Indianapolis – April 15 weekend


  • Loved the clip of Asteroid practically standing on his head, making his rider do a forward flip. 11 straight buckoffs for the upstart contender─ top bull in this event.

The late Howard Talley talking about Asteroid:  “When he goes in that bucking chute, he means business. The scratchin’s over.”

Cord McCoy: “There’ll be one guy riding him, and there’ll be 39 other riders peeking over the chute watching him.”

Hummer called Asteroid “the center of the bull universe.” Well, here’s the thing, Hummer: an asteroid is never the center of anything. Look it up in the dictionary. If you’re gonna make what you think are clever remarks, first make sure they’re clever.

  • And then there’s Bushwacker. “He’s the little guy, he’s the underdog.” Ty Murray’s quote: “At first I thought he was a one-trick pony, but now we’re seeing his smarts. That’s what’s taking him over the top.”
  • Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done is now 1 for 17.
  • Smackdown’s scores have been over 45 for a year. Props to Ty Pozzobon for making it to nearly 7 seconds as the bull was swapping ends so hard that those ends were almost overlapping! 46 for Smackdown.
  • King Lopez’s big, emphatic moves made short work of Jordan Hupp; the King is now 1 for 10.
  • Shamoun flipped Austin Meier into the air and the Okie flew away. That was the bull’s 17th buckoff.
  • Dickies Pick of the Pen: Delco, who’s been drop-kicking cowboys, except for Chris Shivers and Renato Nunes. I saw Renato do it in New York for 91.50 points: a serious highlight.
  • Highway 12, one of the 100 toughest bulls in PBR history, has kicked 13 consecutive cowboy butts. His big, strong, moves away from his hand downed Marco Eguche.


“The pendulum has to swing just one way.” Hummer, what on earth does that mean?

“One of the neat things about this sport is that you always hear about athletes dealing with injuries…” Neat?


  • Ty Murray’s analogy of “having the book on the bull,” which as we all know is sometimes worth doodleysquat: “It’s like the offense telling the defense what the play is going to be, and them still not being able to convert.”
  • “Renato riding on the back of his arm, he makes bulls think they’re winning, but he’s definitely got the upper hand.” ─Shorty.
  • Double points “has got ‘em all frothing at the mouth,” says Ty.


Douglas Duncan will decide about having hip surgery, maybe sit out for May, then come back after the break. Didn’t look like his hips were hurting─ he won the 15/15 Bucking Battle on Bad Blake, with a 90.75. His answer to Leah about how his hips are feeling: “Our job’s fun no matter what, but it’s a whole lot funner when you win.” He talked about everyone having injuries, but being quiet about it: “You just put that cowboy hat and go about business.”


The billing-above-the-title preview comments heading into commercial breaks: “Still to come: Luke Snyder, matched up with the riders’ favorite bull, RMEF Gunpowder & Lead.” Too much like watching 3 effin’ hours of the Grammy Awards as they keep teasing you with, “Still to come: Aretha Franklin…”


Ross Coleman’s two little boys in cowboy gear slapping five with Luke Snyder. Dad teaches the kids to rope a plastic animal, and he’s a soccer coach. Uh, but this was supposed to be A Day in the Life of Ross Coleman & Family─ where’s Mom?


  • RMEF Gunpowder & Lead has been ridden 12 times for 90 points, but Luke swung left too far, beating the bull around—and then there was that centrifugal force… Poor dejected Luke, with his head in his hands.
  • After Nunes handled Delco’s dramatic low swoop just out of the chute without falling over the front end, I thought he had it made, but he got a little wild, and the bull got away in 6. DANG!


The film clip of Cord and Sara McCoy & their animals─ and Cord’s appreciation of Sara: “It’s so cool that my wife is a cowgirl. It’s nice to know that if a cow’s having trouble having a calf, or a fence needs fixing… she can take care of it.”


Nice to hear Denis Leary shilling for the Ford F-1 again. “Class dismissed, baby!”

“The number of rides is very Chris Shiversesque,” blathered Hummer about Nunes. Not exactly, Hummer, because Renato doesn’t have surprise rides discovered and handed to him, and he doesn’t get away with slaps or 7-second rides.

The female voiceover is getting dangerously close to that smarmy ‘ho voice the PBR previously use for promo spots. This one is trying to put emphasis and excitement into the copy, but doesn’t know how to do it without verging on cliché “sultry.” Pray that this doesn’t go in that direction.

Silvano Alves is now #4 in the world standings, despite being bucked off 7 in a row (I know─ shocking). Bummerblather: “I’ve started to call him The Chameleon, Ty. He’s like a mutant Xman who’s able to morph himself into any kind of rider…” AACK! I feel another ridiculous manufactured nickname coming on! God, please don’t start calling anyone anything, Hummer—I can’t stand it anymore!

Déjà vu: again a judge is hassling de Oliveira to get out of the chute. Valdiron made it to 5.29 on Asteroid, who was scored 46.75. When the bull gets that vertical, it looks like’s about to do a somersault.


Silvano’s sure thing on Mulligan Man ended at either 7.69 or 7.85 seconds. Why the F is there a difference between the two clocks? That’s bizarre and disturbing. It can be the difference between making 8 and not, and can throw the win to someone who might not actually have made 8. Or, is that the purpose?



Showing J.B. Mauney’s wreck in Kansas City, when the bull stepped on the middle of his back. This is to prove how exciting! dramatic! And dangerous! BULL RIDING! Is! Not to mention that the soundtrack accompanying the clips was a total cliché.


Ty made a good point: coming back from surgery after a long time off, you have to re-train your brain. It’s been protecting the injury all along, and you have to trick your brain.


Colored by Arctic’s big ol’ skunk stripe down his back.

Ty put the PBR’s 20th Anniversary in perspective: “It was just a dream to us guys. It was a pipe dream, that a world champion could win a million-dollar bonus.” Here’s the perspective part: Shorty Gorham was in high school, and Jesse Byrne was in diapers.


The hilarious promo from the bull’s P.O.V., so pissed off that these guys think they can ride him: “I’m a bull!”


Guilherme Marchi’s 86-point ride on Tight Rope looked like a walk in the park─ a long one, for 12 seconds─ then he stepped off on his feet. The Chief Asshole’s comment: “Marchi is one of those guys that rides that wave of emotion.”

RFD-HD started bucking in the chute, so natch the judges were telling Renato Nunes to get out. That back flip off the bull was worth 86.50 on its own.

Flashpoint was kneeling in the chute, got up, sat down, got up (“Stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!”), and Chase Outlaw scored 85.25.

This was Billy Robinson’s second BFTS event of his life, and Uno made it memorable. Billy hung up for a while; all three bullfighters converged to distract the bull, and when his hand finally came out of the rope, one of them tossed him to the side—he got thrown against the gate, that’s how strong these guys are.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey kicked the hell out of the out gate, crashed against it, kicked it open and nearly crushed the gate man, but Austin Meier miraculously didn’t go flying—anybody else woulda let go—and as Ty pointed out, the bull didn’t exit when he could have; he kept bucking. Guess it was more important to show Meier who’s boss than to knock off work and scram for the day.

Emilio Resende was definitely riding Panther toward 8, when the direction change started to pry him loose. By the end of the ride Emilio was so far back you couldn’t tell if he made the buzzer, but the replay showed he still had the last inch of rope in his hand, so they scored him. It was only 79, but I’m shocked that the judges actually saw the reality. On the other hand, maybe the strategy was to avoid the possibility of a re-ride that might bring in a higher score.


The crowd was shockingly quiet while Valdiron rode Cooper Tires How We Roll—even the Brazilians weren’t hooting. A truly awesome ride, for 87.75. “Made him look like a practice ride,” Ty said.


After being out for a week with a hamstring injury, Ryan McConnel’s got his red and black hat back on again, and it worked. He rode Bone Handle for 84.50. Ty thinks it’s the injury taking his mind off the overthinking stuff. I say it’s the hat, and I’ve been saying it for a year. He looked like his old strong self.

Superbad bucked Robson Palermo all the way across the arena; I didn’t see any spin, but they scored him 83.50 instead of giving him a reride. See, this way they can avoid what happened when Robson had a re-ride in Detroit: he scored 87.50.

What a pleasure─ 8 seconds of silence while Silvano Alves rode Express!  He still gives boring interviews, but the charming smile makes up for it. Those braces did the job.

Why did de Oliveira get only 83 for his ride on Spring Time? Are we all hatin’ on Valdiron now ‘cause he’s #1 again? Scoring him low so he won’t surge too far ahead of J.B. Mauney in points, and J.B. will be able to catch up when he comes back?

The chute guy put Emilio Resende on the clock right away─ are they adding him to the list of Brazilians to hassle? They were telling Marchi to go, when he was still getting his hand in the rope on Red Man. And nyah, nyah, Marchi scored 87.75 anyway.


  • Hummer said Chase Outlaw had a very “Shiveresque look to his ride.” Craig, I’m beggin’ ya, knock it off! English is not your first language. First of all, Chris’s last name is Shivers, not Shiver. So if you’re gonna invent idiotic words, it’d have to be Shiversesque. Doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue. Merde usually doesn’t.
  • “Express just ran into the freight train named Silvano Alves.”


Kody Lostroh’s ride on Cracker Jack looked close, but the replay showed 7.9 seconds.  A valiant effort, like the Lostroh we used to see.


“Fabiano couldn’t have rode him any better.”—Ty Murray.


Cody Nance was sporting a yellow leather vest, maroon shirt, Hannibal Lecter face cage, white hat, and orange neckerchief. What can I say? He’s a fashion god.


  • Markus Mariluch was a substitute, but the poor thing got Rango. In less than two seconds, Markus was practically doing a headstand in the dirt.
  • “That looks like a big, mean animal,” Ty said about Big Spread, who chased the bullfighters and sent them up onto the fence. An’ I’ll bet Ty was laughing.


Motown Magic is one of my faves: love the exploding entrance, big leaps, lots of hang time. It was unbelievable how he blew Silvano into a bobble on his back, banged him against the fence, and catapulted him across the dirt. (Sorry, Silvano.)


I’ve never seen a bull buck backwards, but Grey Squirrel did it to Ryan McConnel. Early in the ride, the bull bonked his head on the chute gate and literally backed up, still jumping—that is SMARTS. One for the highlight reel. Unfortunately Ryan got stepped on and had to be escorted to Sports Medicine.


Fabiano Vieira rode Who Dat more than 8, and won his 1st event with an 88.50. Ty called his style “Renato Nunesesque.” (AAGGHH! He’s caught the Hummer disease.) Vieira looked a little shell-shocked. The gist of his post-win interview: “All I can do is ask God to give me the strength to ride these bulls and win these events.”

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