Who watches bull riding?

I’ve been watching professional bull riding for a long time…way before the PBR formed. Way before Versus was a TV channel. It’s the only sport I watch. (I’d watch rodeos, too, if there were more available to us in the Northeast.)

I’m not a 30-something guy who drinks Jack Daniels, drives a Ford Super Duty truck, and goes fishing on weekends. I don’t even live out West.

I’m a female bull riding watcher over 40, who drinks single malt whisky, drives a hybrid, goes to rock concerts and dancing on weekends, and is a born-and-bred New Yorker.

And I’m not an anomaly. At every bull riding event, televised and otherwise, half the audience is women. Women watch bull riding to see rides, not wrecks.

At least half the posts on bull riding-related blogs are by women who are knowledgeable about the sport, the riders, the bulls, the bull fighters, and even the stock contractors.

The Versus TV sportscaster for bull riding who does the down-on-the-ground reporting and interviewing is a woman (Leah Garcia)…while the male trio in the booth keep up a non-stop chatter full of irrelevancies and joking among themselves that actually interferes with their reporting.

I dragged a friend to the Madison Square Garden event in January (yep, the one where JB Mauney hung onto Code Blue every which way and made the 8 seconds), took a 3-hour (each way) ride to Massachusetts to see the Pro Touring division in the Worcester Invitational, forced my family to watch the Wichita event on Mother’s Day, and as a professional writer I’ve started pitching stories about bull riding to a variety of magazines and newspapers. (I’ll let you know who bites.)

It’s time to recognize the female bull riding fans. We’re a huge market. Our greenbacks are worth as much as male greenbacks. We support the sport.

The PBR needs to talk to us!

Comments, ladies?


About Bull Riding Marketing

Creative services, marketing and public relations professional from entertainment industry background. Published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. I believe bull riders are the new rock stars.
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5 Responses to Who watches bull riding?

  1. Melissa says:

    a guilty pleasure..best enjoyed watching on TV while eating cupcake!


    • Hmmm…someone else said she and her husband were “closet bull riding fans…” I wonder why people feel guilty about watching it? I keep telling everyone the bulls are not hurt, just the cowboys.
      Or maybe it’s just that it’s not “sophisticated” enough. Who the heck cares–neither are rock stars.

      I’d go for brownies, myself–which is why they are not allowed in my apartment.


  2. Stacey NW says:

    The PBR should market to women. The NFL recognizes that there are plenty of women – to the point where they offer info at the highschool sports level to moms! I learned about the MSG event through plenty of my NYC FEMALE friends! Not from any guys. They are passionate about the sport. The NYT should cover this sport, and the PBR should target us fans!


    • AMEN!! I’ve been saying that for years. I had a few back-and-forth emails with the NY Times Sports Editor about bull riding, but he just didn’t get it. He thinks they covered it– I checked out all the articles, and they were about cowboy style, rodeos, etc.– rarely about bull riding.

      The PBR did market research– I was on a panel with at least 6 other women, one weird guy decked out like a Rhinestone Cowboy, and then a Brazilian bull rider (not a famous one) who came in very late. We told the market research guy everything the PBR needs to know about why women like the sport, and what we don’t like, but clearly they didn’t listen.

      You are now officially a member of the BullSisters! Keep coming back!


  3. Shannon says:

    Hi Kris! You asked on “Turn Him Out” for comments on the site. Right now, the text is over the gray area instead of the white block and all I see for a picture is a wall and the tip of someone’s cowboy hat.

    I highlighted the text so I could read it and I love what you had to say! This issue has irked me for a while now. In fact, I never was so irritated with Flint as when he posted that if we didn’t buy from their sponsors, we were stupid (and he wasn’t kidding!). Perhaps he should take a close look at those sponsors and think about the women (and city folk and people who can’t afford much and a live event is what they save all year for, etc.) before making such comments.

    Good luck with the site! I’ll be back to read it.


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