Eyewitness to PBR Philadelphia Event

No, it’s not me– I couldn’t stomach the idea of traveling 3 hours each way (paying either for gas + parking or 3 trains + cab), being ripped off on ticket prices by Comcast– who charge roughly 40% for various fees on a $50 ticket– and sitting in a not-so-great seat. (And then watching the judges screw Silvano Alves.)

Nope, this summary is from a man in Maryland; he and his wife usually go to the Finals. This year they drove up to Philadelphia.

“Got tickets in Philadelphia for Saturday night. Cheaper than Las Vegas! I hated the venue. HATED! $40 for parking?!? In a field in South Philadelphia?!? Seats that someone from Nutrisystem created to make people feel super-fat. (I’m not fond of Nutrasystem either.)

And who the hell came up with the idea for the Bring on Da Noise girls? Since they hide them in the corner, I have to figure some sleazy married producer is either sleeping with them or trying hard to.

By the way, they stretched the top-priced tickets pretty far into not-so-great seating. Supposedly, Wells Fargo Center offered “best available” seats, but the seats sucked and there seemed to be a lot of better ones left empty.

And what’s up with Flint? He seemed to be hardly there at all.

My PO’d moment this week is due to PBR and CBSSports Network. They charge me an additional $15 a month to get the lame station and then they run non-stop commercials during the PBR broadcast. Wasn’t there some kind of unwritten rule that said if you paid for viewing a channel you were spared interruptive commercials? HBO and Starz and Showtime all follow that rule (well, sort of).

We should track down CBR on the tube here.


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