Hi, Bullsisters and all other bull riding fans:

I’m collecting people’s comments on the issues with scoring and judges, since there has been so much controversy. People are noticing inconsistencies and errors–so have your say.

Please send your comments to me, either as a blog post here or to my address at:

I’m going to compile them into a petition to send to the PBR. If you’d like to remain anonymous, just use a pseudonym, but please include the name of your town or city, so they’ll know I’m not inventing all of you!

Thank you all–and please spread the word to other blogs and fans.

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  1. I posted the official rules for scoring. I hope to collect lots of comments!


  2. Thanks–you’ve made good points. I’ll be posting the PBR’s official riding and scoring rules soon, so everyone can see what’s going on–or supposed to be going on–during a ride.

    Anything you’ve said that they haven’t, I’ll include in the petition letter to the PBR. Please ask your friends/other PBR fans to participate! If we want them to hear us, we have to be more than just a few voices hollering in the wilderness.


  3. Shannon says:

    I’ve already written to the organization with some ideas I had as well as some good ones that I’ve read online. Since judging does involve human error and it’s objective, I’m not sure just how much can be done to fix it, but I do think there are ways to tighten it up a little. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Add two more judges and have the highest/lowest bull and rider scores stricken.

    2. A judge from each country.

    3. Have a couple of judges, who don’t enter scores, watching from different angles to catch slaps and other fouls so that the ones judging can concentrate on the scoring.

    4. Have someone watching the tv feed. The commentators and viewers see a lot that the judges seem to miss.

    There is something that bothers me that I’m not sure could be fixed w/o completely changing the bull riding rules altogether, though: I don’t get how someone can be in the air, clearly off the bull, but still get a score because he was holding onto his bull rope. He’s not on the bull anymore. How is that considered still riding?


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