FINALS DAY 3 – Douglas Ferreira is the round winner.

THAT’S JUST MEAN: The opening clip of Bushwacker in the spotlight, trying to find his way out of the arena, pacing back and forth in confusion; the gates were shut so the crowd can think he’s showing off.


  • The PBR Kissing Truth Booth – Sean Gleason, PBR COO, told McKennon Wimberley he thought it was a great idea to propose to Mesa Pate in the ring, “But don’t chicken out and wave to the fans!” Mesa thought they were just going out there “to catch everybody up on what’s going on.” She definitely was surprised. She was sitting on McKennon’s knee in the Booth; he kept looking at her with such a happy face. It was just adorable how she gave him a noisy kiss. I only hope she doesn’t have to get married on the dirt. Unless she wants to, that is. “Boy, it’s a good thing she said yes. That’s a good thing, boy; you’d hate to ask in front of 18,000 people and have her say, nope.” –Ty Murray about McKennon proposing on one knee.
  • It was outrageous how Elton Cide stayed on Prator’s Pride, whirling around the bull’s side. Hey, if a rider hangs onto a wild ride like this, he should be rewarded. Instead he got a 67.75 and an option for a re-ride, which he took.
  • Smack Down swings his back end so far around, he almost smacks himself in the face. Douglas Ferreira ended the bull’s 14-buckoff streak with a ride that really showed his strength and 91 points. And boy, was he psyched after it, screaming for the camera.
  • Woo-hoo! Robson Palermo got a standing ovation for his ride on Iron Horse, but only 87.50.  I woulda made it 90. Robson picked up the wrong hat on his way out of the ring, wore it through his interview, then realized it didn’t fit, laughed and gave it back to the right cowboy. Love it: “I’m so happy ride that bull and it make my confidence.”
  • “Even if I fall off tonight, I won’t worry,” said Silvano Alves, who then went ahead and rode Yo Yo for 85. The bull tried everything and finally gave up.

LIKIN’ IT: The telestrator comparing Bushwacker and Asteroid in action.


Cord McCoy drew Bushwacker. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said. How is he not peeing in his pants?? He sure wasn’t smiling when he talked with Ken Cox, getting the scoop on how Bushwacker behaves in the chute. Bad enough his left eye was burned by the arena pyrotechnics and he had to wear a patch yesterday; today he has limited vision in that eye.

Harve Stewart drew Asteroid. “If I stay on him, I’ll be doing some good.” (In Bizarroworld.)  “The book on the bull” is that Asteroid’s one of the tamest bulls the stable has; you can walk up and pet him─ but once he’s in the chute, he gets mean. And according to the Chief Nitwit, Asteroid is “itching for his number to come up.” Gulp.


  • Jason O’Hearn was in the ICU at the University Trauma Center; he has a skull fracture but may be out of the hospital by the end of the weekend.
  • Man, Shorty has the same sore throat I do.


Elton Cide’s re-ride bull was Little Hummer. Please tell me that’s not Craig’s offspring.


  • “Don’t over-think things.” ─Mike Lee.
  • “Instead of going in leading, I’m going in hunting, and everybody knows I’m a big time hunter.”—Austin Meier
  • “That first jump seems easy, then he gets you to set back on your pockets, and he’s smart, he knows when you’re there, and when he’s got you settin’ down, the ground comes fast… It’s like playing one-on-one with Michael Jordan, except at the end of the game, he doesn’t beat you up.” —Cord McCoy describing his 4 seconds on Bushwacker’s back (for which Bushwacker scored 48.50.)
  • “Every time I nod my head I was thinking about staying on for points…” Robson to Leah.
  • “The rank pen comes back Sunday. That’s when you’ve gotta dread.” ─J.W. Hart
  •  “He could have a factor in who wins.” – Craig Hummer talking about Robson Palermo.  He really does get tongue-tied too often for a professional broadcaster.
  • “Everybody keeps counting Caleb Sanderson out, but here he is…” Foot-in-mouth Marty Snyder.
  • “I hope they keep me the underdog; I don’t like all the pressure.” – Caleb Sanderson. Well, the Brazilians were happy to oblige.
  • “He puts distance between he and Valdiron.” ─The Bummer fracturing the language, talking about Alves.


  • White Magic has been in the rank pen his whole career.
  • Debut bull Gas Tank was a speedy merry go round; Rubens Barbosa held on well for 7.26 seconds, then was whirled off in a helicopter spin, landing on his feet.
  • RMEF Gunpowder & Lead was lurching every which way in the chute, turning his head to look out through the slats at the arena. Just when you thought they got him settled, he started climbing over the railing. Douglas Duncan tried his damnedest, holding on for 7.13, while the bull scored 46.25. G&L provided seven 90+ points scores this season, 4 of them for Robson. See, they have an understanding.


  • Mike Lee hung up a long time on Jaw Breaker, got kicked a couple of times after he got loose, and was left holding onto a gate. The bullfighters charged in to help, but the bull stepped on Mike’s left foot on his way out.
  • Bad Medicine stumbled down out of the gate, launched into a spin, and Cody Campbell got hung up; great job by the bullfighters freeing him, and 86.75 for Cody.
  • Bad day at the office for Justin Koon: his bull fell down, hitting him against the gate; Koon hung up, the bullfighters chased the bull, and once he got loose, Koon got stomped.
  • Was it Spitfire’s centrifugal force that twirled Elliott Jacoby off his back? That, and Elliott’s sticky rope tangled around his leg─ he found himself in a weird hangup on the ground.
  • Guilherme Marchi did his 8 seconds in the chute on a bull that bucked so wildly, Marchi had to reset. I think the bull actually made him mad. Out in the ring, Marchi took several big knocks to the ribs as he was being twirled all over the bull’s back. Can’t believe he didn’t pass out after all that thumping on his broken ribs.


  • “Asteroid has no plans on coming down to earth any time soon; he’s on another planet.” And Bushwacker’s “ready to shine like the sun.” Does Hummer secretly want to be a writer? Give it up, guy.
  • Chris Shivers “put on a show last night and tonight he’d like to conduct a clinic…” —Hummerblather.
  • “There is not a ripple on this guy’s mentality.” Hummer making an incomplete pass on a Silvano metaphor.


  • “Nothing’s gonna keep the Iron Cowboy from livin’ the dream…but tonight his focus isn’t on 6 strings, it’s on 8 seconds.” Hummer, could you be any cornier??


Is this for real? Hummer said he spent some time visiting “the Brazilian locker room.” Do they really segregate the Brazilians? Is there a Canadian locker room and an Australian locker room, too?


  • Ryan Dirteater sprained his riding elbow earlier, then today got dumped by Highway 12, who shoveled him with his horns when he was on the dirt. Ryan’s now 1 for 3.
  • After a quick buckoff by PFI’s Boot Daddy, Renato Nunes looked like a disappointed schoolboy, sitting down in the dumps.


  • “That’s something that a year ago we wouldn’t have saw.”—Ty talking about Renato Nunes turning his head and focusing on the wrong place: the dirt.
  • They don’t have to be verbs: “He’s not a guy that takes good holts with his spurs.”─Ty Murray about L.J. Jenkins.


  • I hate these blatantly commercial names the contractors and sponsors are giving the bulls. Moon is now
  • What, the PBR can afford a translator only part-time? Robson Palermo had to translate for Wesley Laurenco, who was being interviewed by Marty Snyder. The sad story: Wesley was short on money to get to the U.S. to be an alternate in the Finals, so he rode in an event in Brazil to make the $1,000 for the fare.
  • Only Austin Meier had ever ridden The Game Changer, Justin Koon’s re-ride bull after his bad trip. Justin just made 8 by the little fibers of the rope’s tail, and scored 89.75. He was rewarded for the same thing another rider did, who received a lower score.


Was I imagining it, or did someone say that Say When had 34 consecutive buckoffs? That bull had some kick, but Caleb Sanderson wore him out. (84.75)


  • Great shot of lil’ Wacey Hart sitting on Spitfire, who supposedly is a gentle bull and likes people to scratch him. But not while he’s working!!
  • Felt sorry for Luke Snyder trailing down the hallway after Palm Springs bucked him off too easily. That was indeed the one that got away.


Movin’ On’s vigorous hind kick launched Colby Yates into his 24th straight buckoff. The Iron Cowboy’s melting down.


After a whole lottta “the one and only J.B. Mauney” hype, Springtime (whoever heard of this bull?) performed a series of sideways hops and kicks, but never went into a spin. That tailbone injury is so bad that J.B. actually turned down his reride option, settling for 73.75.


Lincoln Electric’s Bring It was leaning against the chute, sticking his snout through the slats of the gate, then went out and pulled about four little fakes before he came around to the right. I was sorry to see Austin get bucked off.


“I don’t want to give up; my dream is to be a world champ, and I’m gonna try. I give my best for that.”—Robson Palermo

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2 Responses to FINALS DAY 3 – Douglas Ferreira is the round winner.

  1. BullT says:

    Found this greeat video of Bulls in Training. Given all the talk about bulls as athletes, this is a perfect way to filter out the less inquisitive or aggressive and the just plain stupid. If it proves successful with the livestock, perhaps we can try it with novice riders?


    • Kris D says:

      I am absolutely screaming. That is one of the all-time funniest videos I’ve ever seen. Love how they keep switching from being curious and following it to being petrified and running away from it, then coming in for a closer look when it holds still. Check the ears on the one tan bull, flipping like a dog’s when it’s listening and trying to figure out something. I’m not sure any of those dogies have PBR potential–you’d think one of them would’ve smashed the thing out of frustration!


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