The intro was a melodramatic voiceover by a CBS voice, but at least the horrible song wasn’t up front, and the shoutin’ hillbilly didn’t make an appearance at all. Maybe CBS told them it’s not classy (DUH). The song did show up late in the broadcast, though.


I like the little “book on the bull” box onscreen; they should adopt that for all events. 7 of 2011’s top buckers were in the lineup. Shorty predicted the 4-legged athletes would win, and there’d be only 2 rides.


Asteroid has been 16 for 17 since Pueblo 2011. This was Luke Snyder’s first time on him. He told Leah he’s got his “lucky britches” on. Poor deluded boy.

Asteroid’s trip: hooves skyward—you actually could see the clefts– then extending his kicks so hard and fast, he reminded me of a fighter throwing a flurry of punches. Leah Garcia asked Luke to describe the first jump. “I wasn’t on him long enough to describe it. I gotta give it up to these bull riding helmets; I got hit pretty hard…” Luke recommends helmets for young up-and-coming riders.


Robson Palermo is world #16 after riding in only 8 events this season. Perfect Poison is 1 for 16. (Fabiano Vieira rode him in last year’s Finals). At 1.51, the clock stopped for a touch. The review showed the bull’s head come up and hit Robson’s arm, and the horn come up and hit his face; it was impossible for Palermo’s hand not to contact the bull’s head. He kept riding for 8 seconds, though, with blood streaming from his nose. Judging from the replay, I woulda scored him. What’s a rider supposed to do if the bull touches him, and not vice versa? Put an American accent on that rider; what would his score be?


Ty Murray thinks Rango, ridden only 10% of the time, is Asteroid Lite. Stormy Wing might have the same feeling. He was so close: 7.27 seconds! That bull is a handful.


Train Wreck bobbled in the chute, hit Ryan Dirteater’s head against it a couple of times, and knocked off his helmet, definitely ringing Ryan’s bell; Dr. Tandy Freeman walked him off the dirt. Ryan was offered a reride, but was smart enough to turn it down.


I don’t know why High Octane Hurricane is considered one of the least difficult bulls in this competition; he beat Renato Nunes in last year’s Finals. Or maybe that’s the fake book on the bull. (Musicians will get that one.) HOH has serious power; this time he yanked Nunes around, threw in a belly roll on the turn, flinging Renato out the back door.


So far, the bulls are winning. The hard dirt is helping the bulls and hurting the riders. Says Craig: “Shorty, you’re looking very smart at the moment.” Shorty shoots back, “How much money am I winning, Craig?” I gotta say, Shorty’s mind is as fast as his reflexes. I see a second career in late night television.

Cody Lambert said today’s pen will get the best of the riders. He wasn’t kidding: Robson has nasal fractures and possibly a broken jaw. Austin hit his knee, and Ryan Dirteater has a concussion. And yet Cody thought Ryan and L.J. Jenkins would ride.

Mulligan Man added Fabiano to his list of 11 straight buckoffs, and made it look like Vieira couldn’t wait to fly off his back.

“Atlas vs. Hercules” was Craig Hummer’s taken on the Austin Meier/Buckey matchup. Muscles vs. muscles. Buckey’s career stats: 5/20 His back is 2 feet across, Ty says; “It’s like settin’ on a table.” Buckey yanked the tablecloth from under Austin, who had a hard landing, and another trip to Sports Medicine.

Quiet Riot’s a cagey bull—he outsmarted Mike Lee, who anticipated what he thought the bull was about to do. Bucking machine-type bulls you can predict; not this one. When the bull felt Lee try to beat him around the corner, he switched directions on a dime. Big contrast from the docile animal poking his muzzle out between the chute rails to peek at what was happening in the arena.


Ty calls bull riding “a violent chess game.” I’m picturing that scene in a Harry Potter movie where Ron gets blasted by some hideous force in a game of “Wizard’s Chess.”


Last week’s KO gave Guilherme Marchi a concussion. It’s ridiculous that he’s back this week—without a helmet!! especially when he’s taking on Rock & Roll. Hummer again called the bull a Rubix cube nobody’s been able to figure out. Marchi rocked and rolled off halfway through, landing on his riding hand; I almost said, Serves ya right, ya loon.


I thought L.J. could ride Palm Springs, the #1 PRCA bull. My bad! But L.J. knew he was beaten fairly; he even was smiling after the buckoff.


“The golden opportunity does not lay an egg—and could produce huge dividends.” Poor Craig! He has some kind of cliché-dyslexia that kicks in when he gets excited. This time his wires got crossed between the Golden Goose that laid the golden egg, and a bank, because Silvano Alves conquered Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey (17% ridden), for 90.25. Alves made him look like a newbie, landed on his feet, smiling, and whooped—I think that’s a first. It was also the first time a Bucking Battle featured only one ride. And hallelujah– the PBR sprang for the translator. I’m glad Alves spoke Portuguese, so we got somewhat coherent quotes, rather than when he rambles in not-quite-English.

Cody Lambert didn’t need a translator for his interview: “What were you thinking, putting together some of the toughest bulls?” “Well, that’s the idea… the bulls came through like they were supposed to, and Silvano came through like he’s supposed to.”

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5 Responses to PUEBLO 15/15 BUCKING BATTLE

  1. PBR fan says:

    This was my complete post to the PBR and their response. They , as you can see, never answered me back on my last post.

    Could someone explain to the fans about the new POSSEE plan and how it will affect the Live Event Center? Does it take the place of Team PBR? Thank you.
    Like · · Wednesday at 6:59am
    PBR Hi Becky – The PBR Posse is an all new fan club that gives members even more access to the sport through a dedicated online content portal (including certain parts of the Live Event Center). We have continued the benefits that fans say are most important, like reserved seating/early ticket purchases, post-event dirt access and exclusive rider and bull access. Click here to view all of the great benefits of PBR Posse: http://bit.ly/MrIePp.
    Wednesday at 10:13am · Like
    Becky Thompson Thank you for your answer. Someone told me that you will only be able to see the live stream of the LEC if you buy the $29 membership. Is that correct? If I would not purchase the $29 membership, what will I be able to see on LEC?
    Wednesday at 11:05am · Like
    PBR Live Event Center access is still free, however, as an added value to PBR Posse members, some pieces of the LEC are now premium content, namely detailed scoring, LIVE video and audio streaming, as well as LIVE photos.
    Wednesday at 11:47am · Like
    Becky Thompson What will I be able to access with the free membership on the LEC?
    Wednesday at 12:42pm · Like


  2. PBR fan says:

    PBR Live Event Center access is still free, however, as an added value to PBR Posse members, some pieces of the LEC are now premium content, namely detailed scoring, LIVE video and audio streaming, as well as LIVE photos.

    This is the answer that I got from my post on PBR facebook. So, basically, to watch the live streaming, you will have to pay for it. Too bad for the fans.


    • Let’s see if we can decode that:

      “Added Value” = “premium content” = the information they should provide to everyone in the first place. That would be how you get potential fans interested enough to buy tickets to events, and keep interest going during breaks and in areas where there are no PBR events.

      “Detailed scoring”? Does that mean they’re going to show us the math they use to ding the Brazilian riders, Keep Alves from climbing, and move LJ up in the standings?

      Live video and audio streaming are available on YouTube; are people going to have to start paying for that?

      Live photos by Bull Stock Media were always avilable on the LEC. Sometimes these photos and their captions were the only way viewers could find out about rides they missed during broadcast commercial breaks, bull names, and scores the TV commentators didn’t bother to announce because they were too busy blathering and horsing around with each other. In fact, Andy and his team are almost the only PBR people who haven’t pissed off bull riding fans for the past two years.

      In case the PBR hasn’t noticed (actually, they’re ignoring), anti-PPV sentiment is running about 99 to 1, and I’d bet that one person either a) has deep pockets, b) works for or is related to someone who works for the PBR, or c) all of the above.

      But you can always watch the CBR on Fox Sports or MSG Plus. They’re on “The Road to Cheyenne,” their finals event in July. Some of their young riders are pretty impressive.


  3. PBR fan says:

    Have you checked out the new “POSSEE” on the PBR site? Looks like you will have to pay to watch the live streaming on the LEC when is comes back in August. No more free watching the events (on the computer). Looks like Pay Per View $29.99 to watch the streaming. You can count me out!


    • I can’t even get the Possee thing to work properly. I keep going in circles: signing in, going to “Forums,” trying to start a new discussion to find out about the LEC, and being asked to sign in again. Ive done this about five times and am fed up.


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