Some astute comments from the Big Guns:
     Michael Gaffney says the challenging of the judges at Greenville is not a vendetta (Renato vs. Ryan), it’s just emotional, and that Nunes is saying, ‘Call it across the board.’ Renato doesn’t have anything against Ryan; it was to send a message to the judge. It has to do with the right call being made. YEP!
     Ty Murray made a great comment about the “Cowboy code” being invoked by people who think Renato shouldn’t have done anything: “It seems totally backward…the cowboy code seems the opposite to me.” He’s right: it’s supposed to be about integrity, not “win at all costs.” Kind of reminds me of the ignorant old: “America—love it or leave it!” instead of “America—I love it, so I want to fix what’s broken.”
     Leah Garcia’s interview with Renato: “I’m sorry Ryan had to pay. I would never do it again. I feel bad all night. I wouldn’t do it to anyone even for a million dollars, even if someone else did it to me. I feel like maybe I go back to Brazil. Maybe I won’t ride good today. (and he was right) The judge has to be fair. After I push button, I want to push it back but I can’t. I feel like a million dollars isn’t worth it.” McConnel said Renato asked him, “You know why I did that, right?” Ryan seems like it’s over.


     Paolo Lima was out of position for a lot of the ride, but he stayed on Spartacus, a debut bull, for 84 points. That takes serious effort. Later he rode Chicken on a Chain for 91.25, and Renato looked happy. McKee described the bull’s head as “bigger than a cast-iron stove.” You’re not kidding.
     Robson Palermo rode Commotion for 88.25, with an amazing last-minute correction; he seriously powered down. And despite his bad knee, he stuck on Souped Up with pure brute strength for 82.25 points, then needed help walking; he’s got a torn ACL, but he’s 2 for 2.
     JB Mauney won Round 2 on Monty the Bull, for 89 points. When it looked like the bull was going to get away from him with a changeup, instead of being shifted off, he repositioned himself, when most other guys would’ve flown right off. PS–Love the extra fancy chaps! Stylin’! But purple’s really your color, JB. I miss those shiny old chaps.
     Austin Meier on RMEF Elk Camp (85.25) stayed out of the well—is his Brazilian bull rope making a difference? McKennon came by while he was being interviewed and slapped a $20 bill in his hand; they had a bet that McKennon would ride with his other hand longer than Travis Briscoe did. Austin’s comment when asked about standings, points, etc.: “If you’re worrying about points, you’re not worrying about the bull you’re getting on.” Austin is now #1 in the world, passing Renato. This positive, calm attitude is why the guy is a champ.
     JB picked Voodoo Child in the draft—now that’s his old approach: pick the one he really wants to conquer, the hell with strategy! That’s what motivates him. Of course he rode him— for 93.50. I knew he would! Who cares about the daylight between him and VC! His father in the stands was screaming his ass off. JB’s comment: “I feel good now. That’s what I needed right now.”
You know what? We all counted him out too soon.


Major Payne scored 46.25 for Shane Proctor practically somersaulting over his head. It’s their 4th rematch, with the same result. Beau Hill was way overmatched by Bones, who also scored 46.25. Then Bones’ brother, Flip Side, flipped Brendon Clark over. Luke Snyder was easily dumped by Hot Stuff (44). Navajo Rug is a good little bucker who was also seen in Memphis; his quick direction change slipped Pistol Robinson right off his back. Raisin’ Cane went into a spin and didn’t buck high, so Sean Willingham was able to ride him. Didn’t seem like much of a challenge to me. (This coming from someone who gets dizzy standing on a ladder.)


     Luke Snyder rode Holy Roller for 87.25, who chased the gate man and almost took out the Versus camera. But did Snyder’s elbow touch the bull? Looked like it to me.
     Austin rode Bad Moon, who mostly spun, didn’t buck high—and he still got an 89.50. I don’t get it. Guess the judges like him.
     Sean W. scored 89.25 on Buffalo Hump. The commentators are sure he’s going to the World Championships. I notice his free hand moves like JB’s when he’s going with the flow: graceful and artistic. They could have something there…
     Travis Sellers rode Deja Blue for 89.50, demonstrating a solid seat, and stepped off on his feet. Should we keep an eye on him?
     What’s with Hummer’s slicked-down head? All he needs to be Alfalfa is the cowlick.


     Ben Jones took a bad fall, smashing his right shoulder (scene of a previous injury) against the chute, hit the ground, and bounced on the back of his neck. Tandy chaperoned him to the locker room. He has a “mild” ACL separation, and now a concussion, so he has to skip the final round and won’t ride until next week.
     Briscoe’s switch to his right hand didn’t work with Fire Ant, and McKennon’s switch didn’t work on Skyhawk’s Cut-A-Rug.
     Valdiron’s buckoffs are getting disturbing. I can’t figure out what set off this streak.
     No championship round for Marchi; he was looking very aggravated and down.
     Renato was definitely affected by his experience last night; he was way off his form, and hung up a spur as he was getting thrown off Too Tall. No championship round for Renato; Caleb Sanderson’s 88 point ride took care of that.
     Justin McKee, talking about Highway 12, refers to Mesa Pate, the bull’s owner, as “a female stock contractor.” Does he go around saying “a male stock contractor”? She’s a stock contractor, period. Get over it, McKee.


Cody, in hat plus face mask (stylish and practical), tackled Uncle Buck, who’s been ridden only 2 out of 30 outs. He just couldn’t make enough corrections, but it was a gutsy ride. It’s also nice to see him in fringed chaps, even if you still see the jeans tucked into his boots.


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2 Responses to Greenville, SC 9/12/10 PBR MASTERPIECE THEATRE, PART II

  1. Meier used to strike me as kind of automaton-like, so dead serious, no sense of humor. Now he’s loosening up a little, and he made a couple of comments that were cool…my favorite is “There’s no future in the past.” I started to warm up to him when he started strutting a little after a ride–and when I saw the highlights in his hair. You’ll have to tell me the irksome stuff–I want to make sure I maintain a balanced outlook!

    Yeah, Cody is something else. If I ever interview him, I’m gonna have to ask: Who dressed you??


  2. Shannon says:

    You know, I don’t know what to think about Austin Meier. I want to like him–he seems nice (and was very much so when I talked to him) and he’s obviously determined this year, but then he goes and says something that irks me at which point I find myself saying “I wish you hadn’t said that because I really want to like you”.

    Cody Nance’s style is something else, but then I’ve never been crazy about the bandannas tied around the neck look.


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