SACRAMENTO – 15 Riders, 15 Bulls Jan. 29, 2012

Lissen, this is skimpy ‘cause I had company and I didn’t want to be rude to him.


“Silvano Alves has a date with destiny.” ─Hummer, who can’t resist a cliché.


Why the J.B. Mauney interview? Is this more of the Great White Hope hype? If you count the number of his interviews compared to the number of interviews other riders have been given, it’s obvious who the favorite son is. In spite of being a Mauney Minion, I think some more riders deserve a little more limelight. This is not a two-man contest.


  • Valdiron’s 94-point ride on Buckey!
  • Jordan Hupp busted Sod Buster’s sod (do I sound like Craig Hummer yet?), for 89.50.
  • Luke Snyder’s 90.25 ride on Black Attack. Luke is lookin’ good yet again─ and I think we’re going to see a lot more of this bull.
  • Aaron Roy’s 90.25 on MacNett’s Southern Wine.
  • I know it’s not nice, but it was amazing to see L.J. Jenkins being airmailed by Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey.
  • J.B.’s 91.50 on Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done. He’s ba-ack!
  • Austin Meier’s workouts during his break really paid off. He took on Shepherd Hills Trapper, who was 5 for 26, and raked in 92 points.
  • Again, I know it’s not nice, but how hilarious was Austin, stuck inside his helmet? He must’ve been struggling for five minutes to get himself out, but nobody came to help him pop the latch.
  • And then there was the sight of Guilherme Marchi flying head over heels off the back of some bull I don’t even remember the name of. I love Marchi, but I did laugh.


Marco Eguche’s disappointing attempt on Speckled Ivory. Ty Pozzobon’s 7 seconds on Mellow Yellow Jacket. These are two of my favorite up-and-coming riders; next time they’ll do it!


Two thumps and Asteroid bucked off another one. But this one was Silvano Alves! And the bull scored 47.50.


“Cowboy Casanova is the most spoiled bull I have.”─Mesa Pate. That’s because she nursed him back from an injury. And now Caleb Sanderson went and scored 88ish on him.


The Ford Invasion took Brendon Clark and his wife Allie (not sure how it’s spelled) and Luke Snyder to the highest point in California to visit Brendon’s ranch; Sean Willingham showed up to visit. Two young bull riders there strutted their stuff: Bernie Saenz (not sure how it’s spelled) and Cash whose last name I don’t think was said. Woulda liked to know more about them.


  • J.B. explained how he was dealing with his injuries: “I rubbed Blue Emu all over my body.” Makes ya kinda wanna be a fly on the locker room wall, don’t it? On second thought, can you imagine the stank in there?
  • “Nothing is impossible.”─Valdiron de Oliveira

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