TULSA DAY 2 We miss you, Leah!


  • OMG, I heard Craig pronounce “Silvano” correctly once!! It’s Christmas in August!
  • Fabiano Vieira has the #1 Power Ranking, and with Bucking Machine, scored 85.75.
  • Canadianaaron Roy scored 86 on Motown Magic. Aaron was sliding all over him in the last couple of seconds, and it was a miracle he didn’t touch him; he did a great job.


  • Train Wreck left the chute without Silvano, who was hanging onto the gate because the bull was bucking in the chute and coming out backwards. That earned him a re-ride. The booth boys were nattering about whether the bull really is a train wreck, or can he be taught his job? On the other hand, he took down J.B. at last year’s World Finals─ a shock from which I still haven’t recovered. According to the announcers, the bull also had problems in Thackerville with Alves (or vice versa), but after wandering around the PBR website trying every which way to find out who rode which bull, I gave up. Train Wreck was Silvano’s re-ride, too, for 87.50. A stand-up-and-cheer ride. That bull brought it!
  • Mike Lee attempted to ride the #1 rated ABBI classic bull─ the booth boys couldn’t bother telling us the name until the last moment: Bad Blake.
  • Too Sexy is one damn good bull; powerful jumps.
  • I’m loving the clones; they’re all so feisty. Jeff Robinson’s bull Another One has never been ridden on the BFTS (but he’s not listed on the PBR website at all). And another one bites the dust─ Ryan McConnel, that is. Then the bull took off after him.
  • Motown Magic: I’m liking this bull a lot. He was spinning as fast as the little center piece disc on a 45 rpm while the record’s playing. (Just dated myself there.) Don’t know if I’m imagining it, but are that bull’s legs longer than other bulls’?


  • Aaron Roy was doing a fine job of riding Midnight Mood, then the bull did a high, wriggling leap that threw him off─ but the clock hadn’t started when they left the chute. Did he or didn’t he touch the bull with his free arm? I doubt they reviewed the ride. Score: 85.25.
  • Justin McBride mentioning about having talked with “The Brazilians” in the locker room about getting out of the chute faster.
  • Judge #3 consistently dragged behind in posting his scores. Was he doing some quick calculations to make sure he favored certain riders over certain others?


  • Valdiron de Oliveira on Mountain Wolf didn’t have a good seat before he left the chute. If everyone hadn’t been getting frantic about making him leave, he might’ve started out centered, and we would’ve seen a good ride. I’m sick of this rushing out of the chute thing. If the Killer Bs are in the top 4 places in the world standings, obviously taking their time in the chute to get a solid seat works for them. Maybe if the Americans took more time in the chute, they’d move up in the standings. Just a thought.
  • The WWF-style setup: 4 Brazilians vs. 3 Okies. (God forbid it should just be about talented riders.) Says Hummer the Bummer about Alves: “Now we can find out if he can go for the jugular.” And that, in a nutshell, is exactly what’s wrong with pretending a sport is something other than a sport. That attitude goes with hockey or cage-fighting; it’s what causes football riots in England. Riders are rivals only on the scoreboard. Find some other metaphor to mangle, Bummer.
  • Even with all the craziness at the chute, and people yelling at him to go, Silvano pulled off an 86 on Priceless─ and that wasn’t even the bull’s best out. That’s how good he is. Silvano took this round.


  • This short round is based on buck-off times, rather than having enough guys who scored. Sad, sad, sad. The last time I saw this happen was at the 2010 Touring Pro event in Worcester.
  • In Round 1, during a commercial, we missed Jason O’Hearn’s ride, which ended with him landing on the top of his head, which took him out of the next round.
  • During another ad, we missed Wesley Laurenco riding. And the score was─?
  • Pistol Robinson is 1 for 15. Rowdy L.J. is a good bucking bull, and Pistol flipped off that bull like a pop-top off a Coke.
  • The Perfect Poisons: we need to know! Can you at least call them PP1 and PP2?
  • Elton Cide stuck with Top Notch wherever the bull went, but was rewarded with only an 84.


“Wow.”─ Shorty Gorham, after Pete Farley’s quick blast of a non-ride on V5.


Marchi’s re-ride bull. Name? (Meanwhile, halfway through his ride, wha’ hoppen?? Marchi’s mind must’ve been somewhere else.)


Talking with Elliott Jacoby about his matchup, she parrots the clichés she’s heard Hummer spouting. If you’re trying to impersonate a sportscaster, little girl, at least pick someone who knows how to do it.


  • Elliott Jacoby on After Party took two wicked head-hits: first from the bull’s skull as he was heading over it, then a belt from a horn under his chin, knocking him unconscious. Took a while for L.J. to come to, and that’s not a situation I’ve seen before.
  • Austin Meier sliding off Hot Pistol before the announcer had barely finished saying his name. That bull’s big ol’ roll to the side did it.
  • For one scary moment, it looked like Ryan Dirteater was going to hang up on Speckled Ivory. The bull kicked back against the fence and it threw off Ryan’s ride. No score, instead of a re-ride. What a shame. The kid definitely got gypped.

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