Glendale – Pozzobon’s Forced March – Mar. 18

Leah Garcia called it “a Brazilian party at the top.” It’s hard to argue, though I wish the us vs. them stuff would let up. In Round 1, the Boys from Brazil were 8 for 8. Emilio Resende, in his 1st BFTS event, won Round #1 last night. This is the new kid on the block whose South American compatriots say we’re not going to get to know him very well because they’re sending him back─ he’s too good.


Markus Mariluch, who hasn’t been in on the BFTS tour since 2010.

Back from shoulder surgery, Skeeter Kingsolver resisted Wild Cherry’s efforts to get rid of him, for 84.25.


  • Marco Eguche was on Rainbow in Round 1, Motown Magic in Round 2, for 89, and rode Sue for 89.25. He won the short round─ that’s 5 round wins this season, and in 10 events has placed in the Top 5. “You never see any panic movements,” Ty said about him. “He’s so controlled. He knows he has the mechanics; he doesn’t have to think about it. He’s got it burnt into muscle memory.” Excellent analysis.

Craig, on the other hand, was totally off base, saying Eguche is a combo of Alves and Nunes. Windex your eyeballs, man! Eguche is so calm, he makes Alves look antsy. His style is very centered, solid core, focused, workmanlike: think Robson Palermo, Adriano Moraes.

  • Party All the Time bucked off Palermo in Detroit. Bad idea. “That bull buck me off two times. I was pretty mad…and I told those guys I was going to pick him,” Robson said. The bull was getting nutty in the chute, butting his head up under the metal flap at the top like he was trying to smash it up into the air, but it didn’t scare Robson, who showed his excellent form and scored 89.75.
  • Silvano Alves made Dark Shadow look like a smooth, easy ride. 86.50
  • A Girl Scouts ad showing females doing things—rock climbing, using a power drill, traveling…you know, like regular people.
  • Caleb Sanderson went back to the practice pen because “I was just plain sick o’ fallin off!” He admitted his father’s been telling him for a year to practice; he knew he was on the bubble, and a week of working out helped. His 87 on El Patron looked pretty damn confident. Then he rode Buckey for 91.75, and he was so happy, he flung his helmet into the stands. I’m hoping I didn’t really see a slap. The replay was from the opposite angle, though, which conveniently ducks that question.
  • Highway 12 delivered an unbelievable performance, sending Robson Palermo flying─ how often does that happen? I know this is at his expense, but I loved the moment when he grabbed the rope with both hands, the rest of his body in the air. Also loved seeing Jesse Byrne and Flint Rasmussen each put an arm around Robson like they do with American riders.
  • In spite of the chute vultures putting Alves on the clock, he conquered Back Bender for 87.75, making miraculous adjustments every time you thought he’d lose it.


The telestrator comparison of J.B. Mauney and Renato Nunes from last night was distressing. What made J.B. think he was done with that bull? He looked at the ground (in spite of Ty Murray talking to the monitor, telling Mauney not to)! J.B. ended up 0.75 seconds short of 8. Meanwhile, Renato fought to hang onto his bull’s side, doing exactly what J.B. used to do (shades of Code Blue). I’m Back got J.B. leaned back, and that was all she wrote. The end of his weekend.


  • “We still have 2/3 left of 2012.”─Hummer The Bummer. In other words, we’re only 1/3 into the season, and we’re trying to predict who’s going to win the World Championship.
  • Many different paths can be taken to a world championship, and they can be as different as a different person’s riding style.” YA THINK???
  • Actually this one is pretty hilarious: “You try to make it as simplistic as possible.”
  • “His expressionism in the chutes transferred once the gate is opened.” –The Bummer, flunking vocabulary again. Not sure if he was describing Luke Snyder or Jr. Bonner, unridden in 17 outs.
  • Blathering about Chris Shivers riding Damn Right for 87.50: “He didn’t need any catch-up—he had all the mustard and relish right there.” (Are ya calling Shivers a piece of meat?) GAG ME WITH A FRIGGIN’ LADLE!! “A ride is just a ride for Shivers, always looking forward,” bla bla bla. Huh? A ride is just a ride? Huh? What else would it be? Huh?


Austin Meier’s bull, PhiPhi’s Secret, was a merry go round. A beautiful ride in x-slo-mo, but does it count if Austin’s chest hit the bull and he slapped the bull maybe before the buzzer? Who knows. He was scored 86.50. You’d never know his riding hand is injured.


Jordan Hupp rode the ever-so-misnamed Hell Pony, for 83.25. That was like a practice bull. “A ton of timing,” Ty? Yeah, like a rocking chair.


It was a good thing Guilherme Marchi was off Express’s back and out of the way when the bull fell and rolled over on his side. Guilherme looked pretty unhappy about getting bucked off, but getting away unscathed? Priceless.


This time it was a rider that knocked down Frank Newsom─ Marco Eguche escaping from Jack Daniel’s After Party. Hope Marco didn’t break anything after his collision with Frank the Tank. (Now watch Hummer steal that one.)


  • The chute guys practically had to use a crowbar to get Fabiano Vieira a good seat on Buck Off. Despite looking like a goner a few times, Fabiano pulled off an 87.75 ride, then literally crawled onto the Shark Cage. Hope this takes him off the bubble; he shouldn’t be there!
  • Dakota Beck faced being cut this weekend, but rode New Face for 86.50. The bull’s post-ride comment: “Oops─ I waited too long to try a direction change.”


“Just got a little thirsty, went down in that well.” ─Ty’s description of what happened to Chase Outlaw on Bird Creek.


  • Hummer has dubbed Cord McCoy “the Smilin’ Redhead.” Pity the fool.
  • “The Brazilians have shown their Brazilliance in Glendale.” How long do you think Hummer’s had that one in the chamber?
  • Hummerblather about Silvano’s back-to-back wins: “The defending world champion not only inserts himself into the mix, but becomes prohibitively…” huh? Somebody get this guy a dictionary for Christmas, please.
  • After Silvano won the event, Leah asked how patient did he have to be on that bull. His answer: “Thank PBR, thank fans, thank my sponsor, thank my family…” I believe he was quoting from the rider (no pun intended) the cowboys sign when they join the PBR. He threw a few other thanks in there, but I need a translator.


  • So far the judges have kept 90-point rides away from Palermo and Eguche, who clearly deserved them. Betcha they were waiting for Shivers to ride.
  • Ty Pozzobon was matched with Tapout. Ty Murray talked about the other Ty’s confidence issue, saying he was looking like he knew the ride was over before it was over. The Booth Boys talked about what’s he’s not getting done lately—well, if the PBR had let Pozzobon ride in the Houston event, he’d be getting it done. This command appearance might’ve rattled his cage, doncha think?
  • Valdiron de Oliveira was in the chute on Water Canal, and the Booth Boys were blabbing on about Chris Shivers. Would the situation ever be reversed? I doubt it. Shivers gets the respect he deserves. Valdiron does not. Why was his score only an 83?
  • We made it through 1 ½ hours of the broadcast, and I thought we were going to be Mow’ Ho’ free, when there she was, faking her lines. Ugh.


“Sean Willingham is living the nightmare at the moment: a dozen buckoffs coming into the weekend,” said The Booth. He’s been in 229 consecutive events, which is a record streak. But he ain’t bulletproof. His left wrist has a plate with 9 screws in it; Sean said it was the most painful surgery he’s ever had. “This bull’s got a bit of an attitude,” Shorty Gorham described Bulletproof, “…he’s a real mean bull.” The outcome was so close! I thought Sean might have made it, but the judges called it as 7.67. “I tried my best,” Sean said. “That bull’s kinda terrible wild.” Awful to hear: Next weekend, he’s in the minor leagues, trying to earn his way back. He sure looked distressed.


Dakota Beck was the victim of a case of mistaken identity about his bull, Shepherd Hills Trapper, who has dumped 10 of his last 12 cowboys.  Asking about the bull, Dakota was told, “Just stick your chest out…” As he prepped, we could hear guys talking in the chute, which would be the time for “He’s wired, let’s listen in,” but instead, Hummer was yammering along about nothing. That bull did some serious pretzel twisting; just call him Gumby. Beck challenged because he was yanked back as the bull came out of the gate; he said his spur hung in the chute. But he had nodded, so he ended up with no score. Dare I say (I do dare), wonder what would’ve happened to a big-shot rider in the same situation?


Debut bull Mega Ton stumbled, which threw off his timing and ended Jory Markiss’s ride at 5.9. He wagged his finger at the bull for that little trick, but Jory’s always full of try: “Gonna come back and get ‘im, next time.”


Extreme Slow Motion footage of Shepherd Hills Trapper in action was spectacular. He came out of the chute, sliding his head down along the dirt, pushing off with a front leg, then jumped up, rolled to the left (“Talk about allemande left!” Dancin’ Ty said), and jumped back up. Bye bye Eguche, and that’s not easy to say.

Rock & Roll is unridden on the BFTS: 12 straight buckoffs. In the middle of 4 long jumps, while his back legs were still in the air he did an amazing hop on his front legs, much to Austin Meier’s dismay.


  • The “Scouting Report,” where a box onscreen tells TV viewers “the book on the bull.”
  • Emilio Resende came in #8 for the weekend, with a round win and a top 10 result. Ty talked about seeing his first ride, from up in the stands: “and I thought, holy–” there was the slightest of hesitations before he remembered we’re supposed to believe cowboys don’t swear, “─cow! This guy is the real deal!”

There are now 5 Killer Bees chasing J.B. Mauney in the standings.

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