TAMPA – Part 2 – Sunday Apr. 10

NBC’s broadcast started late because of various sports updates, and then the commentators didn’t introduce themselves. Very helpful to new viewers who might’ve stumbled onto the broadcast.

Hey, I’ve discovered the antidote to that horrible song: I turned off the sound. That makes the video more exciting. But I really miss hearing, “This ain’t no rodeo─ this is the PBR!”


Ben Jones talking about his life. That’s a biopic waiting to be made. Spire Capital oughtta finance it. (And don’t call it “The Dancing Ozzie.”) Great quotes: “Ben Jones was doing what he wanted to do, but it wasn’t the right thing. I was lucky enough to get a second chance… I showed what I can do with my life…I’m right now, that’s for sure.”

Silvano Alves rode Perfect Poison for 88. I actually was afraid he wouldn’t do it— that bull has vertical kick and lots of lift.

Watching Valdiron deciding between Iron Horse and I’m A Gangster. He says Alves told him to pick I’m A Gangster, but Valdiron just laughed and chose Iron Horse. Silvano got stuck with the Gangster. (Neither of them rode.)


Another brief blackout during the broadcast. Who the hell at NBC keeps leaning on the “Exit” button?

Ryan McConnel was wearing a two-way microphone so the booth guys can talk back and forth with him in the chute. Ty says it’s Ryan’s idea. (It figures.) Why on earth does anyone think the riders being miked is a plus? The Americans say “Pull,” and the Brazilians say it in Portuguese. BFD.

“The last few weeks, the guys have been very particular about their chute procedures.” Uh, to which guys in particular would you be referring? The ones who aren’t American?

L.J. Jenkins on Bar Code: The bull turned out with a couple of kicks, then flattened out into a spin. 87 points!? That performance should’ve lowered the score to maybe 83. The judges are really pushing L.J. up in the rankings.

J.B. got bucked off Thomas the Train, hung up, and was audibly stomped with a hoof.  It’s really discouraging. Come on, J.B.; it’s time to step back, regroup, and allow the injuries to heal, rather than slip further down in the rankings. Sometimes that “cowboy up” thing works against you.

I can’t bear it any more: Ty Murray has got to find another way to say, “The name of the game is 8 seconds.”

I was convinced Austin Meier rode Love Machine for 8 seconds, but the clock didn’t agree. And since when is the clock always right?

Depths of Despair, Kody Lostroh’s bull, was a slow bucker, but at least its hind hooves more than left the ground, unlike L.J.’s bull.  Kody got 85.50, compared to L.J.’s 87.

I don’t know why anyone with a 77.55% riding percentage should be fighting his head about getting bucked off. It’s not like Maverick is Bushwacker, and yet Valdiron got sucked into the well. Now I gotta worry about de Oliveira? Sheesh!

Ben Jones’s mother raised three kids, working four jobs. Ben looked after his two sisters and mother. And his father was…where? No wonder Ben went off the rails. Father Jones thinks their relationship has changed “because Ben has matured.” Well, I’m glad one of them did. Ben said, “He gave me credit for one of the first times.” That clip of the emotional moment with the two of them tells the story: the little boy who desperately needed his father’s attention and approval, and didn’t get it until he was famous… like John Lennon and his father. Mr. Jones is proud of what Ben achieved—which is a hell of a lot different from caring for your son because he’s your son. Ben’s heart truly is the biggest in the business if he was able to forgive that guy.


Good idea: Leah giving a report on Kody Lostroh chuteside while he wraps.

The bullfighters in the Truth Booth, and the shot of them in a pre-game huddle.


Because of a commercial, we missed Cody Nance riding Jiminey Cricket for 87.75.

Last year’s Silvano could’ve gotten I’m A Gangster “rode.” He stayed on the longest of anyone yet this year─7.50─ when “the unslayable beast,” as Ty called him, threw him. FYI, the bull formerly known as Uncle Buck was ridden only by two guys: Marchi once in 2009, and Valdiron twice in 2010.


• Deja Blu: talk about centrifugal force! The well was the only place Elliot Jacoby could go.

• Right out of the gate, Blind Side took a big straight-up leap with all four feet. That fancy entrance reminded me of Kramer blasting into Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment.

• After Party’s rear-end seemed to whip around at a 90° angle. He gave Elliot Jacoby a definitive toss.

• Union Pacific was never ridden beyond two jumps until Mike Lee made 5 seconds. Ty’s comment on the bull: “He’s like the Shaquillle O’Neill—he doesn’t have to try as hard as the other guys.”


Footage of Marchi with his son last night and today.

After riding Motown Magic for 90 points, three-time Tampa champ Chris Shivers threw his helmet so hard, he fell down. (He’s got more 90-point rides in a career than anyone─87─ and I reeeally want him to hit 90 before he retires.)


This weekend, Robson Palermo was the focus of quite a lot of Hummerblather: “Robson Palermo has put himself in a perfect position to bag the hat trick in Tampa.” Really, Craig? Bag the hat trick??

The Bummer’s comment about Palermo on Willie Wilco: “He’s not trying to win the round, he’s just trying to stay the course.” How derogatory! The guy rode all his other bulls, including RMEF Gunpowder and Lead, was the only one to ride in Round 4 (for a few extra seconds, too), for 90.75, and won the event without having to ride in the final round. Hummer says, “But what he’d like to do is put an exclamation point on this weekend.” Says Ty, “Well, it’s more than an exclamation point, Craig.” I love when he contradicts Hummer and reins in his ridiculous blabber.

Ty and Hummer talked about toughness yet again, and “first and foremost,” according to The Bummer, is Austin Meier. (I would think the toughest guy is the one who comes out on top. Oh wait, I forgot: that would be a Brazilian, and we can’t have that.)  Ty had to tug on Hummer’s coat tails to reality-check him: he reminded him that Ben Jones has been riding with broken ribs.

“The world #1 now sits in #1.”—Classic Hummer.


“You know what revs my engine?” says the tacky “actress” in one of the commercials.  “A Bad Boy mower!” I’m howling. Sure, I know lots of women who get so excited about guys on lawn mowers. Sad. “Mow with an attitude!” Yeah, I’m picturing all the weekend warriors riding on their front lawns wearing a Clint Eastwood look on their faces, trailed by Buckle Bunnies.


Ben Jones hung up on Rowdy LJ, got stomped repeatedly, and hit the dirt, lying still. Everyone thought for sure he’d leave on a stretcher, but in a minute he got up and walked out. (Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!) Despite Hummer saying he looked okay, he definitely did not. Sure enough, he got a concussion, but will compete in Las Vegas.


While Shivers was being interviewed, Guilherme Marchi got bucked off. His left foot “lost a holt,” as Ty said. It’s unthinkable: Marchi has ridden only 2 of his last 10.

The unceremonious, offhand way Robson was handed his buckle by someone we don’t even see on camera, is so insulting. Would that happen with an American rider? I think there would be a bit more fuss, don’t you? And then he walks out of the arena alone, not surrounded by cameras, as J.B. would be. If you’ve got a winner, then treat him like a winner, no matter who he is.

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8 Responses to TAMPA – Part 2 – Sunday Apr. 10

  1. grahame jones says:

    It’s still just your opinion of any said sentence. Opinion being a view or attitude, can be wrong.
    As i have stated this is a family and personal situation and i am not prepared to air these on this blog.
    I am certain your fair and reasonable readers would agree on this.
    You can also have an opinion on my position as it stands, but i have offered to meet you in person to discuss and “debate’ in a closed forum. You have not accepted this, so my opinion you want to hide behind the blog screen.
    Very brave, may be you should be on the PBR circuit, whoopsyou can be seen there!
    Grahame Jones
    Your rant is now closed.


    • It doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what Ben thinks. Why not discuss the interview with him?
      I live on the East Coast and have no plans to be in Las Vegas, or to “debate.” As you said, it’s just my opinion.
      I’ve been calm and rational. Your communications, on the other hand, aren’t. Therefore, your rant is now closed.


  2. grahame jones says:

    To the nameless author who knows “jack” and puts a very untruthful and personal slanderous interpretation on Ben’s interview. You have tried to read something in between the lines which were not there! My friend if you only knew the truth you would quickly be making an apology and a retraction. You have my email, let’s see if you have the “balls” to contact me.
    Grahame Jones- Ben’s Dad.


    • Well, you see, Grahame, I don’t have balls. I’m a woman. I have different equipment. And I’m neither nameless nor faceless. That person next to Adriano Moraes on my blog’s front page is me. A lot of people who read my blog know my name. For the record, it’s Kris.

      Nothing I said is slanderous. I commented, that’s all. I’m not the only one who saw what I saw. Rather than berating me, why not pick up a copy of John Bradshaw’s book, On the Family and see what he says about “the hole in the soul” that occurs when a child’s parent leaves. It’s particularly hard on male children when the father leaves. The statistics on which children grow up to get in trouble or get involved with alcohol or drugs are remarkable. In light of that, Ben’s success makes all of us very, very happy.

      If you’d like to present “the facts,” feel free to post them here.


      • grahame jones says:

        Hello Kris
        Often when a 45+min interview is edited to a few minutes the true meaning can be lost on the cutting room floor. Maybe offensive was a better choice of words, as i know the real and truthful facts.
        I will be a the World Finals in Oct to support Ben and would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further and the bigger parenting picture, remembering there are 2 parents. You have my email so i look forward to how we can meet in Las Vegas. Thought this was a Bull Riding blog!! I am not going to stoop to your “low” and blog family and personal opinons.
        Grahame Jones
        PS: I am the proud father of 5 great kids (adults) and 4 beautiful grandshildren.
        Maybe i should get them all to blog!!


      • I didn’t edit the video clip; if you had a problem with it, it’d make sense to speak to the producer. In any case, the sentences we all heard weren’t edited. It sounds like you just didn’t like what Ben said.

        I might’ve believed you actually wanted to have a conversation, until your sentence, “I am not going to stoop to your “low” and blog family and personal opinions.” That makes it clear there would be no conversation, just verbal battering. Also, so far, despite saying you want to give the truth and present the facts, you haven’t.

        The key word here is “blog.” It’s what people do to express their opinions. As far as I’m concerned, the more bloggers, the better. That’s what keeps democracy alive.


  3. Stockyard Queen says:

    Hey, woman–keep up the good work! Since you’re going to be sending out petitions this week, I thought you might want to know that my post on the firing of McKee (way back in January) has gotten nearly 100 comments, almost all demanding that he be brought back. Here’s the link:


    Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!


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