7/17/10 BFTS Express Classic – Tulsa Round 2

I’ve been saying “Bull riders are the new rock stars” to everyone who will listen, in person and all over the internet. I even copyrighted that slogan. If the PBR wants to buy it from me, I’m listening. Better yet, if they want a consultant to promote that idea in the Northeast, I’m ready.

They’re already set up for it: The energy drink Rock Star is an advertising sponsor, bulls are named after rock stars and songs (Tom Petty, Bad Moon, Voodoo Child), rock music plays during rides, “I Wanna be a Rock Star” plays for a 90-point or more score (like Zack Brown’s 91-point ride), and the announcers are calling Sean Willingham “the Rock Star cowboy.” (Yeah, but Guilherme Marchi is The Movie Star Cowboy, IMHO.) Remember where you heard it first, folks!


A wild mid-course correction by Kasey Hayes. Silvano Alves was the first to ride Ludacris after 14 other riders tried. Brian Canter back after missing 10 events. Clint and Brandon: Could we possibly get through one of Brian’s appearances without making a reference to his size? Great job by Cody Nance—glad to see him back on the BFTS. I saw him in the Touring Pro Division Worcester Invitational, and you could tell he was ready to step up. Birthday boys: L.J. Jenkins and Cody Campbell.

There seemed to be a lot of re-rides; not sure why, but then, the judges have their own mystical ways of deciding things. Maybe they saw more than we viewers could with the limited camera angles in Tulsa. At the Versus-broadcast events, the cameras cover from all angles, and have that extreme slo-mo feature. Guess we have to take the judges’ word for it.

Several injuries looked really bad, but we didn’t get any information after the riders left the arena: Ross Coleman, Paolo Lima, Shane Proctor. And no word on what happened to Travis Briscoe’s neck last night; it looked pretty serious.


The singer with the piercing, yodeling voice shredding the Star Spangled Banner. Somebody please teach her the correct words, and the difference between singular and plural.

I thought I’d enjoy watching kids ride mini-bulls, but it was too awful seeing 7-year-olds get hurt and trying to act like it didn’t hurt and they weren’t scared. That “cowboy up” crap starts early.  


Dish Network will carry bull riding (DishPBR.com). I have no idea if that’s good or bad.

Lowest of the lowlights:

During the introduction to the event, the Air Force, one of the event sponsors, had a batch of volunteers  march out for a presentation which instead of just wishing them well, became an advertisement for a war.

It’s one thing to accept paid advertising from a military branch, but it’s a completely different thing to use a bull riding event as political propaganda.  To move bull riding into the sports mainstream and the public consciousness, the PBR needs to separate it from militarism, religion, and sexism. Note: militarism is not the same as patriotism.


About Bull Riding Marketing

Creative services, marketing and public relations professional from entertainment industry background. Published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. I believe bull riders are the new rock stars.
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9 Responses to 7/17/10 BFTS Express Classic – Tulsa Round 2

  1. BullT says:

    That last paragraph was transporting!

    You miss the point maybe. I beleive they polled the bulls and, upon application of some advanced quadratic analysis upon the data, they posited taht the bullsare indeed fond of military pomp, circumstance and bombast. Of course,if there were a reinstatement of the draft, I beleive bulls would receive an exemption or, at best, a high lottery number. But any bull old enough to know what that is all about would be tagged as being too old to go the desert or jungle or wherever else they might be sending draftee bulls by then. Rush might even start his own straw collection and become the proud papa of a baby bucker.

    Thanks for the prod, friend!


  2. Vicki Mooney says:

    Thanks for letting keeping me updated on the latest PBR news. Sure wish I could have been in Tulsa on the 17th to see the show. Keep up the good work, Kris!


  3. Shannon says:

    Amen to your final paragraph. And that’s coming from a Christian woman who is fully supportive of our troops (although, not every war we’ve been in).

    I got to see today’s event! I managed to get it just fine through VS, but as I wasn’t aware that you could watch it on VS until about 10 minutes into messing with PBR TV, I missed the very beginning.

    Anyway, I missed night two. I wish I could have seen it, although the injuries would have had me wincing all night. I don’t get the Sean Willingham “Rock Star cowboy” title. He just doesn’t do it for me in any way at all. But, that’s a personal thing.

    Thanks for the blog–it gave me a good idea of what I missed. I will be watching the highlights show so I can see Zack’s 91 pt. ride.


    • You weren’t the only one who had 10 minutes of messing with PBR-TV. The feed wasn’t working–and Vs. has the same problem for a while.

      Yeah, I don’t know why Sean Willingham is supposed to be “the rock star cowboy.” I think they’re just riffing on my slogan I’ve been trying to point into their heads since last year. He looks more like “the Ralph Lauren print ad guy.”
      With his tattoo collection, all JB would have to do to be “the rock star cowboy” would be to pierce an ear and grow his hair.

      Hope you enjoyed that ride!


    • Shelia says:

      Didn’t Sean get that title from his sponsor? Rock Star sody pop?


      • I know that Rock Star energy drink is an event sponsor, but I don’t know if it specifically sponsors him. I didn’t think individual riders had individual sponsors–I just see logos plastered all over them. Wonder if the PBR would answer if you asked that question on their web site or on Twitter?

        Maybe tweet to try to provoke some comments on the subject.


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