I’ve searched for news on the PBR website about Pete Farley’s serious injury, and didn’t come up with anything. Dustin Elliott has been posting updates on Facebook:

Dec. 6:

Please keep Pete Farley in your thoughts and prayers. All I know at this point is he was injured while practicing back home in Australia. He was induced into a coma on Monday. Came out of it today and responded with nods and hand gestures. You’re in my thoughts and prayers Pete, get better soon.

I talked to Pete’s sister-in-law just a little bit ago. Sounds like a real similar accident as McKennon Wimberly’s last year where he was hit once and his helmet flew off and was hit multiple times unprotected. He is awake and responding and doc says he should be ok but time will tell.

December 10:

This is the update on Pete Farley from his sister-in-law’s page: “The tubes are OUT!!! Pete’s getting there. He hasn’t spoke yet but look out when he does, he’s got 5 days worth of being a smart ass to catch up on!!! Glad I’m not his nurse….”

I’m sure we’d all like to hear some official statement acknowledging that Pete’s injury is as serious as McKennon Wimberley’s, that the PBR sends its best wishes to him and his family, and that the Rider Relief Fund will help with the hospital bills. But apparently if a rider isn’t in the Top 20, he’s not news. What about the fabled “cowboy code?” Somebody needs to get on the stick!

In the meantime, bull riding fans, BRING THE NOISE to the PBR website, Twitter, Facebook, and every other outlet you can think of, demanding news about Pete.

Dec. 28:

This is all the PBR had to say about Pete Farley in their newsletter. Could they spare it?

PETE FARLEY (35): Farley, who is recovering from a practice-pen injury in Australia, started off 2011 with back-to-back Touring Pro Division event wins in Denver and Pueblo, Colo., in January, and then picked up a third lower-level win in Winston-Salem, N.C. “He’s capable,” Lambert said, “but he takes a mentality that he’d rather win a go-round then an event. He tries hard, and it’s not lack of effort. It’s hard to explain, but if you’re going to be 89 points and you try to milk 93 points out of that ride – that’s foolish and greedy. And you get paid accordingly.” He finished 12th at the World Finals, where he recorded fourth-place finish in Round 4.

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  1. Mattie says:

    I am sorry that the PBR has chosen the MONEY, MONEY over some of the real things that has made the PBR what it is today. As a rancher, rodeo contractor it disappoints me to see that the PBR has forgotten all of the old people that have been such faithful followers and supporters of the western way of life. You have made it so very complicated and expensive to watch on TV or in person and the lack of information about the riders (if and how they are doing when they get hurt and after they leave the “top twenty”) most people are looking for other avenues to watch bull riding (CBR, PRCA, Native American rodeo). We viewers and followers of the PBR are personally connected to the riders and bulls and we really care about them and remember each one of them and would like to know how they are doing. (Pete Farley, Pistol Robinson, the Rash brothers to name a few) The old sayings “TOO BIG FOR YOUR PANTS, IF IT ISN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT” should really should ring a bell by the “Power’s That Be ” in the PBR. I am very disappointed in the PBR and what you have become and I feel sorry for the older and loyal viewers that that have been priced out.
    Just a HAS BEEN viewer & follower of the PBR,


  2. S. says:

    I question the PBR’s wisdom in putting that quote (“foolish and greedy”) in with their flimsy “statement” about his injury. Way to make it seem like getting hurt is his fault.


    • I would say that’s a serious case of hoof in mouth. It could’ve been phrased better, like, “He tends to do too much spurring to try to dress up a ride, so he bucks off.” And I doubt Farley was doing that in the practice pen, where there are no judges to show off for.

      Unfortunately, diplomacy is not a strong suit with a lot of PBR people.


  3. PBR fan says:

    They (PBR) does not care about anything except money, money, money and how many stations can you confuse your audience with. I hope Pete gets well soon. There should be insurance (health care) for the riders!


    • If Farley was one of the top earners, news about his injury would be blasted all over the PBR website and the internet. It’s a shame the riders don’t have a union– then maybe they’d have some clout and be able to demand health insurance.


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