In light of the Finals results…

Remember when I said Columbus could wait? I took a look at my notes from those broadcasts, and saw a few things that raised my eyebrows, which have been up at my hairline for half the season. In light of the PBR Finals results, you might find them interesting.


The judges treated Emilio Resende fairly—to a point– giving his rides reality-based scores: 85.25 on Devil’s Reject in Round 1, 89.25 in Round 2 on Cooper Tires How We Roll, 87 for his smooooth work on Chin Music, and an 87 in the final round on Sucker Punch. The last ride was pretty funny: the bull did something I don’t think I’ve ever seen: a quick little double hop with his back feet in the air; and then after the buzzer sounded, he changed directions in a desperate last-ditch attempt to get rid of Resende, who was already off his back. But that last score was just not quite enough for Emilio to win, because… see what happened with Mike Lee. (But it did help solve the judges’ Rookie of the Year dilemma, since Chase Outlaw was falling off the cliff.)


First, my hat is off to Mike Lee for getting on another bull after a terrible wreck. I was thinking he deserved his 90.50 for that ride on MVP. (I don’t know who was doing more grunting, Lee or the bull!) BUT then we all saw his hand DEFINITELY contact the bull’s horn. Once again Ty Murray voiced it, but we all know the judges have cotton in their ears: “He got away with that one, without a doubt.” And so, instead of being disqualified, which would make either JB Mauney or Emilio Resende the winner, Mike Lee takes the event.


Looking at the clips shown of Silvano’s rides last year and early this year, I saw some wild bulls, clearly of the highest caliber. I tried to remember if he’s been getting great bulls in the past few months, and I don’t think it’s my imagination that they’re not. This means that besides underscoring Alves, the judges also can underscore the bull, which keeps his scores low. Clever! You could say he chose his own bulls in the draft, so the low scores are partly his fault, but there are a lot more matchups than drafts, and it’s not like his riding itself has deteriorated. He scored 86.50 on Jr. Powder– a fair score; I don’t know about you, but it’s so rare that it shocked me. But then there was an 87.50 for LJ Jenkins on Big Stink–a ding for Alves that moved LJ one spot in front of him. And Jenkins’s ride was better than Alves’s, how?


Speaking of LJ, he was out of shape sixteen different ways on Mac-Nett’s Southern Wine, and kept salvaging miraculously, but then just couldn’t do it any more. It was a tremendously valiant effort. On his way out, he looked very disheartened, and we saw no one acknowledging him or trying to make him feel better. Is that the fair- weather-friend syndrome? You know: loser cooties might rub off on us, don’t go near him? I felt sorry for LJ; I’ve never seen that look on his face, and it must’ve felt pretty bad, especially after all the hype and back pats he was getting when people were pushing him as the challenger to the Killer Bs.

CODY NANCE (no longer a fashion icon)

Cody Nance took so long in the chute, it was obvious that he was stalling. That’s the first time I’ve seen so spectacularly clearly what the commentators mean when they talk about riders trying to psych out a bull. Of course there was not one peep out of a chute person as Cody fidgeted endlessly. You know how much yelling we’d be hearing if Silvano were in there making a sandwich. Rango applied some justice, making Nance his 11th straight buckoff. I love that bull’s style– wildly athletic and creative with his moves; 46.50 almost wasn’t enough for that performance.


JB Mauney’s 93.25-point ride on Smackdown– a thing of beauty! He does have that bull figured out now; I knew that was a smart pick. And miracle of miracles!– the Booth Boys had the respect to STFU during that ride. No words were necessary; it spoke for itself. How funny was JB’s father, though, leaning so far over the railing cheering him on that he was practically on the bull with him. The crowd was absolutely screaming wild—me, too. I love when JB slays dragons! It almost doesn’t matter whether he wins a World Championship, when you look at the notches on his belt: one monster after another. That goes down in history just as well.

His quote: “It don’t bother me while I’m riding, it’s just when you get off, you can’t run real good.”—JB talking about his bum knee.


Jory Markiss is a highlight reel unto himself: wearing his pink cowboy kerchief over his face like a masked bandit promoting breast cancer awareness… chucking his mouthpiece–from far away– at Rack City for yanking him around and over… flying head over heels from Quiet Riot and landing with a huge plop! then banging on the exit chute (great photo on the PBR website Live Event Center). “Are you all right?” one of the announcers asked. His responses: “Ouch!” “Woohoo! Yeah! That hurt!” I’m just glad he didn’t throw his mouthpiece again.


Chase Outlaw’s buffalo helmet. I guess he didn’t want to save it for Halloween, but have we ever gotten a real explanation for it? It’s not his best look.


“Every week we’re waiting for someone to step up.” I guess none of the riders are trying to win the title; they’re just showing up for work week after week with crippling injuries, postponing surgery, writhing on the ground in pain… Hummer needs to stop regurgitating bilge from his well-worn copy of Sportscasting for Dummies. Why does he feel the need to be talking ALL THE TIME when he’s saying nothing and making no sense? Does he snort a gram of coke before every event??


“Shoot, I’m just happy as a dog with no ticks.” Wonder if Mike Lee got that one from Justin McKee? Oh yes indeed, PBR officials: we have not forgotten Justin McKee!


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  1. pazle says:

    Love your comment about Hummer. I mute him when I can.


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