It’s cut time. Dirteater is the guy on the bubble. I love that I know what these things mean.

Muscleman Meier’s one-sleeved look is growing on me. And hooray for someone mentioning his technique.

This weekend the lad sports a good old-fashioned red cowboy neckerchief. The classics never go out of style.


  • Loved the opening clip of Shorty introducing Hawaiian Ivory, who used his few seconds of screen time magnificently: pawing the ground, shaking his head threateningly, with real tough guy ‘tude: perfect ambassador for the sport! And when Shorty’s sick of working the dirt, he’d be great in the booth.
  • Brendon Clark got a well-deserved re-ride after putting up with Lethal Threat’s bizarre bucking style.
  • Airwolf is unridden, and it’s obvious why. Ross Coleman made a valiant effort for the home crowd, but as co-host Justin McBride said, “Side-saddle don’t work.”
  • Babe’s Fireball (unridden) has some crazy sidewinding head motion.
  • Smoke Signal: Big bull, powerful jumps. Wanna bet Craig’ll say, “He’s sending a signal…”
  • Sue: this bull got vertical!
  • Charlie Bulware’s wild scramble looked like his head was going in each direction at the same time.
  • Having a camera in the bulls’ exit chute is a novel idea─ hope we see it more often; gives us a chance to peek at the big brutes after they’ve put in a hard 8 seconds’ work.


  1. The clown makeup. The pop-eyed expression. The childish voice. The chopping hands. The dirty hair.
  2. Blinking and stumbling over her words, which included quite a few “um”s and “uh”s.
  3. Asking Ryan McConnel, who just came out of his slump and off Whirly Blues with an 84.50, what had changed for him. Said Ryan, “I quit being so serious. I tried to make it a business and had to turn it into fun again.” Said Erin: “He’s having fun, Craig.” Ryan couldn’t have said it better himself. Oh, wait─ he did.
  4. With his left arm still in a brace, J.B. just rode Bullet for 81, but she misses a chance to nab a word with him because she has her back to him. OY.
  5. Bobbling her sentences as she tries to ask Dustin Elliott a question, capping it with, “Craig, as you said, an Oregon native.” Honestly, I don’t know how she has the nerve to show up for work.

Clock malfunction at 0.93 while Luke Snyder was on Curtain Call, a son of Top Gun, and during Cody Nance’s trip on Little Brother. Guess the judges hauled out a sundial to know when 8 seconds were up. Luke scored 81.50, Cody 86.50 for a great ride, which was topped off with an upside-down flip at the dismount.

Everyone’s favorite Aussie was out on Big Dreams, whose rear end hit the chute right after Ben nodded, changing his direction. Ben accidentally ended up on the Shark Cage, trying for a re-ride, which I’m glad he got. Day 2: After lying down on Wise One Willy’s back, and scoring 85.75, this time he ended up lying down on the Shark Cage. He told Flint, who was right there with him, that he’s “getting lazy.”
Uh-oh…he might have appendicitis. He’s been packed off to the hospital; no championship round.


  • Sean Willingham’s bull I’m A Soldier had no buck and was basically waltzing, and the judges gave him 79.50, no re-ride option. I don’t get it!
  • Could someone please enlighten us as to the mysterious “World Champion Exemption”?
  • Shorty Gorham’s Afro, with the Flashdance headband.
  • All the re-rides granted on Day 2.
  • Jordan Hupp was out of position on Babe’s Fireball, but this messy Hail Mary ride for 85.25 beat VDO handling the previously unrideable Bells & Whistles for 83.75. That just ain’t right.
  • Juicy Fruit didn’t have a lot of kick in his rear end, but Dustin Elliott was awarded 88 points. Whirlwind was more like a mild breeze, but Ned Cross was scored 88.25. What, are all the judges from Oregon?

Brendon Clark: “I should’ve been riding a lot more bulls than I have.” Maybe if he (and Luke Snyder) didn’t have to split their focus and spend their time and energy doing cutesy video clips…


  • “The riders are having their way with the bulls.”─ Hummer the Bummer. Well, at least this version of bestiality is better than last week’s, when it was the opposite. He really needs to watch his mouth. 
  • Reese Cates’ 87 on Straight Whiskey (the judges were a bit too generous here) prompted this brilliant comment: “This sends an exclamation point to the fans here in the Northwest that he means business!” I did not know that you could send an exclamation point. I’ll have to see FedEx about this.
  • Day 2: Hummer enthusing about being there “to see who blossoms in the Rose Garden.” Gaagg!
  • “Brendon Clark’s back is to the wall.”─ Uh, Craig, is that your way of saying he didn’t win last week?
  • Really bad: this one was onscreen, in one of those “coming attractions” about J.B.: “seeks revenge against Bible Bender.” Folks, can we please stop anthropomorphizing the bulls and pretending the cowboys have grudges against the animals? J.B. doesn’t get mad at the bulls, he gets mad at himself.
  • The Bummer talking about Austin conquering Gunpowder & Lead: “Austin says to Gunpowder & Lead, no gifts here, my friend!” What? “If you want to win it, you’re going to have to do it yourself.” What? I really wish he didn’t let out of his mouth everything that goes on in his head.


Austin Meier has always used a Brazilian bull rope. Travis Briscoe is now using one. Kody Lostroh’s about to switch, though he did acknowledge, “The rope’s not magic.”

This was Lostroh’s first time wearing a helmet. Ned Cross was the first to ride Major Payne. Austin Meier was one of only 2 riders to take 5 events last year.


While No Spots stumbled, Dirteater stayed centered and stuck. But what was the effin’ score? On Day 2, we “had a chance to listen in” on what Brendon Clark said to the bullfighters post-ride─ but McBride talked over it, as he did with Dustin Elliott after King of Hearts bucked him off. We almost missed Jordan Hupp’s ride on Straight Whiskey because the Truth Booth ran into it, and whaddaya know: nobody said the score. Marchi rode Rewind for the third time, and the score wasn’t even shown on the board. Arrghh!


  • Ben Jones’ great re-ride on Ready Freddy was scored only 84.50, which was roundly booed. A lower score than Reese’s, for a lot more work.
  • While Straight Jacket was throwing Austin Meier around in the chute, and Austin had to start all over again, nobody was hurrying him out. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t speak Portuguese.
  • McBride unfortunately took a dig at the Brazilians. After a clip of their “Total Domination” of the season, he commented, “They don’t pick the Bushwackers, the I’m a Gangsters; it’s a business decision”─ as if they pick what they know they can ride, which aren’t the toughest bulls. Uh, if the idea is to ride as many bulls for as many points as you can, they’re doing it right. You can’t argue with success. Any survey of which tough bulls were ridden first or only by Brazilians would prove McBride is full of it. Then he talked about J.B. Mauney, saying he can ride as well as any of the Brazilians. Sure, but not consistently. I’d love to see J.B. give the Killer B’s a run for their money, but just now it ain’t happening.


  • Reese Cates, subbing for Chris Shivers, was on Jordan’s Jacket, who hipped the chute on his way out, knocked over a barrel, and cruised the whole arena; Shorty was yelling for a re-ride halfway through.
  • Cody Nance showed his true stuff with an 89.75 ride on King of Hearts. Yahoo! He won the event, and responded graciously to Coscarelli’s question about whether the Brazilian dominance would change after tonight. He characterized them as “dedicated to bull riding” and said, “We appreciate their companionship.”


  • I’d love to know what Marchi said to the camera after his 86-point ride on Cool Cash. Can’t we please have subtitles?
  • Very touching: Robson Palermo hoping his pregnant wife has a boy, and saying he’d want him to be a doctor or lawyer rather than a bull rider. THAT motivation nobody can beat.
  • Alves’ bull Oliver spazzed out, crashed down the Jack Daniels sign, threw Alves (who leaped onto the fence), chased the bullfighters, and gave Newsom a shot. Score one for Hummer: “It’s only a flesh wound!”
  • When Austin slipped out of position on his draft pick Despicable Me, I really thought he’d blown it, but he muscled himself back into position, and─ was offered a re-ride. Dang! I would’ve loved to see a score on this ride. That’s okay, Austin wowed everyone with his 90.25 on RMEF’s Gunpowder & Lead.
  • Blondes do have more fun! Ryan McConnel was Krazy-glued to Magic, for 86.50.
  • Valdiron’s masterful ride on Montana,despite an AC shoulder separation that had him groaning on the dirt. “You’re not supposed to land on your sore spot,” said Tandy Freeman. Good one, doc!
  • I momentarily doubted that Ryan Dirteater would stick on Chicken Lickin, but he pulled it together for 86.50. It’s so great that he’s having a successful comeback.
  • Marchi winning an event for the first time in more than a year, and getting a chance to show how much English he’s learned as he thanked everyone.

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  1. Ron Ayers says:

    They have finished screwing up the PBR by changing the scheduling and days of events shown they shortened the show and eliminated to much as far as i’m concerned.. they are losing audiences right and left..Most of my friends whom enjoyed the Bull Riding have stopped watching as you have to search 4 channels to find out when and where it is going to be aired.

    Not entertaining as it used to be to much B.S. and bad commentary.


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