BULLETIN: PBR Website Labeled an “Attack Site”

Trying to access the http://www.PBRnow.com website in the past hour (11 a.m. EST), I’ve repeatedly received the message that it’s been labeled an attack site…meaning someone has sent a virus to that site, and if you open it, you’ll infect your computer.

I’ve contacted Jack Carnefix, PBR publicity chief, to let him know; he’s reported it to the proper people. Note: the PBR is phasing out that website and going forward will be using http://www.PBR.com

Food for thought: Do think this is the work of some disgruntled maniac who disagrees with the PBR’s decision to uphold Renato’s challenge, and to relieve the judges of their duties?

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2 Responses to BULLETIN: PBR Website Labeled an “Attack Site”

  1. Do you mean someone finally checked all the posts on the PBR site and did something about the scary powder-keg people? I really think some of them were starting to lock and load, and I just hope they don’t know where Renato lives.
    Please tell me they banned davidjo7!


  2. Shannon says:

    Lovely. I’ve been in there multiple times since last night w/o one warning message. I hope I don’t get a virus now. Thanks for the warning!

    It could have something to do with Renato’s actions or it could be one of the posters who were banned and aren’t happy about it.


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