Verbull Abuse

Ain’t no doubt about it: the PBR is rewriting the English language. Nowhere on earth can you hear such hilariously creative verb tenses. For example:

“It’s amazing to see how far the PBR had came.” I think ya might call that the Past-Past, or Double Past tense.
“That bull knew he done been rode.”
In English, that would be the Past-Past-Past tense, but in bull ridin’, that’s the Cowboy Emphatic tense.
“He is got that down.” I think that’s the present tense; couldn’t say for sure.
“They had just a lot of mediocre good bulls.” Okay, not a case of scrambled verbs, but I kinda think a bull’s either mediocre or he’s good, so this would be called Oppositional Adjectives.
“He rode as good as he has rode in the last couple of years.” That is definitely the Past-And-Really-Past tense.
Latest development: Forget “rank,” “really rank” or “very rank”—the new superlative is Double Rank. McKee ran out of adjectives.
“I don’t think anybody has rode two bulls going into the championship round with two 90-point rides.” That ol’ Simultaneous Present-Past tense.
“I believe I’ll get him rode today.” Now that’s the Present-Future-Past tense, courtesy of Ross Coleman.
“Holdin’ onto his bull rope, that’s certainly gonna be the difference-maker here.” Sounds suspiciously like being “the decider.”

Got any examples of your own? Send ‘em in! I just might compose a PBR Grammar Book.


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7 Responses to Verbull Abuse

  1. Kris DiLorenzo says:

    I’m glad you brought that up. I hadn’t heard any talk of alcohol or drug abuse in bull riding, but I figured that was because getting on a bull blasted would be a sure way to die, and getting busted would mean the end of a career in the PBR. But prescription drug abuse is even more insidious, because those are legal drugs, and painkillers are the most popular. You’ve just inspired me to blog on this subject. Is it okay if I say you brought up the topic? (Credit where credit is due.)

    I hope the cowboys that wander into your friend’s shop find their way to N.A. groups. All that “cowboy up” stuff about being tough and independent is exactly what they don’t need when they’ve got an addiction. To your knowledge has any cowboy (even a retired rider) talked about this stuff?


    • Shannon says:

      You’re welcome to bring up my name in your blog.

      I’ve never heard a cowboy or retired rider talk about it myself. This is just what she told me when I went in to visit her one day. She may like to gossip, to be she’s not a liar. These particular cowboys weren’t famous, just some guys who were doing something nearby and found her store by searching online or asking around.

      It would make sense, though, if there are quite a few out there who have secret addictions that they are trying to hide. Heck, at 41, with no athletic background, I can barely get out of the recliner without groaning because I’ve stiffened up. I can’t imagine how a bull rider feels at the age of 30 after doing when he’s done most of his life!


  2. Shannon says:

    I tried to listen to the commentators last night, but I couldn’t. I have perfected the art of tuning them out. Oh once and a while I’d get an idea of what they were talking about (like when one ride was going on, they were talking about dancing), but I couldn’t give you too many specific lines at all.

    As for your remarks on what they go through physically, first off, I agree. Secondly, I can’t begin to imagine how many of them must have arthritis settling in much earlier than other people would. I have a friend who runs a recovery book store and she’s seen many a rodeo cowboy in there. Seems that they have a high rate of prescription drug addiction, which makes sense. I was proud when I heard Paulo say once that he’d stopped taking the pain meds after a couple of weeks and was just dealing with the pain by using aspirin or tylenol. You really have to stay strong and keep your brains about you.


  3. Well, you know that ol’ song: “The leg bone’s connected to the foot bone. And that’s all.” Just goes to show the quality of education in three-quarters of America. On the other hand, if most of those guys actually knew what they were doing to their bodies, they’d freak out. I’m just glad Freeman is getting more attention these days. A cowboy saying “I feel fine” is not exactly what I’d call a clean bill of health. It’s a good thing he goes on the air and tells people what’s happening. I’m also happy to see him telling riders to stay out, more often. That way the PBR won’t have to start a Retired Bull Riders Vegetable Patch.

    By all means, if you remember more crazy talk, send it in! Judging from what I’ve got so far, there’s gonna be a lot from both Justins, but as much as I complain about the out-of-control on-air banter, I don’t want the PBR to hate me. I’ll probably have to refrain from naming names most of the time.


  4. Shawk says:

    One that has stuck with me and I still quote to this day was actually, I am fairly sure, Dr. Tandy Freeman. Someone had been hurt and Leah Garcia was interviewing the good doctor, who said of the injured rider’s limb, “It swole up.”

    I’ll have to think on it– I know there have been many, many others, but that one is the gold standard for me.


  5. Shannon says:

    lol! I really need to stop tuning out the announcers. I mean, I knew it was….interesting….but not that interesting 🙂 No examples come to mind right now, but if I may say something that’s been on my mind for a while now, since we are talking about learnin’…..:

    I remember hearing Justin once say (it might have been in a documentary or movie–I forget where) that he didn’t need school for bull riding. Then I saw a scene where he’d broken his leg. Tandy said “I think you broke both bones” to which Justin responded “What? I ain’t got but one leg bone, doc!” Perhaps a basic knowledge of biology might be in order. Not to mention math, what with all the points and money available 🙂

    Keep up the good work, Kris! Between you and SQ, I’m getting a good fill of bull riding discussion.


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