Hobbs, New Mexico was the Cinch Tour’s first step on the road to Cheyenne in January, but was rebroadcast on June 2. Cinch winner will take home $100K. 

Wish I’d known that CBR events would be broadcast on MSG Plus. Everyone thought the carrier was Fox Sports Network, and we Cablevision customers were bummed that it doesn’t carry FSN. (We sent complaint emails to Fox, but you know how that goes.) A BullSister in Connecticut found out that CBR events would be on MSG Plus: for NY Cablevision customers, that’s channel 72. In Connecticut, it’s 88. This has been a public service message from yours truly.


  • 2011 CBR World Champion Clayton Foltyn was out for 6 weeks early this year.     
  • Ali Dee is the mini-Leah, but if you’re gonna be that perky, you need real questions to back up the perk. On the other hand, you rarely get real answers, to it’s a wash.


  • No grating theme song. In fact, “Unbelievabull,” by Gordon Magee and Michael A. Curtis, makes sense; even has lyrics about real bulls. Now that’s a bull riding song. Only problem: Randy Travis sounds awful.
  • Good montage of action clips, not hammering you over the head about danger.
  • A bull “out” list, just like a rider injury report.
  • At the end of the event, we see which contractors placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


Sometimes the commentators get so excited about the riders, they forget to tell us the bull’s name, and it’s onscreen only once briefly at the start of the ride, so if you don’t catch it fast, you’re S.O.L. Sometimes they don’t bother to tell us the score (it shows up only briefly). Here’s a concept (PBR take note): Help us know who’s on what─ keep the rider’s and bull’s name on the screen, and remember to say the score.


Until I can tell the difference between the guys’ voices, I will refer to all the commentators as “the announcers.”


Chon Miranda landed between Pray for Mercy and the chute, and became the dance floor. One announcer to the other: “Which hurts the worst, the front feet or the back feet?” Answer: “Well, they all weigh the same when you’re under them.” Chon got 85 for his pain.

Hector Cardona, who played pro football in Mexico, had to choose between studying medicine on a scholarship or riding bulls. “It was going to be a long hard career…,” he said about medicine. “I think I took the easy way.” Uh, but generally, your patients don’t throw you to the ground, try to stomp on you, and butt your ass across some hard ground.

Extra “money chops” got Tate Harris an 88, though Cowtown traveled a little. Is the CBR not as fussy as the PBR about “covering real estate”? I don’t mind it, if there’s still bucking and spinning.

Ardie Meier looked like he was on a practice bull when he rode Chili Hot Dog (I think) for 82.50.  Commentator: “I think it’s a bullriding law: the biggest guy has to get on the littlest bull, littlest guy has to get on the biggest bull.” And then PRCA Rookie of the Year 2011 Chandler Bownds, described as “not the biggest guy on the planet” almost conquered Captain Morgan, but lost his feet.

Cody Wood wore the helmet cam for his trip on Fire N Ice. The rider’s-eye view showed the back of the bull’s horns, then a blurry whirl, then dirt. Announcer: “If you’re a bullrider, that’s not the view you want to see.” Yeah─ it was followed by a bad landing on the back of his neck.

In the Final Round, Cody Dollins scored 87 on Dakota Magic Double Scoop for his first Cinch tour win, and said he’ll “hopefully do this for a living.”

Riled Up took it to Stetson Lewis, who’s an “Ultimate Fighter” in his spare time; Lewis fought back, refusing to be moved back on his arm. “Look at the rare” on him, was the book on Riled Up. 90 points and a big woo-hoo as the camera trailed Lewis down the hall to the locker room, where he was hooted, hollered and poked at.“These guys started the party down in the tunnel,” said one announcer.

Tuff Hedemann predicted a 92-point ride for Cody Teel on Cinch Red Label. Cody was SO close that the back judge gave it to him, along with an 89. Wonder what the clock really said; they don’t show it during rides. So Teel wins the big (literally) check: his 1st CBR Cinch event, his 1st win.


Horrible clip of Ardie Maier’s bad wreck last year, the bull crushing his face below his eye, and crashing down on his back.


Stetson Lewis, who rode One-Eyed Jack for 86.50, is so fashion-forward; I can’t even describe that thing on his head. The announcers’ take: “Scary helmet, but very good bull rider.” “You wear that helmet, people will get out of your way.” “Little kids will.” And when you’ve got McKennon Wimberly there as your wing man…


Cooper Kanngiesser is following in the follicles of the PBR riders. The word from the booth: “I think his message to the youngsters is ‘Fear the Beard.’”


Josh Barentine, who’s from Bayou Country, had to set aside bullriding for a while because of hurricane damage to his hometown, but you’d never know it from his 89.


Bull rider, rapper, braids escaping from his hat─ Craig Jackson’s a whole ‘nother kinda cowboy, with a wild style like Renato Nunes and Ben Jones. Haven’t heard his CD yet, so I can’t say anything about it.


  • A man talking about what sounds like a job ad, with accompanying videos: “Outdoor location. On the job stress. No hazard pay. Wrongful termination. (The clip shows a bull bucking off a rider.) “I love this job!”
  • CINCH ad: “Some people do their work in an 8-hour day. I do mine in 8 seconds.”
  • Ram 1500 truck ad: “Guts, Glory—RAM.”


Tyler Adrian rode Double Back for 86.50, then the bull stepped on him, ripped off his facemask, and knocked him out. (Guess that’s the bull doubling back.) Tyler was taken out on the backboard to the local hospital.


You’ve seen some of these at PBR Built Ford Tough Series events. CBR final round bulls are noticeably tougher than in the other rounds– I mean REALLY noticeably.

  • Black Ice: “That bull pulled some knives there in that ride.” Three times he tried pulling Cody Teel down over his head, who instead scored 89 points.
  • I’m A Bad Cat really is one: reversing the spin while moving forward.
  • Curly Bob has “A lot of down to him;” he took Nate Perry down. “That’s where Nate ends up: right on the dashboard.”
  • Moose Knuckle, back from injury after a couple of seasons out, and just as intense.
  • Wonder Boy wasn’t as predictable as most of the others; I like!
  • Bucking and dropping his head, aptly named Double Scoop delivers humpy leaps, bouncing off his feet.
  • Wipe Out, ridden once last year, is great to watch– real rank.

REALLY Young Guns

Trey Benton won the high school finals, and honestly looks like he’s in middle school, though he rode Directory Assistance for 87.50. Seriously─ he looks like a child. It’s a tossup as to who looks younger, Benton or Chandler Bownds. 


After Tyler Adrian’s wreck, he came back from the hospital with a borrowed helmet and face mask, saying that he was going to get on a bull in the short round. He didn’t look happy: “I’m here for the money; I might as well.” If riders could be on salary, or at least have their expenses covered, they’d have a chance to take care of their health for five minutes, rather than doubling their risk a.s.a.p.

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