Next Petition, Next Week — Meanwhile, back in Sacramento…

SACRAMENTO Jan. 14-15, 2011


• I hate this Friday-night-broadcast-on-Saturday-night thing, and that goofy-sounding first voiceover guy. He sounds like he doesn’t know the PBR at all. And Hummer’s Picks? Who are you kidding? Or to put it bluntly, Who gives a rat’s ass? And how much do we hate those damn other sports scores running along the bottom of the screen, interfering with our view of the action? Does Versus run PBR news at the bottom of those endless bike racing shows? No.

• The new format of  a short round on the first day means riders can win more money, but have to get on more bulls to do it. Let’s see how it works out; I’m reserving judgment.

• Renato Nunes really worked out on Strait Jacket, constantly adjusting his position in response to the bull, yet scored 85.50. Douglas Duncan’s messy ride on Water Canal scored higher (85) than Marchi taking care of Double Dippin’ (84.50) and Valdiron de Oliveira muscling Stretch Armstrong (84). Watching Valdiron’s technique in Slo Mo shows you his arms of steel: when he started to slip back out of place, he pulled himself up into his right elbow. A glass ceiling for the Brazilians?

• IMO, if a guy rides more than 8 seconds (voluntarily or not), he should get extra points. Case in point: Game Face was rocking and rolling in the chute, almost went over backward as well as forward, and Kasey Hayes came off a 10-second ride with blood on his chin and only 84 points.

• Ryan McConnel’s slump clearly is a result of his accountant look and another wrong hat!


Leah Garcia reported that Marchi was “a bit more chiseled” after NYC. He had said his clothes were tight, so he cut back on the carbs, switched to salads, did a lot of swimming, running, and spinning, and lost six pounds in a week. Uh, the guy couldn’t possibly get any more chiseled than he already was! See photos in my article on the Madison Square Garden event.


“It all starts with hanging on for 8 seconds.”—Hummer. Yeah, and then–?


“You gotta ride right and you gotta ride ‘em purty.” – Austin Meier, addressing Leah Garcia’s question about people saying he has brawn over technique.


It’s good hearing about bulls and bloodlines, and seeing clips of riders talking about their bulls. There was almost none of that at the live event in NYC.
Moon’s sidewinding trick made Douglas Duncan look bad, which is pretty hard to do.
Yikes! Look out for big brute Airwolf; even Chris Shivers couldn’t handle him. I hope we see more of that bull this season.


  • It was a waste of time for Kody Lostroh to show up; he wore a brace on his left arm, Fathead dumped him and ended his weekend, and Kody needs surgery again.
  • Luke Snyder was out of the event due to a concussion  sustained at a TPD event, and was replaced by Mark Lopes, but  Lopes isn’t in the same league; at least, not yet.
  • Renato has a broken bone in his riding hand, but still covered all his bulls and placed #1 in the event average. True grit!
  • Robson Palermo scored a measly 70.50 on Vortex, who basically walked in circles. J.W. Hart joked that the bull had on a pink flank strap: “One o’ them girly bulls.” Robson was offered a re-ride but didn’t take it; he’s riding with a broken ankle, and knows that this early in the season, it’s better to take it easy with injuries than get in a mad dash for points, and fall apart later when it counts more.
  • Austin Meier’s been turning down re-rides in spite of low scores. In NY, he kept his 70 points for a trip on Eskimo Joe. This time, Commotion was making like a grasshopper under him and fouled him, but Austin kept his 76.25 score, just trying to get out of sight of the crowd. His shoulder obviously hurts, but he pulled off a great 91-point ride on


Rainbow-striped shirt─ the boy is stylin’!


  • Jody Newberry’s frightening wreck gave him a concussion when the bull’s hind hoof kicked him in the head. He was taken out on a stretcher, while cowboys all over the arena doffed their hats and prayed. Thank god the PBR medics work much faster than the Yankees’ emergency squad. It took those guys an appalling amount of time to remove their unconscious pitcher from the mound last year. The report from U.C. Davis Medical Center was that Jody also has a mangled left ear.
  • The boys in the booth were joking about McKennon’s 85-point ride on Willie Wilco: “That was a day off for McKennon Wimberly.” J.W. called him “just a practice bull.”
  • Skeeter Kingsolver’s re-ride, Hank, put him in the spin cycle and then stomped him.


• Shorty’s cheerleading!
• Alves came into Sacramento with a 63% riding percentage, the highest of anyone last year. Wild Child lay down in the chute, but came out whirling, and they scored an 85.25. RMEF Gunpowder & Lead was airborne in circles so tight he was practically a circle himself, but then stumbled; 85.50 was the score, and up goes Silvano’s riding percentage.
• Ben Jones is on FIRE! And his Happy Dance is so endearing – after his 89.25 ride on Hot Stuff, I loved hearing his ecstatic “Woo!”’s and his happy feet tapping on the Shark Cage. The fact that in Round 2 he took the lead from Renato is saying something!


Joe Baumgartner was in the audience─ when will he be back on the dirt? Or won’t he?


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2 Responses to Next Petition, Next Week — Meanwhile, back in Sacramento…

  1. S. says:

    I think the voice-over guy is the one in the Geico commercial asking if a former drill sergeant makes a good therapist (i.e., “Maybe we should take a trip to namby-pamby land to see if we can find some confidence for you, you jackwagon!” Not sure how they decided on him.

    At least this week the scrolling sports scores seem to be gone! Now if we can get rid of robo-commercial voice-over woman.

    Apparently Joe Baumgartner is now an alternate. I know that in the past the riders voted on the bull fighters, but I’m not sure if this is still the case or if Baumgartner just put himself up for a lesser position or what (there have been comments about him wanting to spend more time with his family). Not sure what that means for Darrell Diefenbach, the bullfighter who started wearing a helmet and appeared to be the eternal understudy.

    This just confused me even further, but for what it’s worth:


  2. glindahl says:

    What a “cheery” blog – JUST SAYING.


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