Apr 23

Justin McKee Joins Xtreme Bulls Broadcast Team

By Sarah Wyland |Great American Country

GAC’s ‘INSIDE THE WNFR’ hosts Suzanne Alexander and Justin McKee catch up with Trace Adkins at the 2011 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Justin McKee will join the Xtreme Bulls broadcast team beginning with the Ft. Mojave Classic, which will be broadcast on GAC April 24 at 10/9 p.m. CT. Justin, a long-time TV personality, will join as the fourth member of the team, which includes veteran TV host Dan Miller, 8-time World Champion Bull Rider Don Gay and GAC’s own Suzanne Alexander.

This won’t be the first time Justin and Suzanne have worked together. Justin was Suzanne’s co-host on GAC’s Inside the WNFR pre-show, which aired before the 2011 live telecast of the WNFR. A PRCA announcer since 1993, Justin will be both on-air and in the arena, including announcing duties at Wrangler Million Dollar Gold Tour events in St. Paul, OR, Cheyenne, WY and Ellensburg, WA.

“I’m extremely excited to be joining the Xtreme Bulls team on GAC” Justin said. “Working with the great committees in this Association as an announcer is a blessing, and being able to showcase the bull riders, livestock and committees that make up the division 1 XBulls tour is icing on the cake.”

“GAC has proven to be a terrific partner for the coverage of PRCA ProRodeo and the addition of Justin McKee will only enhance our fans’ viewing experience.” PRCA Commissioner Karl Stressman said. “I firmly believe the talented team assembled is the best in the business and its great our fans get to know and enjoy them year-round as we follow the road to the Wrangler NFR.”

When Justin isn’t in the announcer’s booth, he’s an avid steer roper and heads up his family cattle operation in Lenapah, Oklahoma, raising and training pure-bred bucking stock, quarter horses and beef cattle.

The PRCA Extreme Bulls Tour provides ProRodeo fans with a national schedule that brings PRCA bull riding to millions of fans. GAC will broadcast coverage from the PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour events, including the Tour Finale in Ellensburg, Washington, on Tuesdays from 10-11:30 PM/ET. GAC is offered on Ch. 165 on DISH Network and on Ch. 326 on DIRECTV.


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  1. memomuse says:

    Where can I watch it if I don’t have cable? I have internet access. Is it on at a regular time each week? I could get my mother-in-law to record it for me. We don’t have regular TV either.


  2. saraht says:

    Tuff Hederman had his face smashed by Bodacious. The bull’s last victim however, was a bull rider by the name of Scott Breding. Scott tried wearing a hockey mask but was knocked out anyhow. (He’s the one in the video above) The bull riders finally cried “uncle” and Bodacious was retired the next day. 🙂

    A couple of other fun facts about Bodacious:
    Alternative rock band Primus dedicated a song to the bull in their 1999 album Antipop. The song is called Ballad of Bodacious. You can listen to it on iTunes.
    Also, Austrian ski company Blizzard Ski named their big mountain ski after the bull.


  3. memomuse says:

    Also, I love Justin McKee – he is great at the Daddy! What a great voice and personality!


  4. memomuse says:

    How do you subscribe to your blog posts via email? I can’t find any sign-up. Love this blog. You got any posts coming out about JB riding?


    • Hi, welcome–

      I’m not sure how to subscribe by email, but it might have something to do with RSS Feeds. I can look into it and email you back in a day or so.

      If J.B. shows up at the Mohegan Sun event this weekend, I’ll definitely have something to say– I’ll be at the championship round on Sunday. (I’m assuming he’ll make it that far– maybe I shouldn’t.)


      • memomuse says:

        I’m cheering for the NC cowboys!


      • memomuse says:

        Terror is not even the word! Give me shivers just watching the video. Is Terry Don West the one who had both his eye sockets shattered?

        It’s funny how most people (who do the most complaining about rodeo being a cruel sport) absolutely have no idea about the relationship between cowboys, animals, and land. It goes beyond the arena — it’s in the heart, the mind, the spirit. It’s the cowboy way. It sounds cheesy just saying it, but when you sit down with these cowboys, they are so down-to-earth, and passionate about their love and respect for animals.


      • I think it actually was Tuff Hedeman who had his face smashed up and reconstructed, courtesy of Bodacious.


    • I think I figured it out. I put a Widget on the front page of my blog, in the side bar on the right. It’s a button that says Follow. After that, you’re on your own– I’m so techno-challenged!


  5. S. says:

    I am having trouble imagining Don Gay and Justin McKee in the same booth, but even if it gets really cheesy or over-the-top, it’s got to be better than the empty blather combined with droning or nit-picking that we have now.


    • Tough choice: cheesy and OTT, vs. blather and drone. At this point, I think some cheese would actually be refreshing. At least I won’t get a Hummer Headache every week. I’m really looking forward to the McKeeisms.


  6. Cindy says:

    This is WONDERFUL news!! We coud hardly stand to watch the sleazy PBR telecasts anymore. We were only doing it to watch Chris Shivers’ last year, but since it moved off of Versus, we would now have to pay to watch, which we REFUSE to do! GAC is included in our Time Warner package, so we’ll have new easier, more family-friendly bull riding competition to watch! If PBR truly wanted to keep their longtime faithful fans, they would quit ruining it and put it on another free channel or one that is sleaze free, like RFD.


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