Highlights Video of the Bulls, Anyone?

I recently made a comment that there should be a highlights reel of the bulls after the rides, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

A substantial number of bull riding fans are in it for the bulls. Even those who aren’t would probably be interested in seeing a highlights video of the bulls. I’m sure the ABBI would appreciate it.

In New York and Worcester, I saw some hilarious and also some scary bull behavior after a ride, mostly not televised, because the cameras usually cut back to the rider. I think for fans and viewers new to the sport, it would be a good way to show each bull’s personality and attitude toward the job, as well as the differences between the “green” bulls and the veterans.

Some bulls stop working as soon as the rider is off their backs, one way or another: “Job done; I’m punching out for the day.” Some are so mad at the cowboy, they chase him to teach him a lesson; the really pissed off bulls go at him with their horns, trying to either gore him or send him flipping up into the air: “I’m gonna show this son of a gun who’s boss if it’s the last thing I do!”

Then there are the showboaters, who aren’t the least bit interested in stomping the rider; they take a victory lap (or more) and milk the crowd for applause. Unfortunately, too many humans don’t get that this is what the bull wants when he’s posing majestically in front of their section of the audience. Give it up for the bull, ladies and gents!

Some bulls really don’t want to leave the limelight. These are the ones who keep escaping the wrangler, faking and doubling back away from the exit gate. One bull in Worcester had to be roped and dragged out of the arena. Kind of like trying to get your kids to go to bed. Another one wouldn’t leave until he had something to chase out the gate: the bullfighter’s butt.

On the PBR’s web site, there are videos of rides, wrecks, interviews with cowboys, event highlights–how about a video of what the bulls do after the 8 seconds? Not the boring ones, who run right out when they’re done…the interesting ones who have an attitude. 

Let’s hear your thoughts on this, people–would you be willing to sign a petition to the PBR, and the ABBI to post videos of bulls after work?


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4 Responses to Highlights Video of the Bulls, Anyone?

  1. Shannon and Shelia, you both have good ideas, and I’d like to present them to the PBR– not on the web site, where things get lost among a blizzard of comments, but in print.
    I’d like to draw up a Viewer Suggestion list, quoting what you said, and including comments from other people posting to this blog, and fax it to Jack Carnefix, their PR guy who I had the long chat with a few weeks ago. I’d also send it to whoever I could get hold of at the ABBI. I’m pretty sure they’d like the idea of a video featuring their bulls as a group, not just the individual profiles posted on the PBR site.

    I think if we establish a group relationship with Jack, we might get some traction from the PBR on the ideas that come up on this blog and on the Stockyard Queen’s blog.

    I can draw up a simple document and post it on this site for everyone to see before I sent it anywhere. It would have more impact if it can be “signed” by bloggers, with either a contact email for them or at least the state where they live. I don’t know how to get “signatures” on a cyber document, but I’ll take this one step at a time.

    Stay tuned…


  2. Shelia says:

    What a great idea! That’s probably what I like most about going to an event–the antics of the bulls! While we’re on the subject, I think the ranglers needs more air time, too! Those horses are strong and well trained and man, can the ranglers get them to stop on a dime or pull a 2,000 pound bull across the arena!


  3. Shannon says:

    I think that’d be fun. I also think they should show it on air a few times (like when they used to play the PBR shorts–which, btw, I have a good one for them if they ever want viewer suggestions. Not likely, though.).

    I saw one once that started bucking when his body wasn’t completely in the alley yet, so it took all of the bull fighters and both gate men to slam the door shut behind him. I’d love to have seen how they corralled him after that. That must have been wild. They sure can be funny to watch.


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