SPRINGFIELD, ROUNDS 3 & 4 Sept. 19, 2010

Miscellaneous musing: I know hat hair is an occupational hazard, but helmet hair is even worse.

“These three can taste the World Championship buckle.” (Hmm—buckle licking? Wonder what a hunk of metal between your teeth tastes like? Tell us, Craig.)
COLOSSAL NITWITTICISM: “Chris Shivers doesn’t dabble in bull riding, it is his profession.”

Who the hell are these bulls? Boot Daddy, Foolish Pride, Far West, Top Diamond? How do they show up so late in the season? I don’t get it. How does a new bull (Loafer’s Glory) get into a championship round? (He also hung a horn in the gate.) However, Frosty looks interesting: lots of reverses and changeups.
Spitfire chewed up and spit out Silvano Alves; I always thought this was a rank bull, but apparently when he’s off-duty at home, he’ll let a kid sit on him. Now that is a pro.
People better stop thinking Major Payne is cooling down; he delivered his 20th straight buckoff.
MoeBandy.com just keeps getting more impressive—love seeing all four feet in the air at once! Colby Yates was one happy camper when he scored an 86.75 on him.

• More bad judging: Several riders hit the dirt before or at 8 seconds, but still got a score. Example: Luke Snyder, the crowd favorite, scored an 89 on Foolish Pride, but the buzzer sounded after he was off the bull. You’re supposed to be ON the bull when the buzzer sounds, not on the ground or even in the air.
• For Jason O’Hearn, the clock stopped at 7 seconds for a slap, but the video proved inconclusive—so the judges’ original call stands. Is that stupid rule supposed to make up for all the slaps the judges miss? If the actual visual evidence doesn’t show a clear slap, give the guy a score! The PBR needs to revisit the rule book and make some revisions.
• Renato is officially on a buckoff streak, and we know what’s to blame. He actually has feelings, and his brain is connected to the rest of him, unlike Mike “Robot” Lee. It’ll probably take years for people to realize that Renato’s challenge to the judging did something very important for the sport.
• This was Travis Briscoe’s 8th time doctoring out of an event. His concussion collection is scaring me; I’m glad he listens to Tandy Freeman.
• I don’t know what’s causing Valdiron de Oliveira’s buckoff streak, but someone needs to figure it out and fix it! He’s way too good for this to be happening. Okay, Red Hot had some crazy moves, but really—somebody get the Krazy Glue!
• Brant Atwood banged his head on the chute, then the gate opened even though he hadn’t nodded. He was clearly fouled, but not offered a re-ride. Cody Lambert made himself heard loud and clear that it was a foul. The judges were blind and deaf this time.

• There’s a Cody Lambert fan club! Or at least, there was someone in the audience with a fan club sign. I’d join. He’s one of the most knowledgeable people in the sport—about bulls and riding.
• Brant Atwood in his first appearance rode two out of three bulls this weekend…and looks like he’s 8; makes Chris Shivers look old.
• JB was clearly in The Zone during his 89.50 ride on Heebie Jeebie.
• Paolo Lima’s fast thinking saved him from being crushed between the bull and the gate when his bull stumbled; Lima grabbed onto the gate and left the bull before it rolled any closer to the gate.
• Mike Lee adjusted all over the place to counter Super Duty’s bag of tricks, for an 88.50.
• Flint’s Mini-Me companion. Too hilarious to attempt to describe.

This time he wore the mask, hat, and yellow neckerchief combo.

• When Kody Lostroh went flying off High Cotton and landed smack on his back (not sure who said this one): “It’s not how well you ride, it’s how high you bounce.”
• From the Js in the booth: “A tough call should go to the rider.” Amen, boys!

• Ugly Duck, a debut bull, whipped off Robson Palermo and chased him onto the shark cage; Robson’s arm obviously is still hurting. Flint did quite an impressive hat save and delivered a cute curtsy to the crowd. It was disturbingly clear that this wasn’t his first.
• Ryan McConnel made it look easy to ride Unabomber and scored 89.25, for some surfin’ time on the shark cage…but I hate the hat.
• JB won the event whether or not he made a ride in the final round. Coming out of the chute on Black Pearl (a great choice for him), the bull’s bad move made JB slam the chute hard with his chin and right shoulder. He was doubled over, then on the ground, being examined, and I heard him say, “What’s the re-ride bull, Clayton?”
It would’ve been Big Iron, but Tandy said No Reride. Cute interview afterward:
“Yeah, I’m all right; just scattered my chickens around.”
“Why would you want to get on another one?”
“More points.”
“Were you really going to take a re-ride?”
Yeah, but Tandy told me not to.”

The kid’s nuts, but he makes good copy!

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