In the list of 10 Built Ford Tough Series riders out for injuries, we finally hear something about Pete Farley: “head surgery.” That’s all─ that’s the extent of the information passed along to the U.S. fans. You have to go to the PBR Australia site to find out the story. Here’s the Jan. 30 news release there (grammar goofs aren’t mine):

“The 23 year old, 2008 PBR Australia Champion and 3 times PBR World Finals Qualifier Pete Farley from Kempsey in NSW has undergone a battle for his life over the past month.

Bull riding is at the heart and centre of the Farley family with Pete’s father Paul a former Australian Champion and eldest brother Denny who is a regular on the PBR Australia tour. Pete is the youngest of the boys and lives and competes in the USA on the PBR tour with his older brother Jared.

In the practice pen on the family farm near Kempsey in early December Pete sustained a head injury while practicing on one of his bulls. Pete who always wears a protective helmet competing does so as well while practicing. The force of the bull’s and Pete’s head colliding was such an impact that the helmet was dislodged.

Pete was rushed to the local hospital before being transferred to the Newcastle Hospital where he was placed in an in juiced coma. After regaining conciseness Pete’s recovery has been slow and difficult and his mother Rosie has been there through it all.

But with the tough fighting spirit most of us get to witness from Pete every time he steps aboard his bulls in the PBR; is what is getting him through. This week he overcome a major milestone and was released from hospital to go home to the Kempsey farm.

With his loving and devoted family Pete will continue to soldier on with his many hours of rehab and recovery. We look forward to seeing him back on the tour and he will continue to be in our prayers.

The Farley’s would like to thank everyone for their well wishes, cards and calls. It has been overwhelming the support they have received.”

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