TULSA DAY 1 We miss you, McKee!


Austin Meier “covets the crown.”—Craig the Bummer

The venue is “sold out to capacity.” ─Craig, either the venue is sold out or there’s a capacity crowd. It can’t be “sold out to capacity.”


According to Cody Lambert, these classic young bulls are the best in the ABBI’s history. That’s saying a lot. And a lot of them proved it.

Cody Nance’s bull, Colored by Arctic, hopped his way across the arena. I thought it was cute; Cody got a re-ride. Unfortunately, re-ride White Velvet necessitated his handy-dandy tuck-and-roll escape.

Real Juicy’s hind whip was too juicy for Paolo Lima. Good bull.

Black Ice, Chris Shivers’s bull, faked out Chris and Shorty Gorham. “The bull didn’t read the rap sheet on what he was supposed to do,” said Justin McBride.

Backbender’s fierce, long jump and powerful bucking sent Luke Snyder skyward, then freight trained his back a little when he was on the ground. Luke was moving pretty gingerly after that.


Shane Proctor comes into this event 9th in the world standings, but he’s now 2 for 15 on the BFTS.

Ben Jones came into the event 1 for 14– now he’s 1 for 15. And the booth boys didn’t bother telling us the bull’s name.

We missed Elliott Jacoby’s 88.50 ride on Red Man because of an ad.

J.B. Mauney is 7th in the world, but has ridden only 2 of his last 11. He was looking so good on Pandemic─ for almost 7 seconds. ARRGGHH!


Despite Austin Meier’s mid-season struggles, he rode Wine Hou (not a classic bull) in style, for 86.25.

Finally!! Ryan McConnel, head down, focused, and centered on Bad Company. And what’s the score, booth boys?

Ryan Dirteater’s 88.25 ride on Cody Ohl’s bull Damn Right was damned exciting, the audience was thrilled for their Okie, and Ryan’s escape up the railings was almost head over heels. More cheering in my living room.


“The will to win’s always enough.”─ Austin Meier


#2 in the Power Rankings, Robson Palermo, was uncharacteristically thrown off easily by Party All the Time. (On the other hand, in Thackerville that bull dumped Valdiron.) His leg is re-infected, and it’s obvious his other injuries are bothering him. On the bright side, a few days ago his son Mateo was born.

Despite Jordan Hupp’s #4 Power Ranking, he twirled right off Chutes and Ladders.


This is Travis Briscoe’s first BFTS event since he broke his leg on landing after his I’m A Gangster trip. He’s still limping and didn’t make 8 on Yo Yo.


Young Yeezy was pinning Guilherme Marchi’s right leg against the chute; we could hear Marchi growling, and the guys yelling at him to go out. It was a messy exit, the bull literally dragging his ass on the dirt. Justifiably, he was given a re-ride.


Wizard, L.J. Jenkins’ bull, couldn’t get started─ stalling like a car whose ignition won’t ignite. Good thing he got a re-ride: Haunted Hotel, who hadn’t been ridden in 20 outs. I can’t believe what I saw: L.J., trying to stay over the front end, lost both feet behind him, practically kicking them up in the air. That bucket of Double Bubble gum that a fan brings every time he’s in the neighborhood could’ve been put to better use than as a lucky charm. Stick it on your seat, cowboy!


Wow, even the nitwit voiceover girlie pronounced “Silvano” correctly. Craig’s IQ must be even lower than I estimated.


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