KANSAS CITY – Apr. 2 Broadcast

“This is a sport, not a game!” “Records will be broken!” “Leaders will emerge!”

Who are they trying to convince? People who follow bull riding don’t need to be hyped about it, and people who don’t follow it aren’t going to jump on the bandwagon  just because you’re shouting at them that it’s exciting. Slamming people over the head with this embarrassing hyperbole cheapens the sport and makes people take it less seriously.


Silvano Alves is now 3rd in the world standings: 12 for 18. T. Willie gallivanted all over the arena, crashed Alves into the Shark Cage, and still couldn’t unseat him. Sure, there was a re-ride, but it was fun while it lasted. When he rode Holy Smoke, the bull went down on one knee, but kept going. Alves scored 86.50, but could’ve had a re-ride if he wanted. Thank god he didn’t!

Atta Boy! Ben Jones had no luck in Albuquerque, but Greenhorn ended his buckoff streak (86.25). It also helped that in between he practiced on bulls who went to the left, on the advice of Justin McBride. The dance is back, busted ribs and all.


“So far this year, there haven’t really been any battles, just skirmishes.” – the Bummer. Thanks for the military metaphor─just what we need: making bull riding into a battle of rider vs. rider.

“These young bulls are having their way with the young cowboys.”—Guess who? He’s getting more and more pervy. ‘The bulls had their way with everyone except Caleb Sanderson.” “The bulls continue to have their way with the riders.” Every time I hear him, I picture the hilarious photo captions from the Glendale Invitational: go to the Turn Him Out! blog, then to the Mar. 17 entry, and click on the link to Abraxan Mini Farm.  Whatever you’re drinking will shoot out your nose.

Party All The Time was giving Travis Sellers problems in the chute; “Get me out of here! Grab my tail!” was what the mic picked up─ but Hummer says, “Another display of toughness by our cowboys.” Uh, did you not hear what Travis just said?

Re MoeBandy.com: “He’s got three straight buckoffs; he wants to make it four.” Another exclusive right from the bull’s mouth. Craig needs to spend less time in the tanning booth.


Cody Nance is on a buckoff streak: 6, including last week’s DQ for a spur in the rope. Note to guy helping at the chute: Don’t clap in the bull’s face! He leaped half out of the chute.


A couple of times the final judge was so slow in scoring that it came in after the next ride.



Fully Wicked was acting out under Paolo Lima in the chute, and the chute guys started yelling at Lima to get out. Quote from Hummer: “Not to show any sort of bias…it happens more to the Brazilians than to the other riders.” That’s not bias??Then Justin McBride said the Brazilians don’t have an easy time getting out of the chutes. That’s a sly shot.

Judge Jimmy Morris  told Lima he had one last time before he’d get no score. Does anyone realize that Lima doesn’t speak English?? He was disqualified.  How much time did he take, compared to Colby Yates? Colby’s ride on Hurt So Good was so delayed that the broadcast cut to commercial, and we saw the ride afterward.

Can you imagine if Valdiron took so long in the chute that they had time for a commercial? All hell would break loose. When he was wrapping on Alternator, right away guys at the chute were shouting, “Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go!” to rattle him, and they succeeded: Alternator is not an eliminator, but he bucked off the world leader.

Fabiano Vieira’s debut bull Tribulation was going berserk in the chute, leaping up high enough to say hello to Jimmy Morris. Someone was yelling at Fabiano, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” even as the bull was trying to nail him.

Guilherme Marchi, who has won this event twice, was on Wagon Train. The bull left the chute, then started farting around back at the chute, hit himself against it, and messed up the ride. Guilherme thought he should get a re-ride, but it didn’t look like the replay judge was going to do his job. David Fournier, on the dirt, chased Marchi away from the replay judge. They didn’t do that to Ryan McConnel, when he was in the guy’s face. Marchi was pissed off, and rightly so. He went to the backstage area, where the other Brazilians gathered around him; eventually Cody Lambert showed up, and Marchi tried to express himself. Cody explained that he would get a re-ride–or was it a review? and that this confusion was all just a communication breakdown─ a blazingly clear example of why the PBR needs to spring for a translator. Incidents like this are exacerbating feelings about the not-exactly-equal treatment the Brazilians have been getting while Adriano is away. He needs to have a word with the PBR about what’s going on behind his back. It’s disgraceful.

The replay of Colby’s ride on Hurt So Good showed him off the bull at 7.7. No one asked for a review, so he got away with it and a score: 83.25. What’s with that replay judge??

During commercials, we missed Douglas Ferreira ride Pandemic for 80, Ty Pozzobon on Nightshade making his third qualified BFTS ride (85.75), Caleb Sanderson’s in-the-zone 88-point ride on Too Sexy–the only qualified ride in Round 2– and Elliott Jacoby’s 88.50 on Damn Right. What, these people weren’t worth seeing?

Do we have to see yet another replay of Douglas Duncan’s horrible wreck? A lot of people don’t want to see a cowboy get hurt.

Is that Ford commercial gonna go away for Luke Snyder, too?

A Cooper Tires Athlete Profile about a baseball player?? WTF? Just because he’s a bull riding fan, helped pull Elliot Jacoby’s rope, and the PBR took some riders to the ball game? It’s a transparent effort to try to identify ball players as bull riding fans and make nice with them, as if all the baseball fans will follow.  Very simplistic thinking. Not to mention that there are plenty of riders and bulls who deserve to be profiled.

Travis Sellers went out bareheaded on Party All The Time. Not the smartest move!

The gulf between Leah and Erin is wide enough to land a 747 in it. Leah finds out something personal about a rider in advance so she can connect with him and get more than robotic answers. She’s got more than one string to her bow; in case the guy’s inarticulate; she  has three questions lined up. And she doesn’t interrupt someone who’s going on and on; she finds a neat way to wrap it up without dissing anybody.


This pen was ABBI Classic bulls,  3 and 4-year olds, and there were some real goodies…many of whom were trying to escape the chute.

Let-Er Rip, a little bull, has some spin, sideways jump, and change of direction that unseated Chris Shivers. Not too shabby! I like White Lightning because he’s got no set pattern─ at least, for now. Bono clearly enjoyed taking the stage for a while after dispensing with Dusty LaBeth; he just did not want to leave that arena, he was so proud of himself. Fully Wicked lived up to his name in the chute. And as soon as I typed that, Hummer said it. Now that’s scary.

Colored by Arctic’s kick was as high as the top of the gate. After Fabiano Vieira rode Tribulation (83.25), he received a butt in the butt as he escaped. That bull definitely was telling him off. Dustin Elliot’s re-ride on Bucking Machine reinforced Hummer’s comment last week that the bull looked more like a washing machine: flat, fast spinning. Black Pearl looked a little camera-shy in the pen as Shorty talked him up─ then he went and bucked off Kody Lostroh.


Giant cardboard floozies posed outside the venue on the roof.


I loved Ryan McConnel admitting to being scared of his bull. Thank god one rider had the cohones to admit to being human. Having no fear of those beasts would be just too stupid.


“He’s taken more hits than a piñata.” – Hummer talking about J.B.

“Most of us aren’t good at anything else.”—McKennon Wimberly, saying how much the Rider Relief Fund is helping, because when cowboys don’t ride, they don’t make money.

“To put it bluntly, I sucked.” Shane Proctor in the Truth Booth talking about his unsuccessful out on White Lightning. “I’m never gonna get on him again!”


Leah Garcia, interviewing Renato Nunes, asked what happened last week in Albuquerque? “Leah, I fell off.” She asked what he did to make a difference this time. “I just thought, I need to stay on ‘til 8.”

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2 Responses to KANSAS CITY – Apr. 2 Broadcast

  1. S. says:

    What terrible, horrible, no good judging that was. Just an embarrassment. Seems like the riders need a seminar, the judges need a seminar or twelve (and there ought to be more of them for a greater rotation), and the PBR needs a translator, or at least judges who are more unflappable and fair when faced with riders who might not be clear on what is being said to them.


    • I agree. I’ve never understood why there are only the same few judges. That can’t be good for the sport, and certainly results in biased scoring. They need to train a large pool of judges–including non-Americans–and rotate them.

      They also need to put together a very detailed rule book about judging, including policies on reviews, chute delays, re-rides, challenges, and anything else that’s murky. And I think that anytime there’s the slightest question of whether someone made 8, slapped the bull, was fouled, etc., the judges should be required to view a replay in slo-mo until the situation is clear. And if it’s not clear, give the benefit of the doubt to the rider, instead of giving him a 0.


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