• BULLETIN: Ednei Caminhas rode a bull (Shortcut, 86.25), ending his 22 buckoffs streak—the longest of the season.
• The rust is wearing off Kody Lostroh!

Hou’s Ya Daddy is one high-kicking stud.

• This one from a Justin, talking about Luke Snyder: “He has to make the money to get to the finals.” But all the other guys don’t.

• Another Justin quote, about Colby Yates’ trip aboard Speck: “At the end of the day, if you can go with pretty and get a zero or ugly and get to the whistle, you pick ugly.”
• When Ednei Caminhas rode a bull, right away one of the geniuses in the booth started talking about him going to the finals. Said one of the Justins: “He’s been drinkin’ the Kool Aid again. A rare good one from The Bummer: “He’s got the full pitcher in front of him.”
• Amen to this, from Justin McKee: “I think we need fans to be judges.”
• McKennon Wimberly got trampled and suffered a concussion, but got up and walked out. Said Justin: “If it didn’t hurt, I’d have laid down for at least 10 minutes anyway.”
• Referring to McKennon’s re-ride that may or may not have been 8 seconds: “That was a Renato Hail Mary.”

• He wore a pinstriped shirt. There seems to be some confusion between board meeting and bull riding.

• Ross Coleman’s frightening trip on Lightning knocked him out cold—or as one of the Justins put it, flipped “the black switch.” After being unconscious for a while, he was put on the stretcher with the neck brace and spider straps to keep his spine stabilized. Miraculously, he suffered only a concussion, though it looked like a terrible wreck.
• Travis Briscoe went head-to-head with Bando’s Wild & Wreckless—literally—and got whacked so bad he looked like a mental case as he was escorted out. The concussion was obvious immediately.
• Maybe the judges missed it: McKennon’s re-ride didn’t look like an 8-second one.
• J.B.’s horrifying wreck on Chick’N Fried in the Final Five Showdown. He could’ve ridden that bull easily, but once again he was thrown against the chute when the gate opened, smashing his head, then crashing to the ground on his right shoulder. Watching him on his knees, head bent all the way over to the dirt, shaking his feet to deal with the pain was awful.

After a bad run, Renato Nunes made a ride on Evil Repeat—but his backflip is rusty: he actually landed on his knees. More rides, Renato!


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