This posse needs a name: what’s your vote?

Between this blog and the Zonkboard on the Turn Him Out! web site, lots of female bull riding fans are speaking up, and we want the PBR to hear us. We’re putting together a letter/petition–whatever you want to call it–to give them ideas about marketing to the female audience…which is anywhere from 40 to 50% of bull riding fans.

Soooo…everybody post your ideas for a name for our female posse. Here’s mine: BULLSISTERS!


About Bull Riding Marketing

Creative services, marketing and public relations professional from entertainment industry background. Published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. I believe bull riders are the new rock stars.
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4 Responses to This posse needs a name: what’s your vote?

  1. Shannon says:

    Yeah, I guess you’re right. I don’t ever use “bovine” to describe “fat”, so I wasn’t sure how it would go over.


  2. Shannon says:

    Would “Bovine Babes” have too many negative connotations?


  3. Shannon says:

    It’s cute, but I’d like to see a few more ideas, if possible, before I commit to this one. Unfortunately, I don’t have any ideas myself. I’m going to keep thinking, though.


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