Springfield – 2nd Round – Sept. 18


  • A guy in the audience with a cane and dark glasses, wearing a sign around his neck: ‘Judge in need of a job.’
  • Skeeter Kingsolver’s re-ride (thanks to a scary whack on the knee) was an excellent example of staying centered and going with the  flow, even when it got tricky. And no daylight!
  • In the bonus round, Valdiron de Oliveira did an outstanding job on Big Iron for 88.50.
  • During J.B. Mauney’s first ride on Chester– he of the yellow horns– the flank strap wasn’t on tight; it went flying, as he was losing his seat he slapped the bull, and he got a re-ride. On Chester, of course, for 87.75.
  • “Feathers one day, and chicken the next.”—J.W. Hart on the sport’s ups and downs.

NITWITTICISMS: all from The Bummer. How unusual.

  • Here’s a spectacular one, about JB: “His intentions are clear: HE wants to be world champion.”
  • “The ABBI has some good ones here this weekend.” Yeah, and all the other weekends the bulls stink.
  • “Now let’s move even further into the present.”— this is him trying to segue from talking about Chris Shivers’ previous ride to talking about Brent Atwood, who was ready to ride.
  •  “Austin Meier has gained the top position over Renato Nunes after battling it out all year.” Uh, there was an 1800-point gap between them for quite a while. They weren’t battling it out– Austin just gradually crept up on him. The flak Renato took for pushing the button upset him enough to buck off several times…and Meier slipped by him into the #1 spot.
  • “Mauney looking to move up in the standings as he has in the past few weeks.” Craig, I keep telling you, JB’s looking to move down in the standings.
  • Hummer: Would it be possible for you JUST ONCE to refer to Shane Proctor as Shane Proctor, not “ShaneProctorJBMauney’sBrotherInLaw”??


  • Fantastic performance by Hustlin’─ but he bucked off Renato.
  • Kody Lostroh’s return last night, even if he’s rusty.
  • Ben Jones was back after missing Greenville’s last round due to a concussion, but hit the dirt.
  • Valdiron rode Segs the Juice last night, stopping his buckoff streak…and then tonight was unseated by Bad Medicine.
  • Scary whack on Skeeter’s right knee earned him a re-ride.


  • Another Ednei Caminhas buckoff. I’ve lost count.
  • Travis Briscoe had to bow out of the Final Five showdown because of injuries and a concussion. He tried switching riding hands, but it doesn’t work.
  • Robson Palermo had one of the nuttiest rides I’ve ever seen—the bull stumbled and bucked back into the chute, but he’d already slapped the bull, so no score, no re-ride.
  • Cricket, a huge bull, bucked off Nunes—Renato’s 4th buckoff in a row. He’s obviously still feeling down and pressured.
  • Lots of questionable calls and missed fouls, and apparently the “cowboy code” doesn’t require anyone to ‘fess up—kinda like “don’t ask, don’t tell.”
  • Questionable from Springfield’s first round: JB didn’t get called for slapping the bull’s hump. The judges missed it, they’d stopped the clock, but weren’t sure about the slap. The video review showed the slap. Another wrong call.
  • Ryan McConnel got an 85.5 for riding a practically flat spinner with no buck. Is that the judges making up for him losing his score last weekend?
  • Austin rode Best Ever, but I saw parts of him touch the bull.
  • The judges didn’t see Shane Proctor slap Nitro Circus, but they called Robson Aragao for a touch. Shane, now permanently in the final 5 showdown because Guilherme Marchi can’t ride, says he didn’t slap his bull, but the video playback clearly shows his elbow contacting the bull’s hump.


  • Cody Lambert said: “When you use instant replay and you still get the call wrong, it’s kind of a bad deal…”
  • J.W.  talked about whether other riders will do what Renato did: “Maybe not, after they see what he may have went through. [There’s another one of those cowboy verb tenses.] He suggested that a coach might be the answer; the decision whether to challenge would be the coach’s call, not the rider’s.


  • Hombre has one horn pointing south, one pointing north. Kind of like a lazy eye.
  • An interview with Chris Shivers ran right through Silvano Alves’ try on Bushwacker. Bull score: 46.25. Bushwacker’s so athletic, he practically stood on his head. I hope the photogs post THAT photo on the PBR site!

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