This was Douglas Ferreira’s 1st BFTS win; he’d already won the event before the short go.


Justin McBride talked with Ben Jones last night, urging him to take time off; in Ben’s interview with Leah Garcia, he was so upset he could hardly talk about not competing this weekend. He was taught (wrongly) that if you can get out of bed and walk, you should ride. I wish the camera had stayed outta his face; he was about to cry.


Luke Snyder’s wild half-ride on Whitewater Trouble was a serious effort, but the #10 in the world was 0 for 2 this weekend.


  • “More Hummerblather about Alves knowing “how to send a statement.” What, Silvano’s faxing all the other riders again?
  • Craig plugging his concocted “Ice Man” moniker for Silvano Alves: “Nothing seems to faze the Ice Man.” “He’s got his nickname because of rides like this one.” Give it up, Hummer! No one’s buying it.
  • Re de Oliveira: “He’s about to have the opportunity for a statement ride.” Would that be a bank statement, Craig?
  • “He has a chance to answer the leaders.” Um, what exactly was their question?
  • About Alves: “A great opportunity to send a statement.” I’m waiting for a great opportunity to strangle Hummer.
  • “At the moment it’s the Brazilian Ferreira out in front.” “He now becomes the 8th Brazilian to win an event this year.” How about, “At the moment, Ferreira is out in front”? It’s obnoxious to constantly be reminded of a rider’s nationality. Last weekend, did we hear, “It’s the American out in front?”
  • Okay, I give up: the leader’s name is officially “Braziliandouglas Ferreira.”
  • “Now he just wants that exclamation point.”—I swear I won’t be responsible for my actions if Hummer keeps using that dumb expression which means NOTHING.


Ryan Dirteater has ridden 4 of his last 5 bulls. On Poster Boy, he bobbled at 7.96 and touched the bull. SHIT!! I yelled at the top of my lungs. He challenged the clock, but went scoreless this weekend.


  • Hummer mentioned McConnel being “Mr. Clutch” last year. He really meant the World Finals in Brazil, when JB Mauney and Guilherme Marchi got bucked off and Ryan rode, clinching the title for the U.S. How the mighty hath fallen!
  • Valdiron picked Rango; he wanted a bull he knew he could ride. But the #1 rider for 17 weeks came in 3rd this weekend.


After a commercial, suddenly we’re in Round #3. Whaa?


  • Silvano’s interview, via the translator: “Yesterday was yesterday. I’m happy I rode my bull today.”
  • In Valdiron’s interview, Leah asked the question in English, the translator asked in Portuguese, and Valdiron, determined to communicate in English, answered: “Everything is back now; I’m happy because I ride good. I thank my sponsors. I so very happy now.” Wonder how many riders have learned some Portuguese?


Ryan McConnel didn’t need to slap his own face; Jaw Breaker did it for him. The bull bopped from one end of the ring to the other, while Ryan did a great job riding and even gave us a little surfing action afterward. But they gave him 80.25 and no re-ride. I thought if a bull traveled, it was an automatic re-ride. Is or isn’t there a guideline?


Cord McCoy ended his 21-buckoff streak on Uno. Judge #4 was still slow with his scoring, but Cord was rewarded with 86.25. Shorty Gorham’s on-the-dirt coaching really helped him stay in position.


  • “It’s a pretty humbling sport. The more you sit around and worry about it, the longer it seems to last. The more effort you put into it, the more chance you have.” Cord McCoy.
  • Cord in the Truth Booth:  “You can definitely tell it’s been a while since I jumped off one. You can tell I almost forgot how the get-off goes. But it feels good to get one stuck.”
  • Luke Snyder in the Truth Booth:  “That was a pretty pathetic sight on my part. You’re supposed to ride bulls like that all day long, but he got me rocking and rolling.”


  • Travis Briscoe’s 10-buckoff streak became 11, courtesy of Misunderstood, who was leaping up trying to escape the chute. Now Red is 1 for 17.
  • Tap Out’s sideways stumble flipped Colby Yates up off his back, and I thought the bull was going to roll onto his side and crush Yates; I’m not surprised that this was Colby’s 16th straight buckoff.


  • Josh Faircloth showed serious focus, staying forward and down instead of getting raised up, for 85 plus. Jerome Davis helped him out by letting him ride his bulls and giving him what obviously was useful advice.
  • Austin Meier in total control of Full Force, for 87.50.
  • After riding Walking Tall last night, Harve Stewart scored 86 on Iron Broke, who was moving like a Jack in the Box, bounding and switching directions. Harve looked pretty darn happy about this ride.
  • Special guest appearance by Bones, two-time world champion bull, strutting majestically and looking studly.
  • Mike Lee, miked for grunting, showed great form on Feed the Monkey for 83.50.
  • Douglas Ferreira didn’t look happy even though he won the event. But by interview time, he was smiling: “It means everything that I have been working for. Thank you to God that I have achieved it tonight.”


Pink kerchiefs attached to various cowboy parts in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Week are cool, but Brendon Clark went one better with a bright pink shirt. Yeah, baby! Now that’s a fashion statement.


Sean Willingham went on a fitness spasm, did 500 pushups and 500 sit-ups this past week─ and put a rib out of place. Now that’s embarrassing, dude.


Once again, the chute guys squawked at de Oliveira, sitting on Squawk Box, to hurry up and go. And once again, despite the childish harassment, Valdiron made the ride look easy… so he was scored 83.75? Must be the bull’s fault. Or the judges’.


“That was one of those instances where you can almost see the bull thinking, ‘Oh my god, what do I do now?’” Hummer’s comment on Squawk Box’s desperate attempts to dump de Oliveira. (His 4th good crack in the past few years.)


Hummer called Jarrod Craig “an employee of the PBR.” Was he serious? Are riders considered employees, if they pay their travel expenses and entry fees, have no health insurance, salary, or union?


Fabiano Vieira wants to impress sponsors next year. He rode 60 bulls in a row in Brazil. He doesn’t care which direction a bull spins, either: “I know what the bull looks like; that’s about all I know about him.” He rode Independence Day, who wasn’t good enough to give him a score higher than 81.25. Or maybe the judges weren’t good enough.


Out of the top 5 riders, Austin Meier’s the only one who’s not injured. He’s sneaking up on the Portuguese-speakers.


I thought Mr. October was the bull’s name, but according to The Bummer, it’s Palermo’s: “That’s why we’re calling him Mr. October.” We, kimosabe? Jeez, Craig; October just started, and nobody’s sure Robson can ride in all the events. He Rode Sign Out in Round 1, but Stinger bucked him off awfully quickly. That shoulder needs help.


“He’s gotta get one rode here,” said Justin about Rubens Barbosa, who started riding bulls relatively late and trains himself. After jumping and kicking in the chute, Gypsy Boots bucked off Rubens, launched Shorty by the butt, then ran over Jesse Byrne. “Barbosa let the bull have his way with him,” according to McBride, momentarily channeling Hummer.


This week’s Built Ford Tough Invasion sent Colby and Luke whitewater rafting. But first, they headed for the water without a vessel: “Cannonball!” That reminds you of how young these guys are.


  • Say When has dished out 19 straight buckoffs. Guess he doesn’t know when to say when. (Har!)
  • Shepherd Hills Trapper, 1 for 7, has bucked off all the top guys; add Brendon to the list. On one knee, the bull dropped his right shoulder, sweeping his head against the ground. No one could’ve stuck after that highly original move!


  • Mike Lee’s 4th try on Blu Emu After the Pain was his 4th buckoff. The horn smacked his head so hard that without a helmet, Lee would’ve had a crushed skull.
  • Austin Meier’s bull Riggin’ Slinger was frantic in the chute, poking his head up over the top rail. Meier started out of position, lost his seat, and the bull went after him on the ground. McBride’s description: “There was feet all around him, horns all around him.”


Props to McBride for voicing doubts about Alves being DQ’d last night because Gator’s horn came up and touched his elbow: “I still think he made a great ride; not many guys coulda got by that bull. I don’t think he did anything wrong. He just didn’t hit the button in time for a review. He’s the best bull rider in the world today.”  Damn straight, it was a bad call. Alves should’ve been scored─ high. Instead, he went scoreless this weekend. Guess that’s what the judges had in mind.

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2 Responses to CHARLOTTE Part 2

  1. S. says:

    I was so annoyed by the “Brazilian” this and the “Brazilian” that this weekend– can’t we celebrate Douglas’ first win without lumping him in to some stupid nation v. nation issue?

    Earlier this season, didn’t Valdiron get a score when it was determined that he was in position and the bull’s born came up and hit him? So inconsistent and infuriating– and Silvano shouldn’t have had to hit the button; the judges should have already been reviewing that call.

    The Brazilians seem nonplussed by the translator. One wonders how he was introduced to them. I’m glad they finally have one, but they seem to be implementing him oddly. I mean, he’s there for Valdiron who doesn’t seem to need him, but not around when someone is hurt and Doc Tandy could proabaly use the assist? Is he paid by the word?


    • Someone who constantly characterizes a person by their nationality is the same kind of person who describes someone as “this black lawyer I know” or “the Italian couple down the street” or “that Mexican comedian,” instead of “a lawyer I know” or “the couple down the street” or “George Lopez.” Small minds.

      I don’t remember an incident with Valdiron, but I’m pretty sure if I’d seen it, I would’ve said something about in a post. Consistency is sadly lacking in the judging. Sometimes it’s so blatantly biased, I can’t believe they get away with it. But when you think about it, of course they get away with it: there’s no independent governing body in the sport. The PBR is answerable only to the PBR–another issue that separates bull riding from every other sport. And there’s no union for the “players,” either.

      As usual, somebody managed to goof up even a good idea. The translator’s there for interviews, because god forbid the media doesn’t get its money shot, but when the riders need a translator for something important like picking bulls, trying to challenge a call, understanding what Cody Lambert or Dr. Tandy is saying, or trying to explain where they got hurt, the guy’s nowhere in sight. To understand WTF is happening, the riders have to rely on another rider who’s been in the country only a few months longer than they have. It’s impossible for me to believe that an organization could be so incompetent as to do this accidentally. It looks to me like another way to sabotage those riders–and it’s completely deniable, as in “We just didn’t think of it; we didn’t mean to offend anybody.”

      It was funny when Valdiron was questioned in Portuguese and answered in English; I’ve seen that in every country I’ve visited where I try to speak their language and they want to practice their English.


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