CBR – Roto-Mix Dodge City Shootout

CBR – Roto-Mix Dodge City Shootout                                          March 17th, 2012 – rebroadcast June 24

There’s dueling bull riding on TV right now: during its summer break, the PBR Built Ford Tough Series is airing an hour-long highlight show on weekends, while the CBR is airing one rebroadcast from each month of their tour so far. The fans can only benefit!

Also interesting is  that several bulls who have worked Built Ford Tough Series events appear in nearly every CBR event, and it’s not because they’ve been demoted. Smart contractors, is more like it. Cody Lambert might wanna take a peek at Slip Knot: that bull did some dazzling major leaping and kicking.


  • Hector Cardona’s great ride on unridden Plumb Nuts, for 87.50. I like this guy.
  • Pray for Mercy gave bullfighter Brandon Loden a real bad uppercut—and considering Brandon’s 6’5”, that’s a mean reach this bull has!
  • Bullfighter Matt Baldwin got his money’s worth out of his bet that Aaron Pass would ride Lumberjack: Aaron scored 90.
  • Wish I could’ve caught the name of the bull who stopped on a dime at the end of 8 seconds. My suggestion: Quittin’ Time. I swear, the thought bubble over his head said, “Now what?” Pretty funny.
  • Big strong Hot Wire popped his rider up into the air, charged out of the arena, and was so mad, he charged back in and scared everyone on the dirt outta their skin—hired hands and bullfighters alike skittered up the fences.


Tate Harris and Bugle combined for a truly outrageous 92-point trip. Tate’s spectacular getoff might qualify him as a Flying Wallenda: the bull tossed him high and put serious spin on it; Tate rocketed into an airborne pirouette worthy of Ringling Brothers to clinch the win, bringing him up to #7 in the Cinch world standings. (Pedro Pedrero is still #1.)

Redneck took a bigtime stumble, went down, scrambled, but Robson Aragao rode him while the bull proceeded to do every crazy thing you could think of. Aragao just plain overpowered him. The score was 87.50, and the crowd, Robson, and I didn’t like it. Good thing there was no translator in that ring; Aragao is not shy about expressing himself. The bull’s performance cost him the win; Robson placed second.


Yep, the big strong guy with the coolest outfit in the PBR is now the guy with the coolest end-zone act in the CBR: a real Spiderman move after the ride. Robson made what I consider a 90-point ride on Little Eagle, but was scored 89. Did the judges delete a point or two for a bit of “overriding” at the end, when Spidey got very enthusiastic with his “money chops?” I wouldn’ta docked him for that. Come on; he’s just doing what any good rider would do: try for more.

It puzzles me that Tuff actually said, “I don’t know how to say his last name.” (Neither do any of the other guys.) How do they not check up on that stuff ahead of time? Especially with a rider who’s been around for a while and has such a distinguishing shtick? Guess Tuff doesn’t watch the PBR. But it’s definitely not “a-RA-go.” Try “A-ra-ga-ow.”


Different strokes for different folks: when Shorty Gorham makes his matchup picks, he usually hedges his bets, even with monsters like Asteroid or Bushwacker—there’s always that faint bit of hope for the cowboy, no matter how ridiculous the idea that anyone other than Valdiron, Nunes, or Mauney could ride those bulls. On the other hand, said a  CBR commentator, “Tuff [Hedeman] is a lot like Caesar: thumbs up or thumbs down.” Tuff is brutal, I have to say; the man pulls no punches. I guess when you’re a champ who’s been on the backs of some of the fiercest animals, you know who’s got the edge in a matchup.


One rider’s fate: “He ended up down in the well, and then below the well.” Ya hate when that happens. It’s smelly down there.


You think cowboys have funky names? Nothing beats this bull’s moniker: Amish Outrider.  Send in your comments on what you think is behind it. Funniest/cleverest explanations get a shout out in capital letters at the top of my next blog post.


  • Wrangler Dunda made an appearance, visiting from the Horizon Series. I just like the sound of that name. His bull Pounder did not; he was pogo-ing, seriously pounding the dirt; there’s no doubt why that bull has his name.
  • Tony Mendes, who will forever have a place in my heart because of those pretty green chaps and that charmer attitude, scored a stinky 73.50 in Round One, then redeemed himself in the Championship Round with an 89.50 on Restless Heart. When this guy is on, he’s on. And when he’s not, he’s stone cold. WTF, Tony??


During most of Cody Wood’s 89.50 ride on Thunder Down Under, his helmet cam was showing the top of the bull’s head and horns spinning to the right, but at the last second, Cody was so far back on his arm, said one commentator, “There should’ve been a bull in that picture, but there wasn’t.”


The CBR has riders of all colors. As far as I’ve seen, the PBR does not. That’s all I’m saying’– but you know what I’m sayin’.


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