Sorry, no Saturday report. I was busy ogling jewelry. Tough call, choosing between two of my favorite things.


J.W. and Leah are back. Smart move. Hope it lasts.

Mike Lee’s standing somersault and dance move after scoring.

I hear we can download the day sheet from the Team PBR website, so it’s easier to follow/score during an event─ if you can find it. Somebody tell us where Waldo is, please.

Can’t believe I’m saying this: Guilherme Marchi is 1 for 9. He scored 84 on Pop-A-Top; not up to his usual standard, but it helped his confidence. He told Leah, “I feel like a young cowboy right now!”

Skeeter Kingsolver on My Space (son of Yellow Jacket) made it look easy. The bull had a very regular spin, so that 89.50 had to be the result of points for spurring.

Silvano Alves’ rematch with Uncle Carl (88) was looking good; he was really in sync with his bull.

Since he had no draft pick, Mike Lee got stuck with Hank. J.W. said the bull packed on 200 pounds the past year; to see how much he weighed, I checked the PBR website. Wow, what a weird coincidence! Every PBR bull weighs 1500 pounds. Or at least 2/3 of them; I got tired of checking the list after a while. Come on, guys─ how lazy can you get!

Hummer was hyping Mike Lee’s upcoming ride on Hank: “Will he do it?” he asks J.W. dramatically. Long pause as he awaits words of wisdom from the champ. Finally, the pronouncement from J.W.: “I don’t know.” Mike’s exclamation from the dirt: “I almost had him! I almost had him!”


Luke Snyder’s bull Okie Dokie looked like a creampuff.

Everybody’s chasing L.J. Who’da thunk it? Paolo Lima is the only Brazilian in the top 5.

87 was a kinda high score for Dusty Ephrom’s ride on Rusty Zipper. It’s nice that he had two qualified rides in his 3rd BFTS event of the season, but still…

L.J. Jenkins rode Army Strong to the whistle and then some (I was in my living room saying, “LJ, stop riding!”), for 86.75. He was part-owner of this bull. Isn’t that what ya call a conflict of interest?

Sean Willingham had his 3rd unsuccessful rematch with Charlie Bullware, his pick. The bull threw him a tricky direction change, but if the third time’s not the charm, I say, don’t pick Charlie anymore!

J.W. had an interesting take on that “home town crowd” advantage theory: “Seems like nothing goes right when your friends and family are there.” But astonishingly, they did in New Mexico.

I’m a little puzzled by the high scores for rides on relatively “easy” bulls: Reese Cates/Stink Guy (87). Cody Campbell/Clam Digger (87.50), who’s got a 30.6% career buckoff rate. If guys can ride him so easily, why would he be considered a challenge? Granted, Cody gave it another few seconds beyond 8, but still…

The bullfighters were slow getting to Douglas Ferreira after his ride on Big Stuff (84.25). I didn’t see anyone near him when he was on the ground. Luckily he has fast reflexes; he scrambled and escaped the horns.

Dusty Ephrom’s overambitious pick was Smack Down. And why the re-ride? on the same bull, no less. Nobody explained. It didn’t matter; the same thing happened: he didn’t ride.

L.J. Jenkins, who came into this event 11 for 15, rode Unabomber for 90.75. I don’t get why a rider-friendly bull yields higher scores than a hard-to-ride bull. He tied with Palermo for the round. Robson rode The Situation for 90.75: the bull lay down in the chute, Robson had to re-wrap, then the bull put on real speed for 8 seconds. But L.J. won the event by 1/4 point. Oh come on, guys; this favoritism is so blatant. What’s the basis for the quarter-point difference that put L.J. ahead of Robson.

Don’t know why Chick’N Fried hesitated leaving the chute; he helped Palermo to an 89.25.


Renato not riding after his ride last night.

Travis Briscoe got through being out of position and Riggin’ Slinger’s direction change, then lost his grip.

Skeeter Kingsolver picked a bull named Sue, because that’s his mother’s name. She told him to pick that bull if he ever had a chance to get on him. Yeah, but he didn’t stay on. Blame it on Mom.

J.B. getting licked by Chicken Lickin because he was looking at the ground again. It was a quick buckoff, and J.B. sure looked disappointed and sad. He’s not the only one.

Ben Jones was uncharacteristically easily tossed by Estaban, and limped away. I’m glad I didn’t see Ben get run over last night. I want to see him in the top 5. Or 6.


Bearcat gave Valdiron de Oliveira his first (and, I hope, only) 0 for 0 weekend this season.


Marchi’s pre-game warm-up routine!  Does he realize people are watching him?? I hate to tell you what it looked like he was doing.

Kinda gross, the “Golden Corral moment”: a segue from a shot of meat roasting on a grill to 1500-pound hunka beef Unabomber.


Douglas Duncan was 2008 PRCA Rookie of the Year.


According to Craig the Bummer, “the one and only J.B. Mauney” is “hoping to dish out the dominance.” Um, I’m sure he’d like a second helping, please.

”Most of Seattle is watching the bull riding”?? What is Hummer smoking??

“This is the man who was lighter than the rest. Shining brightly this weekend…” Hummer trying to tie in Seattle’s uncharacteristically sunny weather with L.J.’s win. A poet he’s not.

“An emphatic statement on the season L.J. is having. Valdiron had better start looking over his shoulder,” says The Bummer. “I don’t know if it’s about time to push the panic button yet.”— love ya, JW.


I don’t get why the commentators don’t get that a clone is SUPPOSED to look like and behave like its sire. That’s the whole point of cloning a great bull! How many times are we going to hear how Mr. Slim and Another One have a “scary” resemblance to Panhandle Slim, and even─ gasp!─ the same bucking style!

Ford’s F-150 Raptor was springing across the arena with Renato on his back (for a little while). “Most of these bulls are as big as F-150s; this one is an F-350.” That had to be J.W.’s remark.

Apparently Big Tex is left-handed and doesn’t do so well with right-hand deliveries (neither do the cowboys on him). His gigantic airborne leaps unseated Alves despite all Silvano’s adjustment.

Titanium Tough was too tough for Cody Campbell. According to the boys in the booth, the bull weighs over a ton. But he lost 500 pounds by the time he got to the PBR website.


It was a big surprise to me that Reese Cates rode Cooper Tires Wild & Out– and landed on his feet– for 90 (1/4 point short of taking the lead). That bull bucked J.B. off last night!


“You can’t look at the ground.” – J.W.

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2 Responses to SEATTLE Sunday

  1. S. says:

    Ok, I just have to say that while I was watching the event this weekend, Hummer said something like, “Vieira wants to keep the Brazilian dominance going by winning this weekend!” And I thought, “Kris D. must be about to explode right now!” No, Craig, Vieira wants to win himself a shiny buckle and a boatload of cash. I’m sure he barely cares about “Brazilian dominance.” It’s not like the Brazilians are drawing short straws to see who will win this week. Gah!

    Of course, apparently the judges are determined that the Brazilian dominance will be over. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point.


    • Yep, the judges got sick of the Killer B’s and have been consistently under-scoring them. Who ever heard of any of those guys getting scores under 80? Not to mention how nobody seems to notice when Chris Shivers slaps a bull, if it helps him win. And that bogus Albuquerque win for the two New Mexicans was beyond blatant. It’s outrageous. Yet when the Americans won the World Cup in Brazil, none of the Brazilian riders gave them crap.

      There needs to be some kind of tribunal to rip those judges a new one. Renato already did his bit to counteract the cheating. Where is Adriano when we need him?? I wonder if he’s been put on ice for a while.

      And when have we ever heard the phrase, “Ryan McConnel, the American”?


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