Renato’s sterling ride on Delco in the Championship Round: a highly deserved 91.50. Yeah, backflip time!

Sunday’s biggest round of applause: for Ben Jones sticking on Hot Toddy for 85.25, in spite of the bull stumbling to his knees.

Mike Lee’s Renato move: He was hanging off Alternator’s side, but righted himself and made 8. The score was only 78.50, but I gave him A+ for effort.

Anybody who can ride one of the clones is on fire, and this time it was Luke Snyder: 85.75 on Slim to None.

Cody Nance’s hilarious ride on Flashpoint (84.75): at no point was his chin down. Maybe it was that oddball face mask-cage that made it impossible, but he seemed to be surveying the audience throughout the 8 seconds.

On Friday night, Dakota Beck broke his cheek, got a concussion and oral lacerations of his face and mouth, but came to work on Saturday. He really wants it bad! Not only that, but on Sunday he rode Jack in Black for 87. Give it up for Dakota! Whoooo!


A miracle: the Jack Daniels tootsies actually had real shirts on─ stuff wasn’t hanging out.

There actually were moments when the arena music dipped in volume (below 11!) during rider prep, between rides, and─ holy mother o’god!─ once, we even got to watch a ride (Silvano’s, no less) without music.


Elton Cide being rewarded with only an 82 for sticking on Papa Roach, even when the bull banged his horns against the gate while he was bucking.


Guilherme Marchi’s crazy hang-up on the aptly named Unpredictable: he went for a sideways ride, then was dragged by his ankle on the ground, flipped over, and finally got away. He was so surprised, he was laughing. Flint had the proper response: “I woulda screamed like a little girl.”

Stormy Wing’s frightening full-face contact with Stingray’s head: without Stormy’s helmet, the horn would’ve broken his face.

Poor Valdiron, on the ground, with Stinger butting his side and rolling him.

Poor CanadianTy Pozzobon: he rode Frost Bite (84.50), then got thrown against the gate butt first, and landed on his head.

Why did Ryan Dirteater turn down a re-ride and settle for a 59 on The Game Changer? This pairing was a rematch (from Las Vegas), and this time the bull was tired, jumping, but not spinning. Flint: “He was with the guys from last night.”


I don’t know who was funnier after their 88-point ride, Full Force or J.B. Mauney. As J.B. was on the ground, the bull chased his butt, and Mauney didn’t bother to get up─ he crawled like hell to escape. You won’t be able to watch the video without cracking up. Flint’s remark to J.B: “That should be an Olympic event! From my end, that was hilarious.” J.B.’s retort: “From my end, it was pretty damn scary!”


Twice the rider’s name on screen wasn’t correct; e.g. Mike Lee’s name was up, but Ty Pozzobon was the rider. Even the in-ring announcers didn’t know who to announce.


For the second year in a row, “We ran out of” day sheets on Sunday─ but people in the more expensive seats had them. This isn’t conjecture, it’s FACT. I was there. I checked.

Either this is a deliberate policy, which would be really ugly, or this is sheer incompetence. How can the people responsible for day sheets not know how many they need? How do they not have enough, or even more, in case tickets sell out? And even if they did run out, do they not know that in Manhattan, there are thousands of copy places where they could run off photocopies right away???

This might also be a shabby attempt to force customers to buy the $20 program booklet. Whichever way you slice it, this is crap.


Ty Pozzobon, seeing lots of action this weekend, got hung up, swirled, and dumped at 7.95 by Back Bender…and had only 30 seconds to hit the buzzer, which I think is really unfair, considering how a rider’s brain may be a little, um, wracked after a few seconds of jolting around on a bull.


The announcers clued us in to the existence of spectacular newcomer Marco Eguche, from São Paolo, dubbing him “the Concrete Cowboy.” I dunno; kinda smacks of the phrase “dumb as a rock,” if ya ask me. Back to the drawing board, boys.


“Last night we had two of the worst Bass Pro fishermen in the history of fishing,” Flint admitted. He wasn’t kidding: that try-to-get-the-lure-in-the-bucket shtick is always excruciating.


When asked how many Twitter followers Flint had, his answer was “187,000.” “You don’t!” Brandon/Clint yelled. “Okay, 4,000,” said the painted one.


He couldn’t resist. A built Ford tough truck was sitting there in the VIP area, just doing nothing, minding its own business, when Flint got the urge to climb on it—taunting his employers all the way. “Look at the boss!” he crowed, bouncing in the flatbed part. “’Get off the truck!’ Really? Are you gonna fire me? This could be a commercial,” he says, posing on top of the cab. “Every single person that works for the PBR is saying, ‘Don’t stand on the truck!!’ Fun haters! Buzz killers!” And then he did some bumping and grinding that prompted Brandon Bates to remark, “That’s cool and gross at the same time.”


Poor Shorty—as Flint did his routine about how much he’s on TV, racing by and appearing on camera for one second, a woman in the crowd yelled the wrong kind of encouragement: “We love you, Shorty!” Flint made a second pass and nailed Mr. Gorham with a loud smooch on the cheek, then burst out laughing. “He actually made a sound: AGH!”


It’s not really how it happened, but what the heck; it’s a good story. Ty Pozzobon visited several NYC subway stops looking for that sandwich before somebody explained it to him.


After Flint’s animal imitations and Fat Albert impersonation, Clint Adkins burst out, “What do you do during the week??”

SHIVERS WORSHIP put away Chris for the third time, this time right at the chute. The cornball Craig crack: “His name’s not Superman, but he’s still a two-time World Champion.” Can canonization be far behind?


Yeah, this is scary. Fan of the Night copped the title by schlepping a life-size Flint cut-out, complete with tee shirt and tie, all the way from Long Island. On his way up to her row, Flint made sure to torture the Security guards again: “Watch this: stepping on seats!”


When the live announcers introduced Rubens Barbosa, they somehow forgot to mention that he was 2011 Rookie of the Year. And on Sunday he was DQ’d for taking too long in the chute…meanwhile, I coulda made myself a cup of tea during Harve Stewart’s chute prep on Johnny Walker Spot. Caleb Sanderson was a slow poke, too.

Douglas Duncan didn’t look like he made 8 seconds on Lightmaker; the buzzer sounded when he was already on the ground, but he got an 84.25.


The PBR likes a good, sentimental story line─ never mind reality. On Saturday, Carrillo Cartel made mincemeat of Pistol Robinson, in what may be the worst wreck of the year. In the Sunday Championship Round, suddenly RMEF Gunpowder & Lead, listed in the day sheet, was removed from the lineup. Instead, Carrillo Cartel was Luke Snyder’s bull, and, it was announced, he was going to ride him as “payback” for Pistol. That move in itself is enough to prevent people from taking bull riding seriously as a sport: the management setting up a revenge match to tug at the heartstrings.

The bull came out backwards, Luke was in the air at 7.8, he challenged─ taking more than 30 seconds to hit the button─ and the ride was reviewed. It wasn’t at all clear whether he had the tail of the bull rope in his hand or whether he even made 8, but, contrary to the rules, he was scored─ 88.75, no less!

Yes, Luke is a great rider; we all know about the camaraderie among riders; yes, he won Friday night; yes, he just proposed to his girlfriend under the Rockefeller Christmas tree; but the judges cheating to create a Hallmark moment is just despicable. On top of that, the score was .75 higher than Valdiron’s ride on Bad Blake, who is one hell of a bull.

That stunt sure took away from Cody Nance winning the event with an 89.25 on Sticker Shock. Left a bad taste in my mouth, I’ll tell ya.

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  1. I looked at a lot of what I wrote about Chris Shivers, and the only “bashing” I’ve been doing is aimed at the judges who are so besotted with certain riders that they violate rules to score them, usually high. The Chris Shivers Scoring Manual is what I call the yardstick the judges use when it comes to scoring him, and it’s different from what they use for other riders. Chris is a great rider, and of course we’d all like to see him make ninety 90-point rides before he retires, but even Ty Murray has commented a couple of times on him getting away with a slap or losing the tail of the bull rope before 8. I’m not the only one who’s seen this happen. If the judges aren’t going to be honest, then it’s up to Chris… and so far he hasn’t objected to being scored when he shouldn’t have been. Yet when Renato Nunes called a slap by Ryan McConnel that was being overlooked, it apparently was against “the cowboy code” (which I thought meant being upstanding and honest and all) and he got royally raked over the coals. I just think there should be one standard for all.


  2. Cindy Glaser says:

    You know, I agree with most of what you put on this site, but I’m getting really, really tired of you bashing Chris Shivers! He’s not the one creating what you THINK you see! Take the target off his back and give him some credit. He’s still one of the most exciting riders in the PBR and treats his fans well. He is appreciative of the opportunities he gets and handles himself with dignity. He is two time champ and is the reason we started watching the PBR and is the ONLY reason we still have an interest in it! When he retires from the PBR, we probably will too. Take a look i the mirror, the PBR people aren’t the only ones who are prejudiced!


  3. S. says:

    I don’t think that we saw Rubens Barbosa getting DQ’d on the broadcast, but I guess it is par for the course. Surprise, the new judging outfits didn’t make the judging any more fair.

    I guess at least you missed Craig Hummer saying something like, “We start the year with an American in the lead spot in the world!” GAH! It’s the first event, so of course whoever wins is the leader of the world, and who cares where that person is from?


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