Where’s the video of JB Mauney riding Code Blue?

Has anyone seen a video of JB Mauney riding Code Blue at Madison Square Garden this past January? I saw it live, so it’s forever etched in my mind, but if you’ve not seen it, bug the PBR! Go to their web site and post on their message board. This was a history-making ride and one of the most exciting 8 seconds I’ve ever seen. Don’t miss it!


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12 Responses to Where’s the video of JB Mauney riding Code Blue?

  1. Shelia says:

    Ha! Springsteen, eh? Nice!

    On another note….JB won Salinas last night with the 5th. highest score in the event’s ten year history! On to Tulsa!


    • YAHOO!! He’s baaaack! I hope it’s the first win of many.


      • BullT says:

        Not for nothing, but with his body type and energy, the Boss would have been one hell of a bull rider back in the day! Probably safer than some of the venues he played in NJ.

        And also in the “not for nuthin'” category – drunk or sober, saved or sinner, JD or Fosters, JB has more guts than I do. One could argue that getting on 2000 pounds of twitching livestock when your sober is evidence of a deranged thought procfess, while doing it drunk just shows evidence of being drunk with boots on.

        And as for the college guys bragging about being trashed, you are being unkind and lacking compassion,. Don’t you realize that, for a lot of those guys, that was the biggest accomplihsment and the proudest moemnt of their lives? Somebody had to fill those big draughty buildings on Frat Row!


      • You’re hilarious. The Boss on bulls–what a concept! I actually have seen him leap tall buildings in a single bound; his dismounts would be spectacular.

        I’m never sure whether bull riders have more guts or just more crazy cells. Being drunk with boots on–Hmmm; sounds like lot of rockers I used to know.

        As for the drunken frat boys, alas, you’re wrong. Being blasted was their highest achievement in college, but then they went out to run corporations and half the government. I mean, look what Yale did to this country–twice–thanks to a father and the demented chimp off his ol’ block. Did I say chimp? I meant chip. Sort of.


  2. Joan Simpson says:

    JB is the greatest, I have never seen him drunk and if he wants to go out and party what in the heck is wrong with that. He better do it before he gets married and settles down. If you want to talk about someone drinking, how about just about everybody that went to college. They are proud of their partying.
    Every guy has to have his fun and not just the guys.
    JB is the best rider to come along in a long time and we are proud of our NC bull riders, everyone of them.


    • Tell us more about the bull riding scene in North Carolina–do you live there?

      About the drinking thing–I never understood the guys at my college who loved bragging, “Oh man, I was so trashed last night!”–especially when they hurt other people while they were drunk. Having fun and a couple of drinks is a different thing. JB deserves to unwind and have fun. Let’s hope he keeps his balance. I think he’s going to be one of the greatest bull riders ever.


  3. I saw that video on the PBR site. It got quite the battle going between JB fans and the “Christian” fans who insist JB cheated. They also post that JB rides drunk, JB never signs autographs or poses for pictires. Well, all I can say about that is JB is 23 and likes his JD the same as I like my evening Martini, without olives, thatk you very much and I’m 66. So, I’ve never been drunk at any PBR events and I’ve NEVER seen JB drunk. And, how come I have about 100 pictures of and with JB and just as many autographs? Is he attracted to older women? Is he putting on a performance just for me?


    • Shelia says:

      I meant to say that I’ve never been drunk–even at home–not just at PBR events!


      • LOL! Well, you’re a better woman than I. But I’d never be drunk at a PBR event–or a rock concert. I would’ve hated to embarrass Wilson Pickett when he invited some of us up onstage to dance. (Long time ago.) And you never know who you’re going to run into after the show. Bruce Springsteen– The Bottom Line– 1975–tiny dressing room– I would’ve been mortified to be squiffy.


  4. BullT says:

    This is not entirely off-topic, but it might be a bit to the side —

    Ever have one of those days where you feel like Code Blue just threw you to the ground and stomped on your but with both rear hooves? This is one of those days where I wold surely enjoy sitting in the stands watching it happen to someone else! I wonder if I could move closer to retirement if I wore Flint Rasmussen makeup to the office and sang along to “It’s the PBR from coast to coast, all season long” and maybe had Kid Rock along to help?


    • OH, yeah. I know the feeling. Kicked in the head. If you really want to get fired, bring a little of what Shorty Gorham calls “atmosphere” into the office and sling it around at your bosses. That oughtta do it.
      (If you’re gonna masquerade as Flint, you’ll have to practice your moonwalk.)


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