Since my April 1 post about Albuquerque, in which I expressed my opinion about killing wild animals, each time I post, I receive a robot message from “GunRightsAttorneys” and “LesleyCarter,” in an attempt to intimidate me because my opinion differs from their “cause.” I have been treating these as Spam.

If the messages really are from such an organization, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Obviously you wouldn’t make direct threats, but have no qualms about sending spam. If the messages are from an individual posing as a representative of a legitimate organization, you obviously don’t recognize the Constitutional principle of free speech, and/or are just an angry freak, and that organization needs to get on your ass.

Either way, knock it off, or there will be legal consequences.


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  1. S. says:

    I guess I missed the part where you said that no one should ever have a gun for any reason. Apparently these special “lawyers” are good at finding the secret message behind the actual stated words, and want gun rights but not freedom of speech rights?


    • I think I missed that part, too. Well, certain types of people see only what they want to see, and conveniently ignore Constitutional rights. Frankly, freedom of speech is more important than “the right to bear arms,” which actually was written in there because in 1776, colonists were being shot at from all sides. Those types of people don’t usually study history.


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