“Big Ol’ DUH!” of the Week

The latest nitwitticism from Craig Hummer (first night of Nashville):
“All the riders are looking to get into the Top 10.”

Nawww–ya don’t say? I was thinkin’ they all wanted to be in the bottom 10.


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6 Responses to “Big Ol’ DUH!” of the Week

  1. Nikki says:

    Hummer drives me bananas. You can’t tell me there is another person out there who can’t do his job who actually knows what he’s talking about and, I don’t know, CARES?


    • Probably most of us, especially the people who post on the “Turn Him Out!” site’s Zonkboard, could do his job blindfolded. Versus and the PBR should just put Leah Garcia in Hummer’s seat and let him go out there and try to interview riders. Hah! He’d be crying in no time.


  2. I always thought “long drink o’ water” just meant a tall, lanky guy. JB looks like that on TV, but since finding out that Chris Shivers is about Leah Garcia’s height, I don’t trust my eyes.
    That is hysterical about the bull “getting off” a cowboy. I tune those guys out a lot, too, so that one flew by me.
    I’m afraid to ask what the Ozzie meaning of “rooting for” is, but as you know, I must!


    • Shannon says:

      Yeah, I guess “tall, cool, drink of water” is one of those phrases that means different things in different regions.

      Root is another term for the f-word–in all of it’s senses, including sex. I accidentally said I was rooting for someone in front of my Aussie relatives and they all looked at me and raised an eyebrow.


  3. Shannon says:

    lol! Like I said in an earlier blog, I tune them out, so I didn’t hear that one. There was another one that I did hear and remember raising an eyebrow over, but I can’t remember what it was this morning.

    Can I also offer a couple of phrases that I wish they’d think twice about because of the different connotations behind them? One is “he’s a tall, cool, drink/glass of water”. I’ve never heard that mean anything other than “he’s hot/sexy”. Another one is “The bull got him off in [insert number] seconds.” Ahem. Perhaps “The bull bucked him off etc, etc….”.

    Oh, and as someone who loved the Aussie swimmers a few years ago and learned a few of their slang terms, I, personally, will never use the term “rooting for” whenever it’s possible that Aussies are present 😉


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