Shelia’s Post re JB Mauney

Shelia, anyone who thinks JB was drunk during that ride is nuts. That bull has thrown off every other rider, and they weren’t drunk, either.

I was there at Madison Square Garden and saw J.B. hang onto Code Blue, and there is no way in hell a drunk man could do that. Any rider who got on a bull even half-buzzed would be suicidal (even more suicidal than the sober cowboys).

I like single malt whisky myself, but I sure wouldn’t go to a bull riding event high on Laphroaig.

As for those pikers whining about how JB won’t sign autographs or pose for pictures, here’s the reality folks: you are not the center of the universe. Maybe he did those things at the event right before the one you attended, or the one right after it.

The guy does a hard, exhausting, dangerous job, with millions of eyes on him, and a lot of travel involved; he’s away from home a lot, and his family can’t go with him every place he rides. His livelihood depends on focusing on his rides, not being a celebrity or catering to every fan’s wishes. He’s also being groomed for mainstream media appearances, and has to cooperate with the PBR publicity effort.

That’s a tremendous amount of pressure on a 23-year-old (hell, on anyone!) He might be just plain tired of being expected to be a smiley-face wind-up doll 24 hours a day. He’s a human being. He has good days and bad days, like all of us. Some days maybe he just doesn’t feel like dealing with a bunch of strangers all wanting something from him. Give the guy a break!


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2 Responses to Shelia’s Post re JB Mauney

  1. BullT says:

    Guy Clark is a singer/song-writer who actually did ride bulls in his younger days. I’m guessing he even signed autographs when asked and I would bet a silver dollar that he had a drink or two. He wrote a song, “Hanging Your life on the Wall”. The 2nd verse goes

    “I used to be an ex-bull rider,
    Livin’ on the edge of life itself.
    Now I can’t even find my buckle,
    Looks like I’m finally through fooling myself”

    Chorus is:
    Hang on, just as long as you can,
    Get up whenever you fall.
    Shake it off, boys, and go ‘round again,
    Don’t be hangin’ your life on the wall.

    Good ditty. If I ever have to go on the road as an itinerant troubadour, this would be on one of my set lists. ‘Cause I sure ain’t going on the road as a bullrider!

    If I can find the link to your blog, I’ll stick this there ….–1000915


    • Thanks for the link. I didn’t know there were any songs directly mentioning bull riding.
      I disagree with the “hang on just as long as you can” theory, though. I mean, when was the last time Ednei Caminhas made 8 seconds? It’s time to admit when you’re done, and there’s no shame in that. It took Brian Herman long enough to realize it was time to retire. It’s a shame that in bull riding, 34 is old, but that’s the reality. Adriano was smart–he went out on top, instead of gradually losing his chops.


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