Greenville – Sept. 11, 2010


By now, every bull riding aficionado has taken sides on Renato Nunes’s challenge to the judges’ scoring of Ryan McConnel’s ride despite the blatant slap…and the subsequent suspension of all four judges for missing the slap. Those judges had also managed to DQ Silvano Alves for touching his own leg, though the video was inconclusive, and Valdiron for taking too long in the chute. Finally Renato couldn’t stand it anymore, and he took action. He said, “I do that for the judge to open his eyes.”

Yay! Someone said, “The Emperor Has No Clothes!” I’ve seen so many crazy calls by judges, I yell at them in my living room. They have video, from several angles, and slo-mo—what is their problem?? Too much Jack Daniels?

It was obvious to me Renato did it for the good of the sport of bull riding, not for his own good—in fact, the stress on him blew his concentration completely and bucked him off Very Smart Remedy. Imagine being in a competition in a foreign country, at the mercy of judges who are clearly incompetent (leaving aside the issue of racism), you hardly speak the language, people around you are freaking out, and you’re trying to explain yourself.

Meanwhile, an interview with Ryan MConnel went right through Valdiron’s ride. And Ryan said he knew he slapped the bull. Yet the commentators were saying Renato probably hit the buzzer because he was mad at the judge for Valdiron’s DQ. That really sucks, guys. Nunes is a professional and he obviously expected the judges to do their professional duty (which is more than I can say for your infantile comment).

Besides finally addressing the elephant-in-the-living-room issue, the challenge put judges on notice that they’d better be paying attention, and also alerted the audience to those ever-more-frequent judging errors.

I have a suggestion for Jay Daugherty: at each event, the judges’ names and qualifications should be announced, printed in the program, and broadcast on Versus.
And wouldn’t it be great if we all could call/tweet/text/email our votes when there’s a questionable call?

•It took him 12 years to win an event, but Ben Jones is on fire! He rode Too Tall for 87.75.
•Love the idea of the bonus rounds; it gives us a chance to see more bulls, regardless of the point situation.
•Marchi weathered all kinds of changes from Frosty, and scored 84.75.
•Glad to see JB has his black hat back on—I don’t think it’s a coincidence how well he’s been riding since the change!
•Jared Farley was so far out of place, he was practically riding sideways, but he miraculously recovered– and received only 83.25 from the idiot judges. Even Justin said, “That’s a 90-point effort!” Uh, yup—but let’s not forget, Farley’s a foreigner, and apparently these judges have a problem with that.
•JB had the only qualified ride in the final 5 showdown. Talking about his recent turnaround despite injuries: “Every time you ride, it hurts a lot less.” Rode Red Devil for 86.50, and won the Final Five showdown, for 200 extra points.

• The announcers contradicted themselves as to whether this was the PBR’s 2nd or 3rd time in Greenville.
• Renato had 11 90-point or higher rides this year. This time he rode the debut bull Award Show for 84.75, and even dismounted on his feet—but no back flip? Uh-oh.
• Justin predicted that Harve Stewart will be in the Finals next year. Why?
• Ryan McConnel rode Black Cuervo for 84.50, with solid control of his center of gravity, but as one of the announcers pointed out, he keeps his free arm low—which obviously is not to his advantage, considering the slap controversy.
• Meanwhile, Aaron Roy got called for a slap despite an inconclusive video replay.

This from The Bummer, after Jiminy Cricket dumped Kasey Hayes: “Jiminy Cricket—we might have to call him Jiminy Christmas—that was an exclamation point from the bull!” Huh??

Ednei’s 18th buckoff. I will say no more.
Mike Lee’s lockdown haircut.
An-noy-ing: The guys in the booth blabbering on about Austin Meier’s 86.50 on RN while Shane Proctor rode for an 85.25.
JB’s bucking off because his focus was off.
Guilherme admitting to Hummer that he disobeyed Tandy Freeman to be in Greenville—with the doc sitting right on the other side of Hummer. What you get for being a wisenheimer: his problem wrist cost him the ride when the rope loosened and he couldn’t pull himself back up into position like he normally would’ve been able to do because of his monstrously strong riding arm.

During the Renato-Ryan fracas, the booth boys were joking, “They just de-friended each other on Facebook.” Not bad!

New combo: kerchief mask and hat. Which apparently upset his bull, who did a strange hunkering-down kind of belly roll and dumped him sideways.

• This one from McKee, regarding McKennon Wimberly: “This guy wants to win a World Championship.” Yeah, unlike all the other guys who are just there for the heck of it.
• Sheer DUH: “When Brendon’s riding well, everything seems to be clicking for him.” Uh-huh, because you’d hate to have that clicking going on when you’re riding badly.
• A hummer from The Bummer: “You have to ride to get a chance at these bonus points.” Naww—yer shittin’ me!
• “The fans love to see riding.”—None other than The Bummer. Would you expect anything less? But I was really shocked. I thought they came to see Flint dance.

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4 Responses to Greenville – Sept. 11, 2010

  1. Thank you! We should Tweet that.


  2. LOL– The Bummer having TWO thoughts at once? ( Or two thoughts, period.) Surely you jest!

    If he grew up in a place where they say “Jiminy Christmas!” instead of, oh, I don’t know–“Holy crap!”–maybe that explains why he’s so weird.

    I wish I knew some Portuguese so I could send Nunes a “We love you! Don’t go back to Brazil! You can still be #1!”


  3. Shannon says:

    That Jiminey Cricket comment was so odd. My husband has a quicker wit than I do and therefore usually gets things before me. But, when I said “What the hell?”, his response was “I have no idea.” I wonder if maybe accidentally converged two different thoughts and that’s how it came out?

    I’m so glad Renato is getting support now. I want to give him a hug. Thank God, he got the point across, though. The judging seems to be getting worse this year.


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