Ontario – Round One – Aug. 28, 2010

Aug. 28, 2010 Ontario – First Round


Great news for underdog fans: J.B. Mauney advanced to #3 in the standings. Why? Because he reverted to his old strategy of picking rank bulls: “The ones I can score 90 on. Ranker ones make me ride better.” On Whirlwind he walked his talk, negotiating a direction change, his free hand getting back the form and rhythm he had when he was riding well—on bulls he wanted.

Seeing new guys from the Touring Pro Division is a good reminder that all over the country there are thousands of small-town guys trying to make it into the big leagues; this exposure is serious incentive for them. Great examples: Casey Sullivan from Utah, making his pro debut at 28. Casey Stirling, one of the five regional riders, nearing age 30, who’s been pro for only two years, riding Zip Code for 86.50.

Apparently Brendon Clark has been dubbed “Mr. Hollywood” because of his spate of TV and radio interviews on behalf of the PBR…in between surfing at Manhattan Beach. But don’t stick him in the booth if we can watch him ride like he did on Tiger Balm, for 87.50, making constant adjustments on the small bull, who nevertheless shoveled at him with his horns afterward.

Ben Jones was back in action after doctoring out on the second round in Memphis, so after scoring 86.25 on Tea Party, he started dancing almost right in front of his bull. Flint got into the act with him on the Shark Cage.
Chris Shivers stayed on Booger Butt for a few extra seconds and an 85.75, though the bull wasn’t his usual bad self.
Finally the Farleys are sticking on their bulls: Jared on Cherry Bomb, for an 82, and Pete on Rewind for an 87.50. (Pete came onto the BFTS as a regional qualifier.)
For some reason, the guys in the booth think Sean Willingham should be one of the top 3 riders. Just because he scored 83.5 on Chicken Lickin’ is no reason to go over the top.


Bad news: Code Blue is on antibiotics for his right hip nerve problem. Cody Lambert says he won’t use him again, because a back injury isn’t something to trifle with.

What’s with the Brazilians??
     Marchi practicing for a week to ride with his other hand didn’t work. In a video, riding with his left hand taped up, he looked perfect in the practice pen, but that didn’t translate into the real thing. Slim’s Ghost whirled him right off. The Finals may be a pipedream. Says Craig Bummer: “I’ll be the one to state the obvious.” Isn’t he always?
     Valdiron de Oliveira is shocking me with his buckoffs. This time he rode with no hat or helmet, and Buttercup’s wild bucking got rid of him at 7.7 seconds. Says Craig the Bummer: “He pops up like a daisy.” Um, perhaps did you mean, “fresh as a daisy”?
     Renato is making me nervous. On Mac-Nett’s El Presidente he recovered from a near trip to the well, but eventually got sucked down as the bull slanted sideways—a maneuver I haven’t seen before.
     Oh, Ednei…the 16th straight buckoff! At this point, he’s losing money by competing. He should’ve retired the first time he decided to. This going out with a whimper is awful to watch.

Ryan McConnel is scaring me, too. He was blown off by High Octane Hurricane, who leaped then fell nearly on top of Ryan, who landed on his head and neck. His re-ride, on Skyhawk Rug Man, was an easy dump. Ryan, take a break, before your neck does!!

Somebody rein in McKennon Wimberley! Yeah, he did a great job on Vegemite (Brendon Clark, part-owner), working his outside leg, lifting that foot really high, dominating the bull for an 88.50. But is the PBR giving him Mohammed Ali lessons? “I’m so tough I hospitalized a brick.” “I’m so bad I make medicine sick.” He admitted, “When you talk a buncha crap, you got to be able to back it up.” But did I actually hear him say, “I’m handsome and I can’t be beat?” I’ve got two words, boy: Guilherme Marchi.

NITWITTICISMS: The box is particularly full this week. As usual, most are from Craig Bummer.

• “The phrase TCB has meaning in every sport.” Such as?
• “We’re literally going to have to stay tuned…” (to see who’s going to the Finals) Ya think??
• “I expect to make no mistakes in every telecast.” YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!
• His comment on Silvano Alves: “He can win at any given time.” I can’t even explain how many levels of stupid that sentence has, no matter who it’s about.
• In the midst of everyone in the booth yapping on top of one another, the Bummer says, “I don’t listen to half of what you say.” Yeah, that’s why all the conversations make so much sense.
• After some bla-bla-bla about who has how many event wins, he uttered the brilliant statement, “But it’s the points that matter” (delivered in that stereotypic hyperoverdrive Action! Macho! Excitement! voice). Gosh, and here I was thinking it’s the hairstyles that matter.
• Kinda obvious racism, referring to Alves’s Memphis win last week. “He’s the next Guilherme Marchi, the next Adriano.” Apparently if you’re Brazilian you can’t be compared to great American riders.
• “Ya Don’t Say!” Department: “Injuries play such a big part in the outcome of our world championship.”
• When Austin Meier rode Wall Street for 86.50: “That’s what he’s been bound and determined to do, to keep riding every bull…” Reeeallly? I thought he could care less about riding bulls.
• The prize winner: “It’s a two-sided equation: the bull and the riders.” What, you mean the Jack Daniels “girls” don’t figure into the competition?

• Someone other than The Bummer said: “They’re all buckers.” Well, I friggin’ hope so!
• Dustin Elliott ended his buckoff streak with an 84-point ride on Red Ghost; the commentary: “It’s all the more sharp he should be.” Huh?? Someone been drinkin’ tea minny martoonis.
• The perpetrator of this remark shall remain nameless: “You’ve got to get to that whistle, get to that score.” Jeez, guys, just go home! Or stop drinking.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I really like McKennon Wimberly, but I have to agree with you on that whole paragraph (See my blog on Turn Him Out–I have a paragraph on him, too.), especially that last part about Guilherme!


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