Quickie for NY bull riding fans

In case you’re still in the ICU from ticket prices to the Madison Square Garden event in January, here’s the latest from Ticketmonster [my designation], with my editorial notes:

Exclusive Discount Offer
For the seventh straight year, the PBR is bringing the pain, [because of course we all go to these events to see our favorite cowboys get hurt] as the toughest cowboys and baddest bulls on the planet rock Madison Square Garden in January! It’s [Get a proofreader: the correct word is “it’s,” as in, “it is”] the season opener of the elite Built Ford Tough Series, as the Top 35 bull riders in the world risk it all for three unforgettable nights. Don’t [you mean, “don’t,” as in, “do not”] even think about calling it a rodeo …[missing punctuation here, and get ready for the hollerin’ hillbilly voice:] this is BULL RIDING! This is the PBR!

THREE SNOT-SPEWING, BONE-CRUSHING, ADRENALINE-SOAKED PERFORMANCES! [Because of course we buy tickets to see snot and bone-crushing, not rides]

Save $10 on tickets originally priced $40 – $205! Use the code: ‘TMPBR’ when checking out to take advantage of this offer. Enter code: TMPBR into Special Offers Box.

Buy your tickets now before this offer ends January 6.


Offer valid on tickets regularly priced $40 – $205. All ticket prices include a $5 facility fee. Ticketmaster purchases are subject to a Ticketmaster service charge [but they won’t tell you what it is until the very last minute when you’re ready to order, and generally it adds a total of $20 per ticket. That’s how $50 tickets end up costing $68-$72]. This offer is not valid on previously purchased tickets and is subject to availability [as in, you’ll end up choosing between the rafter seats and the seats that cost almost as much as chute side seats but are farther away and up higher].

About Bull Riding Marketing

Creative services, marketing and public relations professional from entertainment industry background. Published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. I believe bull riders are the new rock stars.
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2 Responses to Quickie for NY bull riding fans

  1. S. says:

    The cheaper tickets seem to be on Goldstar, so it will be interesting to see if the PBR says it is “sold out” (which you know they will). But if anyone is looking to save a few bucks on the $40-$50 tickets, you might want to check out Goldstar.


  2. anonymous says:

    For the past two years we have purchased tickets for the event we go to (not NYC) that cost approximately $50 and were great seats. As a paying fan club member I was given the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance and to get the same seats as the previous year, which I did, purchasing them directly from PBR for a $6 per ticket handling fee – a pretty good deal I thought. This year we decided to go both nights; however when I called PBR to purchase the tickets I was told those same seats were now $100. That’s double, DOUBLE, the price. I could see a raise to $60 or even $75, but DOUBLE! Our options were to purchase those seats for $100, purchase $50 seats in the same section higher up or purchase $50 seats one section back with ring side seats. We decided on the third option but only for one night. We’ll see how the seats are before deciding on going two nights next year.


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