MOHEGAN SUN ROUND 2 Oct. 2, 2010

The cowboys are stepping up their games: there were 22 qualified rides in Round 1. The bulls are stepping up their games, too: Cody Lambert has 110 bulls selected for Las Vegas, but he’s still testing bulls; that’s why we’re seeing new names even in the last two weeks of the season. A lot of debut bulls were in Round 2.

Blatantly Obvious Rookie of the Year, Silvano Alves, has a 60% riding average—the best on the tour. This time, he handled all the reverses Pushin’ Cotton handed him. Lambert is right in considering him one of the best rookies of all time.

• Dustin Elliott’s name keeps coming up as one of those guys who “should” be doing better. Sure, he shouldn’t be on the bubble, but I disagree that he “should” be in the top 12. Austin Meier, J.B. Mauney, Renato Nunes, Valdiron de Oliveira, Ryan McConnel, Mike Lee, Robson Palermo, McKennon Wimberly, Guilherme Marchi, Travis Briscoe, Shane Proctor, Silvano Alves—how is Elliott better than any of them?

• Can somebody please synch the clock with the damn buzzer? L.J. Jenkins’ ride was not a clean 8 seconds. His knee was almost on the ground when the buzzer sounded.

• After his lowdown waltz with a sliding bull, Kody L. got chased around the shark cage—and a re-ride flag.

• Ednei Caminhas’s mini-resurgence: he rode two of his bulls (out of 4 for the whole Mohegan Sun event), which means 3 of his last 5. Apparently the reason he’s still on the tour, despite his miserable 22-buckoff streak, is “the World Champion exemption”—never heard of it. Does it mean that a previous World Champ can do the whole tour regardless of his performance? Kinda strange.

• Once again, the intrepid Frank Newsome putting himself between bull and rider.

• Douglas Duncan’s 89.50 on Cheerio— after which he stepped off the bull and strolled out, too cool for school.

• Jason O’Hearn on The Buck Stops Here looked like he was on a kiddie ride.

• Valdiron got it done (for 88.75) on The Dud, who then lived up to his name by stopping dead for Valdiron’s dismount, like a pony ride ending, and made Valdiron (and the entire arena) crack up.

NITWITTICISMS (well, you knew there had to be some, didn’t you?):
• Whoever it was that referred to Ednei as “an old guy like this.” Uh, dude, he’s 35, not 75.
• The Bummer re Meier’s upcoming ride: “We’re gonna see a little Northeast charm against Southern Style.” Okay, the bull was named Southern Style, but Austin’s from Oklahoma, so what in hell was Hummer talking about??
•And why can’t The Bummer learn how to pronounce the Brazilians’ names?? Even when the other guys in the booth say them correctly, he doesn’t—clearly his tongue is making him deaf. It’s “Al-ves,” not “Alvs,” and “Noonn-yez,” not “Nooness.”

This day’s ensemble was a maroon shirt, yellow neckerchief, and hat; no mask. Kind of a bilious color combo, but Cody can carry it off. LOL.

On top of that scary brain-surgery-in-prison ‘do, he was sporting a green pimp hat.

• There were a lot of concussions in Charlottesville last week, because apparently the ground was harder than in Uncasville. But the bulls were doing a lot of slipping and sliding—why?

• Seeing J.B. limping painfully after a hard landing on his hip, courtesy of Ace in the Hole.
• Seeing big, tough Ready Freddie toss Renato.
• Ben Jones got to do his dance on Friday night, but not tonight.
• Seeing the top 3 guys all buck off. My Grandma would’ve said, “But that shouldn’t be!”

Colby Yates is the proud owner of 30+ concussions (so far).



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4 Responses to MOHEGAN SUN ROUND 2 Oct. 2, 2010

  1. I agree about Ednei; Adriano went out with class–on top. His reputation will never be diminished. Maybe Ednei’s hanging in there just for the chance to earn any money; who knows. We’ve seen what’s probably his last ride, and there was a depressing silence after that buckoff–not exactly the way any rider would want to go out. I just hope he’s not crazy enough to try again next season. I’d hate to see him go back to the Touring Pro circuit!


  2. Shannon says:

    This one had me giggling a few times. I didn’t hear Craig say that about Austin and Southern Style, but when I read it, I thought “huh? I thought Austin was from the South somewhere”. lol! I feel for them, I really do, having to fill in all that dead air time and not sound robotic by throwing out mundane facts and things like that, but many times I’m left raising an eyebrow.

    And this: “why can’t The Bummer learn how to pronounce the Brazilians’ names?? Even when the other guys in the booth say them correctly, he doesn’t—clearly his tongue is making him deaf. It’s “Al-ves,” not “Alvs,” and “Noonn-yez,” not “Nooness.””

    hee! For the first couple of seasons I was watching, I got a kick out of listening to different announcers try to pronounce Guilherme’s name. We’ve heard: ga-LARE-may, gil-HARE-me and gee-AIR-may (which I’m willing to bet is the correct one). Ty’s pronunciation (the middle one) makes me laugh the most.

    I’m not crazy about an exemption that allows someone with a 22 bull buck off streak to continue on tour.


    • Glad you got some chuckles out of the story.

      What the booth guys don’t realize is that you DO need to leave some air, and not be chattering away every second. The only time they shut up (sort of) is when a cowboy is badly hurt. It’s much more exciting when announcers leave dramatic pauses, like they do in other sports at crucial moments.

      I really would like to know about this so-called World Champion exemption. Maybe we should ask the PBR to publish its rule book!


      • S. says:

        Didn’t one of the announcers mention the other week that Ednei would lose the exemption if he didn’t qualify for the World Finals (which I’m pretty sure he has no chance of doing)? Either way, the thing really needs to be revised if it means that a guy can linger around for years while performing in a subpar manner. Sorry, Ednei, I know you are a world champion, but going out near the top is a better option than sinking lower and lower until people wonder why you’re still there.


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