Ontario, CA 2nd Round & Short Go

8/29 Ontario, CA 2nd Round & Short Go

We got treated to an encore of the Ben Jones Boogie after his 85-point ride on Jeffrey’s Scott’s Buckle Man: “I’m getting’ to like it,” he said, about yet another opportunity to dance. We do, too, Ben! You deserve a great year.
Tom Cruise, in the stands, loved the dance—he flashed that multimillion dollar big Hollywood smile.

The fan vote for the finals, not surprisingly, was JB as #1. He was the first to ride all 8 bulls in the finals last year.

Chris Shivers rode Soulja Boy for 89, and then had an unexpected get-off. The bull stopped moving after the 8 seconds, as if he was waiting for Shivers to just step off. Shorty Gorham had to get the bull to buck again so Shivers could unwrap and jump off.

Shane Proctor is the dark horse, maybe a spoiler, who’s slowly moving up in the standings, riding “One at a time,” as he told the camera. This time it was on Molalla Jack for 86.50. Did he borrow JB’s shiny purple chaps?

Austin Meier’s wild trip on Braveheart was the only score (88.75) in the Short Go.

Quote from Austin about the draft: “If you do good the night before, the draft is your best friend. If you do bad, it’s your worst enemy.”

Almost forgot this great comment from the booth on Austin’s hair at Nashville: “He’s tough enough to wear highlights on national TV.”


Ednei’s 17th buckoff. What more can I say?

from, of course, The Bummer:
“Braveheart usually goes Boom! but Austin Meier goes Bam!”


Tom Cruise spent a lot of time talking with Ty Murray, and helped Ross Coleman pull the rope, getting Brendon Clark ready in the chute. But star power didn’t help Brendon stay on his bull.

JB’s 87-point re-ride on Chicken Lickin showed he’s got his rhythm back in his riding hand. But it was SO disappointing to see him buck off Paycheck in the Short Go! Unfortunately, the comment from the booth, “Where you look is where you’re gonna land,” is true.


Another fashion-forward move by the Tennessee cowboy: the bandit look, wearing a neckerchief on his face.

1) There were 7 debut bulls here. Why do they bring in new bulls this close to the finals? Shouldn’t they be introduced to the circuit early on, so there’s a big pool of seasoned bulls for Las Vegas, especially when the big gun (Code Blue) is out of action?

2)What do you think of cloning bulls?


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2 Responses to Ontario, CA 2nd Round & Short Go

  1. I’m surprised they don’t bring the big guns out to California. I can understand the Touring Pro division not having red bulls, but they ought to be distributed more evenly among the BFTS events. Maybe it’s a matter of how much it costs to ship them cross country; it’s less expensive to use stock from contractors who live closer to those venues.

    A short go where almost no one rides is no fun, either, and I still can’t figure out the bull designations; they seem totally contradictory to me. If a lot of guys can ride a certain bull, doesn’t that mean it’s too easy, and the ride shouldn’t get a high score? Some bulls move like rocking chairs (obviously it looks a whole lot different up close!)–same pattern in a regular rhythm–relatively speaking, that’s not hard to ride.

    Sometimes I see a guy stay on a monster that throws everything in the book at him, and the score is in the low 80s. Or someone on a flat spinner gets a high score, while a bull that bucks and jumps and travels at the same time gives the rider a low score. It drives me crazy!

    Maybe this is all the judges’ fault. 🙂


  2. Shannon says:

    1. Good question about the debut bulls. As a Californian, not only do I wish there weren’t so many, but I wish the contractors would bring more of the big guns out here. I’d love to see more of the truly famous and rank bulls out here. Our events rarely seem that exciting and I think the lower caliber bulls (save for a handful) is one of the reasons.

    2. Not sure how I feel about cloning, but I have to say this breeding program to get the rankest bulls really worries me. Not only are they getting more and more dangerous, but having a full pen of bulls that no one can ride gets boring. No, I don’t want an event where almost everyone rides, but I do enjoy seeing some rides. The way it’s headed, the short gos are getting a little more dull.


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