IMHO, The PBR are shooting themselves in the foot by allowing Versus to broadcast an event the day after it occurs, when the scores are already posted on the PBR website. I’ll bet they’re losing viewers that way. (Not to mention how confused we’re getting.)

I’ll ignore the Flying Elvises who opened the broadcast; no sideburns and oversized sunglasses could disguise the Justins.


A nice surprise was Colby Yates handling Parrothead for 87.5. Silvano Alves, a shoo-in for Rookie of the Year, taking #1 in Nampa and #1 in Tulsa, pulled the #1 money bull, Segs the Juice, and scored 87. Cody Campbell has been surprising lately; he was the first to ride Uppercut— for an 88. Possibly the best ride of the night: Chris Shivers on Stinger, for 86.75.

Jody Newberry acknowledged that his summer break, doing farm chores instead of riding, has made a (negative) difference in his confidence, which is why he’s now only #15. “It’s starting to feel like a job,” he said. A few minutes later, he broke the jinx, riding Son of Thunder for 80.25.

Great moment: Spot’s Corner dumped Sevi Torturo, then bucked so hard he flipped the  bull rope sky-high; it ended up swinging from the overhead rig that holds up the giant TV screen. Sevi’s ass got head-butted several times as he crawled away— not fast enough.

Cody Nance’s bizarre fashion choices continue to astound. Last week his bull tore a chunk out of his jeans, then a boot heel went missing, which he replaced with a chunk of 2 x 4 he cut with a chainsaw. Somebody throw the kid a pair of Ariats, please! The discussion of his footwear brought up Cody’s toes-turned-out riding style. He explained that watching videos of his rides as a high school student, he heard his stepfather yelling in all the videos, “Feet! Feet! Feet!” This time he wore his hat, no helmet, and rode Bad Medicine for 88.25.


As Harve Stewart was dealing with the hyper, aptly named Restless Heart in the chute, the announcers were blabbing on. We were subjected to a barrage of one-upmanship, starting with, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug,” and degenerating into childish attempts to top one another. Guys: shut up. Harve made 4 out of 5 short rounds so far, but lasted only 7.7 seconds on his bull, as the replay challenge showed.

Cord McCoy’s rematch with Deja Blue, who bucked him off last week, wasn’t successful, either, meriting an “Oh, my gravy!” from one of the Flying Elvises, quoting Cord from one of his “Amazing Race” appearances.

Despite Travis Briscoe’s optimistic idea that the torn ligaments in his left elbow and wrist, acquired in Nashville, would heal enough for him to ride in Memphis. Wrong. Next he has to wear a brace. And once again, one of the Three Not-So-Wise Men started with the “He should tough it out for those events” crap— and by the end of the paragraph had reversed himself, saying Briscoe should stay out until the Finals. Made my head spin.                               

Somebody needs to make Ryan McConnel put on his old hat. The red inset on this new straw number just isn’t working. This was his 8th straight buckoff, and I can see that his neck injury isn’t over with— he can’t turn his head normally.

Also obviously not totally healed is Robson Palermo; that torn bicep bucked him off Tight Rope after looking good for 7 seconds.

When Marchi first conquered Cool Spot, he cartwheeled and danced. Not this time. Somehow Marchi ended up being stuck to the top of the gate as the bull danced away; his re-ride on the same bull went no better— easy buckoff. That arm isn’t healed.

Rowdy Houdlum (not my wrong spelling— it’s theirs) rolled JB off his back; this time the comment from the booth was right: “When you look at the ground, that’s where you’re gonna land.” Never saw JB do that before. This wasn’t about an injury, it was about where his head is.

Awful moments: After Ben Jones’ triumphant win last weekend, and his happy statement, “I’m back for sure,” Drop Zone banged him against the gate, threw him off, and stepped on the leg that was already injured. It was a long time before Jones ended up being carried out. Result: sprained ankle, bruised calf, ripped Wranglers.

Ednei Caminhas added #14 to his buckoff streak, and I don’t think it’s reversible. However, it’s not as dire as one of the booth guys thought, when he said, “He’s in the twilight of his years.” Dude— it’s his career that’s fading. It’s not like he’s got one foot in the grave. Anyway, Jared Farley’s buckoff streak is far worse.

Mixed Blessings:

Another good ride we viewers would’ve liked to see was Brendon Clark riding Western Star for 85.5—but the broadcast didn’t come on the air until after that happened.  When Caleb Sanderson rode RFD-TV, the announcers were talking about a TV show instead of reporting the score; I found online that he rode for an 88.5.

This might be a first: no backflip from Renato after he rode High Alert for 87.75. He got backflipped off the bull and did a face plant so hard he bounced; he hit his chin and was not looking happy behind the chute, as he spit what I hope wasn’t blood.

Nice reminder: Mike Lee, currently #9 in the BFTS, is the only rider to win the World Championship and the World Finals in the same year. He had some smart things to say in his Cooper Tires “Don’t Give Up A Thing” interview about the mindset for riding: the reason to keep your emotions inside is to focus on what you’re doing. “You can’t be consistent if you beat yourself up.” (Ya hear that, JB?) (Speaking of JB: Bring back the black hat!) Great quote: “Bull riding ain’t about trying─ it’s about freedom.”

Unfortunately, Rocket I didn’t give a rat’s ass about Lee’s theory. While he was being rocked off the bull’s back, Lee got clocked by the bull’s head, and seemed to be knocked out as he hung on. Somebody commented, “He kinda went rag-doll for a minute.”


Once again, Craig Bummer leads in points for the most stupid comments: “The bulls don’t care what you did the week before.” Aww, come on— I’m sure they all sit around in the pen gossiping about who made it to the Shark Cage last weekend. Renato was 0 for 2 last week─ shocking, after his long streak of great rides. The Bummer proclaimed that Nunes “was #1 because of his consistency.” Ya don’t say?? I thought it was the inconsistent riders who top the leaderboard. Re Shane Proctor: “He aims to keep movin’ on up.” Come on, man─ get with the program. Word on the street is that Shane wants to move on down. Away from that top 10.

J.W. scored a few stupidity points himself: “You ride yourself into a slump, you ride your way out.” JDub, that is so profound, we might wanna put that on your tombstone. Soon.

Yet another reason why Leah Garcia should have Craig Bummer’s job. Asked a bull’s score, he actually said, “My attention was diverted.” Um, and what’s your job supposed to be, again?


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  1. Shannon says:

    You know, if you record the show and ffwd through commercials and rope pulling, right up until the rider nods for the gate, then repeat that as soon as the scores come in, you can get through an event in just over an hour. I started doing that only when I was in a big hurry for whatever reason, but I find myself doing it more and more often when I’m in no rush at all. However, it probably has less to do with the commentators and more to do with my lack of patience to get to the actual rides.


    • Kris DiLorenzo says:

      I’ve noticed that lately we see fewer rides and more commercials. I can remember when I’d be watching an event and have to wait for several rides before I could leave to go to the bathroom, because I didn’t want to miss anything. Now there’s a commercial every five minutes, and when Versus comes back after the commercials, we’ve missed several rides.

      Breaking up a show like that is how TV channels make a 2-hour movie last for 3 hours, or an hour’s worth of material last for 2 hours.

      If I could figure out how to use my VCR, I’d tape the events, but my technology is probably too primitive to eliminate the commercials.


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