This is so outrageous, I had to say it NOW. Tampa, Day 2: Chase Outlaw, who I happen to think is excellent and heading for greatness, gets extra special treatment by judges in what is possibly the most blatant example of judges’ favoritism yet– and that’s saying something.

In the Championship Round, Chase was given RMEF Gunpowder & Lead instead of Main Event– without explanation, at least to TV viewers. We all know Gunpowder & Lead is called “a money bull.”

He’s making a great ride, which would’ve merited a high score, when his hand slapped the fence– so clearly and so hard that the sign moved– for all to see. Two seconds later, after the bull was nowhere near the sign and had changed direction, he slapped the bull– clearly for all to see. McBride and Hummer also commented on it, confirming that touching the fence is against the rules. (We already know that touching the bull is a DQ.)

Of course everyone (including me) was disappointed by this happening during such a great ride, but that was the reality. It was a DQ. Chase challenged it, but obviously thought he didn’t have a prayer, since he took off running for the locker room, very upset. (And BTW, cameraperson: you suck for chasing after him when he felt that bad.)

And then the judges decide to give him a re-ride!! Since when are two slaps the qualification for a re-ride?? Have they EVER given a re-ride to ANYONE who slapped not only the bull, but also the fence? The judges tried to justify this by saying that the fence slap “caused” Chase to slap the bull! What absolute crap!! HELLO– the rule is, once you slap the fence, it doesn’t matter what happens after that– you’re done. In any case, the two incidents were completely unconnected.

The judges just couldn’t stand to have the Americans not come out on top– how would it look to have a Brazilian win the event, especially since all of them but Alves are the walking wounded? So they broke TWO rules to find a way to get Outlaw a score. They gave him a re-ride and another money bull, Party All the Time. The upshot: a good ride and 89 points for Chase.

And the Americans still didn’t win.

Let me make this absolutely clear: Chase is an excellent rider. But the fact is, he should have been DQ’d. There is NO excuse for the judges breaking two rules to give him a re-ride. It is just disgraceful, the lengths they’ll go to in giving Americans a leg up. Is bull riding a sport, or a popularity contest?

What do you think the odds would be on a Brazilian rider being allowed to get away with not just a big slap on a fence, but also slapping the bull, and being given a re-ride, instead of a DQ?

This is a new one for The Alternative Rule Book: the first slap caused the second! The judges have absolute contempt for the rules AND for those of us who expect them to abide by the rules. They have not only the gall to completely disregard the rules, but also the nerve to make up a crazy transparent excuse to justify the rule-breaking.

And I’ll bet these guys think they’re good people, and go to church on Sunday, and bla bla bla. How they can even look at themselves in the mirror is beyond me. This sport needs an independent commission to levy sanctions again this kind of illegal, rotten, disgraceful crap. Judges like them are making Americans look like lowdown, cheating, bad sports! They think they’re helping “the home team,” when they’re actually harming the PBR’s reputation and converting bull riding fans into fans of every other bull riding organization… and building even more support for the riders they’re treating shabbily.


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  1. closeobserver says:

    100% agreed!!! If they gave Chase a re-ride then they should’ve gave Fabiano a re-ride as well!! Both hit the fence but yet they DQ’d Fabiano…..something just isn’t right here! And another one I can’t understand, why do they allow Austin Mieir to have his spurs lodged in the ropes as it leaves the chutes???


  2. closeobserver says:

    100% agreed!!! I hate seeing the judges scoring the Brazilians below 85 on every qualified rides. While others get automatic 90’s!! I can’t recall when was the last time they gave Silvano 90+ points. Yup, Chase is a good rider but I don’t agree with him getting the re-ride after the slap on the fence. I knew he wasn’t going to get a score but we know the judges were rooting for an american to win. This really sucks….the judges are favoring riders!!!! While talking about judges, why do they keep letting Austin come out of the chutes with his spurs lodged into the rope!!!


    • anonymous says:

      My hat is off to Austin if he is coming out of the chutes with his spurs in his rope because he sure can get them out fast, as witnessed by the commercial showing his clean buckoffs. Even when he rides he gets off clean and my understanding is that one of the main problems with having spurs in the rope is you are in danger of being drug around when it comes to the dismount.


  3. PBR fan says:

    I was watching last night and I only heard the hassle, I believe, Silvano and “put him on the clock” while all of the Americans who take extra time are “just re-wrapping” because of the bull. Jus t not equal rules.


    • Yep, you heard the chute bully tell Silvano he had 30 seconds. A couple of (American) guys took so long, there was time for a commercial before the broadcast came back to them– and then they took a little more time. Note: advertising is sold in 30-second increments, as I recall. The rules are very bendy– and we know which way they bend.


  4. saraht says:

    Keith R Cartwright wrote on his Facebook page that Chris Shivers will not be in Greensboro or Philadelphia. He hasn’t decided about Columbus yet. My guess is that he will skip the rest of the regular season and show up at the Finals in Vegas. Aren’t there regulations regarding attendance at the PBR events…even for the elite riders? How can Chris miss all these events and still have enough points to compete in Vegas?


  5. S. says:

    But you see, Chase Outlaw is the new Chris Shivers. I have no idea where they got that from, but they’re all saying it now. It’s up there with Silvano not being able to ride Championship Round bulls, another one that somebody started and they’re all going to keep saying as if that will make it so.

    Maybe Fabiano should have gotten a re-ride for the bull making him slap his face on the fence, while they were at it.

    I do wonder if Justin McBride was just explaining things really badly, though. He’s not always the most articulate.


    • You are so right on the money! But no matter how goofed up McBride is, there’s no two ways about it: the judges broke two rules on behalf of Chris Shivers. I mean, Chase Outlaw.


      • S. says:

        I actually watched it on the LEC first and they didn’t even try to explain it there, so I was prepared to be annoyed.

        Chase Outlaw seems like a talented kid, but the need to make him the next Chris Shivers isn’t fair to him, or Chris Shivers.

        I was convinced they were going to score Guilherme 0.25 under what he needed to win on his last ride, but I was happy that didn’t happen. And I’m taking what happiness I can after the dreadful array of injuries on display this weekend.


      • Yeah– now they’ll have to figure out how to give Chase 100 90+ rides. And you just know the judges are going to do their damnedest to get Chris to that 100 mark before the end of the Finals. The poor guy looks pooped as it is. I bet he can’t wait until he doesn’t have to be Superman any more.

        You and me both– I was yelling at the TV that if they underscored Guilherme I was going to explode. I guess the judges knew it was worth at least 87, and it would be beyond obvious if they did that to him right after what they did for Chase. But never fear– they still have plenty of opportunities to ding the Brazilians. Notice how now matter which bull or how well Silvano rides, they keep scoring him in the 84.50 range?


      • S. says:

        Actually, now that I think about it, I think they mumbled something on the LEC about the bull kicking the chutes changing the trajectory of the ride, so that’s why Chase was getting a re-ride. The slap thing didn’t come up at all. I’m not sure how he would have avoided slapping the chute since the bull plowed him into it, so maybe this is one of those “the bull hit the rider,” or, in this case, “the fence hit the rider.” I don’t know, though, their rules are Byzantine.

        Chris Shivers clearly loves the PBR and appreciates what it has done for him, but it’s got to be tiring to be canonized and have them pump up expectations every time the poor guy shows up to do his job.

        Ah, see, Silvano doesn’t have “flash.” Never mind he is so sticky that it defies logic, he doesn’t flail his arm around enough, I guess. Oh well, he’ll probably be laughing all the way to another championship. Or, poker-facing it, anyway. 😉


      • They really are creative when it comes to slinging the bull. How many times have we all seen a bull nick various parts of himself against a fence or stumble and scramble on the ground, and nobody says a damned thing about those events “changing the trajectory of the ride.” The rider is supposed to handle whatever the bull does, short of rearing up and going over backwards to fall down on him. THAT would be what I call “changing the trajectory of the ride.” If their rule really existed, it would mean that all the bulls had to go in a predicted pattern, or else the riders would get re-rides. Come to think of it, doesn’t a direction change or reversing the spin “change the trajectory of the ride”?

        No matter which way you slice it, the judges are breaking the rules and cheating. It’s disgusting. And they actually think they can tell us anything and we’ll believe it. The PBR is sadly underestimating its audience.


      • Almost forgot– how many times have we heard the commentators say that “Silvano makes it look easy”? The judges apparently are confused: just because Alves makes it LOOK easy doesn’t make it so. I guess if he made a bigger fuss with a lot of grunting, they’d think he should get more points. So basically, Silvano’s being penalized for being a great (and Brazilian) bull rider.


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