Bass Pro Chute Out Day 1 Happy Birthday to Shorty


Dr. Tandy Freeman says Valdiron has balance issues and eye movements that aren’t normal. I hope they gave him a CT Scan and an MRI. Sounds like more than a concussion. Anyway, Freeman expects him to be fully recovered by Milwaukee if he follows the prescribed program.


  • Austin Meier on Panther made the direction change─ Whew!─ for 83.50. Yay Shorty, for yelling “Keep moving!” to remind Meier not to clamp down.
  • “That’s what a World Champion looks like on a practice bull.”—J.W. talking about Guilherme Marchi’s ride on Little JR, which earned an 86.50. Again Judge #3 was lagging behind in posting his score. I’m going to start tracking whether this lag takes place more often when a Brazilian is riding. So far, it has.
  • Heat did a little kooky back-end dancing, then settled into some good moves, but Chris Shivers matched them, for 86. J.W. was right: after he got settled, Chris could’ve ridden that bull eating a cheeseburger.
  • After Fabiano Vieira rode Boone & Crockett for 86, we find out for the first time that he’s been riding for only 7 years! He learned by watching TV, because his parents wouldn’t even let him ride horses.
  • Ryan Dirteater’s beautiful work on Black Ice scored 86.25─ and that’s not an easy bull.
  • The clock didn’t start or stop for Reese Cates and Big Iron, but he scored 86.25. Good ride. Reese is making a good impression, after being off the BFTS for so long.


  • “It was a good day in the office.”—Austin Meier
  • OMG, Craig said “Silvano” again, instead of “Silvanyo”! And in the Short Round, he did it again!! That’s twice in one night! And once last week! Could it be that somebody told him I’ve been on his case for a year?
  • “He’s just havin’ so much heck now.”—J.W.
  • Marchi in the Truth Booth was too cute, talking about how he dealt with his bum right ankle; he “took the pressure off my right feet.”
  • “He disgusted hisself.”—J.W., when Chris Shivers couldn’t ride Hee Bee Gee Bee


Apparently Aaron Roy has definitely changed his name to Canadianaaron Roy. Or at least Hummer seems to think so.


During commercials we missed Paolo Lima on Next Thing Smokin’, for 84, and Elton Cide on Dr. Shyster and Jason O’Hearn on Stanley’s Pick, both scoring. Thank you, whoever had the smarts to decide to replay the rides. It’s been irking me that commercials are timed so we miss riders who aren’t in the top tier—and then they make a ride.


  • Well, at least we got J.W. Hart this time—but it still ain’t McKee. And we’re still stuck with the Coscarelli moron.
  • The obnoxious shoutin’ hillbilly opening the broadcast threw out so many stupid lines, I wish I had muted the TV. Then came the hideous song, followed by Hummerblather. And of course they led off the broadcast with Valdiron de Oliveira’s horrible wreck from last weekend.
  • L.J. Jenkins, the man with the reputation of studying up and knowing his bulls, has a new strategy: picking bulls he knows nothing about (like McLovin). How’s that workin’ for ya, L.J.? You’re 0 for 9. Go back to the book.
  • J.W. talked about some bulls taking a little more time in the chute. See, when it’s Americans, it’s the bull taking more time, but when it’s Brazilians, it’s the riders. Then as Elton Cide prepped on Backdraft, J.W. pointed out how Brazilian riders keep the riding hand farther down the side of the bull’s back, which helps them when the bull goes into their hands. This is the kind of observant detail I appreciate…even though guys at the chute were yelling at Cide, “Let’s go!”
  • Chris Shivers took as long as he wanted to get ready on Hee Bee Gee Bee, with nobody hassling him.
  • I just can’t stand that there’s another voiceover guy pretending to be a bull rider, trying to sound tough answering a question about whether he’s gun shy after being bucked off: “Nah; I just tell ‘em, you have to face the past…” It’s so insulting to real bull riders.


Say When’s dam is out of Bodacious, and this bull’s stroppy: his wild, wiggling action ripped off Mike Lee’s chaps, dished out a frontal body slam, and hung him up.


Poor Sean Willingham─ somebody came up with the idea of posting a bar graph visual of his depressing downward point slide.


Shut up and tell us the name of the bull, guys. Before the ride is over. And after.


  • “…the San Antonio Riverwalk, which has been planned since 1929.”
  • “I know I sound like a broken record” (DUH) “but this is a guy who’s searching for answers.”
  • “Big Bad Wolf is not taking big bad jumps, but it’s enough to get Robinson off.”
  • “It’s the move to the left that gets the big Brazilian off.”


  • Snow Storm had the fastest buckoff time of all tonight’s bulls. It’d be nice to know what it was. He sure wasn’t going to let Cody Nance repeat last year’s San Antonio win. It was only Cody’s tuck-and-roll on landing that saved his neck.
  • Pure Blend, a “baby bull,” helped Luke Snyder to an 86. That’s not such a baby! This bull will do very well.
  •  “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a bull with a dorsal fin!” said Craig about Hawaiian bull Black Ivory – I give him points for that one; truer words were never spoken. As predicted by Shorty, the bull was throwing fits in the chute. Hair-trigger is the word. After coming out backwards, Black Ivory blasted away from the chute, Luke was ejected out the back door, then the bull went looking for trouble—from every guy he saw. And yep, that hump is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. Mauna Kea on the hoof.


Watching Ben Jones on Cajun Kid, I’m chanting “Stay out in front!” over and over; it looked like he was in the right spot and would stick, then suddenly he’s off the back end.


  • Talking about Ryan McConnel’s workout jag, she informs us that he’s using “resistant belts.” But that’s nothing.
  • Interviewing Shane Proctor after his win, the moron says that seeing as how the top guys (Brazilian) were out, isn’t this weekend a good opportunity to make up some ground toward the Finals─ in other words, now that you weaklings don’t have to compete against the Big Bad Brazilians, maybe you can catch up. How fucking insulting! Bravo to Shane for saying, “I feel every weekend is an opportunity to gain ground for the Finals.”


  • J.W. made a good point, saying that Austin needs to get more aggressive, dominating bulls rather than just trying to hang on (which he’s been doing a lot lately).
  • J.W. also waxed wise on Ryan McConnel’s 11th-hour conditioning: “Working out until 3 a.m. is not the answer; you have to get your timing back.” And sure enough, Single Shot bucked Ryan off.


  • J.B. not making a ride on Baby Face. It’s that free arm motion. I keep saying it at home in my living room, but J.W. said it on the air: his arm gets behind him. If J.B. would watch videos of his successful rides, he’d notice what his free arm is doing: swooping, gliding, scooping from back to front, not the other way around. It’s fluid, like a dancer’s movement─ not angular, like he’s been doing.
  • Oh no! The whole arena (and I’m sure everyone watching the event on TV) gasped at the shock of seeing Big Cat buck off Silvano Alves. We tend to forget he’s human.


“This is just not the J.B. Mauney we know.”─ J.W.

The Blue Emu commercial makes me laugh every time, but now it’s ironic: “Tough ride, J.B.?” “Yes, Ma’am.” “Couldn’t have been too tough—it only lasted two seconds!”


  • Last week was Zane Lambert’s first Built Ford Tough Series event, and this weekend, he made a good ride on El Patron for 85.25. Congrats, Zane.
  • Newbie Wendel Runyan subbed for injured Frank Newsom, and he brought it!


Reese Cates showed up in a purple shirt and orange chaps, rode Foolish Pride for 86, stepped off on his feet, and tipped his hat to the crowd. Stylin’!


Dustin Elliott’s bull Updraft apparently scared the bullfighters, but the blanketyblank in charge of replays didn’t let us see the bull’s antics after he threw Elliott. I think Updraft charged out the wrong gate in pursuit of a bullfighter, then ran back into the arena and somehow was made to leave through the right gate—but I caught only a quick glimpse of the original action, so I could be misremembering it. Instead of a replay of that action, the camera stayed on the people walking off the dirt.


I was happy to see the Ryan Dirteater/Black Pearl matchup; Ryan’s been riding so well, I knew he could ride him. The bull had been out of action for a while, sick or injured, but in the chute he nearly threw Ryan up in the air. (BTW, everyone was on Ryan’s side about how long he took in the chute.) BP wasn’t bucking like he used to, though; as J.W. said, he weakened near the end of the ride. The 86.75 score made me happy, too.


  • I was pretty sure Shivers would ride Hee Bee Gee Bee, but he didn’t. Could’ve been another 90-point ride; a lot of us were disappointed.
  • As Marchi was prepping on Rock and Roll, right away we heard, “Let’s go, buddy.” The bull did the opposite of what he was supposed to do, Marchi’s free arm went behind him, and that’s all she wrote. I hate to see Marchi buck off, but ya gotta love the growl when he does.


Somebody listened to all our beefing and hired a translator to tell us what Valdiron was saying about his wreck with High Steaks: “It was my time…you can’t run away from your destiny…. I trust in God that I will come back with good results. I need to ride. I need to work…”

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3 Responses to Bass Pro Chute Out Day 1 Happy Birthday to Shorty

  1. williamthill says:

    You should read about this young 15 year old bull rider…. go to

    He is the real deal…


  2. Sarah T says:

    Great blog as usual. To give credit where credit is due: Apparently someone left a message on Craig Hummer’s Facebook page a couple of weeks ago mentioning to him that they thought he was pronouncing Silvano’s name wrong. Craig immediately contacted Silvano and asked him what the how to correctly pronounce his name. Craig has pronounced his name correctly ever since then. Loved your “Mauna Kea on the hoof” quote. Too funny! Stay safe in the hurricane.


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