Greensboro 15/15 Bucking Battle


This was Chicken on a Chain’s last appearance… except that Jeff Robinson said if he performs well, he’ll go to the Finals. Great compliment he paid the bull: “He’s the cornerstone of my program. Without him, no doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

However, it was most indelicate to mention Chicken’s one-ton weight  compared to the sylph-like Asteroid, who according to Ty Murray weighs in below 1400 lbs. Of course on the PBR website, they quote his weight as the generic 1500. Well, at that size, what’s 100 lbs. either way?

Chicken seemed tired under Harve Stewart, but the judges scored them 88 for old times’ sake, apparently; even Robinson admitted it wasn’t Chicken’s best out, “but I guess it’s about as good as a 12-year-old bull can do.” On the replay, the stupid camera focused on what we could see of Jeff’s face—hat and mustache—instead of Harve’s get-off, which apparently shook him up a bit. Hummer kept insisting on Robinson’s emotional reaction—do they really think he’s gonna let an arena full of people see it? He’s a cowboy, for god’s sake!


The Built Ford Tough Invasion visited Tom Teague and Bones at home, and the guys chatted about the sport. “If you can have a 90-point ride, I’m the happiest guy in the world,” Teague said. “It’s not so much about bucking a 4-year old bull, it’s more about conditioning them. I want them to be good bulls that you can go out and win on.” Ain’t that nice?


Last weekend the bovines pitched a shut-out; for the past two Bucking Battles they’ve been 29/1. “The guys have a chip on their shoulder from last week,” Ty said. He thinks the bulls are handling the wear and tear of the season better than the cowboys. Only Silvano rode in the 15/15 battles. Oh yeah, but according to Craig Bummer, he “hasn’t been able to convert on top level bulls.”

  • David’s Dream has huge moves; Cody Nance, replacing Robson Palermo (as if), is lucky the bull’s rear end can swing so far out, or the hind hooves would’ve stomped on his middle as he lay on the ground.
  • Is it just me, or does Rango have a cranky face?
  • Shamoun is unridden, with 21 straight buckoffs on the BFTS tour.


  • One explosion from Asteroid, and Renato backflipped—not voluntarily. He landed on the back of his head, then got grazed by a hind hoof. That bull was still bucking in the out gate. Renato was laughing about his game plan being shot to hell right away: “He bucked harder than I think he’s gonna do!” Then they offered him a re-ride because Asteroid hipped himself coming out of the chute. If I were Nunes, I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


Mulligan Man making Ben Jones his 18th buckoff (and the second time he’s done it to Ben) made him mad; Ben did some fence-banging afterward. His evil twin may be lurking just under the surface.


“One of our young guns and our home-run hitters.”—Craig, who still refuses to see that Stormy Wing is not consistent.


  • “Chase was going about 100 mph and the bull was doing 90.” – Ty Murray, on why Meat Hook was able to get rid of Outlaw.
  • Ty’s take on Shepherd Hills Trapper: “This bull is like Barry Sanders. Pay attention to his front legs and watch how hard he cuts to the left, and then pushes off from the ground… This bull continues to give people fits.” I gotta admit, the slow motion replay was amazing—the bull was at a 45-degree angle to the ground. Wouldn’t ya love it if someday a sportscaster compared Sanders to the bull? “This guy is like that bull Shepherd Hills Trapper. Watch how he pushes off with his legs and watch how hard he cuts to the left, and then pushes off from the ground…”
  • Good one, Craig: “Every time, Highway 12 has used Luke as a speed bump.”
  • “His default setting is true grit,” Craig Hummer said about Austin Meier— but yay! finally he also mentioned Austin’s technique!


Can anyone untangle this Hummerblather gem? “Asteroid is the lunch-pail bull of the PBR.”


The Wrangler ad starring Trevor Brazile in action.


Marco Eguche, in spite of his screwed-up hand, took Pawnbroker for “a perfect ride and a fantastic dismount, right on his feet,” Ty enthused. He was scored 89.25, squeaking him just .25 ahead of Stewart. That’s a miracle, but awww, come on, give the kid a 90! Nope; the judges prefer to reserve numbers like that for riders who have initials, not names. Maybe one of the Brazilians needs to start referring to himself as SA? would that help? Or Adriano needs to find someone south of the border who goes by initials.


Douglas Duncan was in for Valdiron, trying on Quiet Riot. Well, that didn’t work, but I love how Shorty flung Duncan out of harm’s way. Ty: “Shorty does a great job of reminding Douglas Duncan that he has to get out of there and out of the arena, no matter how disgusted he is with himself.”


“Sometimes it seems JB is one of the superheroes of this sport. You expect him to wear a cape…” Maybe for Halloween, Craig can be Robin to Mauney’s Batman.

And then in a couple of seconds, “…he did his Gumby impersonation.” Not only did JB come off the right side of Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-r-Done, but then the bull, still bucking, also gave him a kick in the butt when he was on the ground.


Guilherme Marchi is 1 for 14?! Sad. No matter what he says, that injury hasn’t totally healed.


Delco shoved Alves against the fence— what choice did Silvano have but to grab it? The bull’s rear end was gonna smash him against it. Can’t that be a re-ride? I know why not, don’t you?


  • Nunes’s re-ride was RMEF Gunpowder & Lead, a.k.a. Palermo’s Pet. During the ride, Renato touched the fence, and I was holding my breath, swear words in the chamber: were the judges going to review him and say he has to take a re-ride, or DQ him? Whew! They treated him like Chase Outlaw’s equal and didn’t DQ  him. 89.75 and a backflip. Yeah!
  • Renato wins! Double points! He said he wasn’t happy that he didn’t ride Asteroid, but he got a good re-ride bull, and hopes he gets a chance to ride Asteroid again. Then he added, “Thank you for everyone believe in myself, ‘cause I have a hard time couple of weeks.” Leah Garcia asked if enjoying bull riding makes a difference. “It help a lot.” I know this is embarrassing, but I can’t help saying it: he’s so cute when he’s happy!

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