terrifying when you think about his previous injury.

In the meantime, Stetson Lawrence had a fairly quick buckoff courtesy of Mustard Seed, after which the bull went after each bullfighter in turn, exited, then took a curtain call to take another crack at Jesse Byrne, who of course successfully dodged him. How much do we luv Jesse?

It’s so nice when the relentless hammering music stops for a bit.

Ugh—they replayed J.W. Harris’s bad bull collision and hangup in Chicago. He had a rotten go this time on Off the Grid. Every time he was ready to get out, the bull would buck; he nodded, and the bull bucked, so they didn’t open the gate. He nodded again, the bull bucked again, then came out backwards, hipped himself, and J.W. hit the chute when he came down. That was a mess that definitely deserved the re-ride he got.

Mike Lee has a new shirt: red, and a turquoise face cage. Nice Southwestern color combo. Maybe it helped him get locked in at the spin, for 84.25 on Texicali.

J.B. Mauney (here I have a flash of Bruce Springsteen when he used to introduce Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons: “Do I have to say his name?! Do I have to say his name?!”) was in good form on Blue Hurricane, and I expected a ridiculous score, but he was given an 85; I don’t know why. This time the announcers didn’t make a big fuss over him, because it was just a human score, not a godly one like their idol should always have.

Michael Lane’s re-ride, Alright Alright Alright, gave him a measly 75.50.

Douglas Duncan on Crazy Horse was looking fine, then came down; I don’t know how/why he slid off. DD did look pretty disgusted with himself.

Fabiano Vieira rode one of those pop-up bulls, The Colonel, for 82.75.

Mason Lowe made his ride on Whistlin’ Dixie, for 85.50, then the bull took a trip around the arena before politely exiting.

Stormy Wing, well, let’s put it this way: there was no home run hitting, Craig. Sasquatch bucked him off.

Unfortunately, Markus Mariluch also got bucked off, by Legal Tender.

Kaique Pacheco impresses everybody; he scored 84.50 on Gentleman Jim, and the announcer duo predicted that he’ll win a World Championship and be a million-dollar cowboy. It wasn’t the score that was impressive (the judges were kinda stingy Friday), it was his riding style.

Silvano’s bull Rusty wasn’t enough to give him a good score; he had to settle for 82.75.

Paolo Lima did better with his re-ride bull; he had no trouble with the direction change, scoring 84.50.

I was wondering if the judges were saving the higher scores for tomorrow night.

J.W. Harris, who was wearing a mighty big hat, kicked ass on his re-ride, whose name nobody announced. Make it look like a piece o’ cake, for 87, tying him for the lead with Palermo. Could I be any happier?? Well, only if Renato was there doing a backflip.

Miscellaneous fun:

The “Behind the Ride” videoclip showing a fast-motion set-up of Madison Square Garden. It’s way more complicated than you think. And that little caterpillar thing can go in reverse as fast as it can move forward.

Somebody please ‘splain:

One row of seats had computer or TV screens in front, like on an airplane. Wonder what those seats cost? And yet, some fool was watching a football game. Sigh.

To be continued, with the 15/15 Bucking Battle.

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