The Touring Pro event scheduled for this weekend in Worcester is hanging by a thread, because of the impending snowstorm. The DCU (venue) says it’ll let people know by Friday evening if the event is cancelled. Not so helpful for the people who’re traveling 2 or 3 hours to get there and can’t wait until 5 pm to leave home. Cancelling it will disappoint Northeast fans who are starved for bull riding events this year, and there’ll be a bunch of bored, frozen cowboys stuck in Massachusetts for a couple of days; holding it might endanger riders and bulls on the road. Bummer either way.


This Sunday, you have your choice of a whole lotta action:

5 pm PRCA Xtreme Bulls on Great American Country channel
8 pm Grammy Awards on CBS-TV
8 pm & 11 pm BAFTA Awards (British Academy of Film and Television Awards – the British Oscars)
8 pm PBR at Anaheim

I need double Tivo.


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One Response to QUICK NOTES

  1. saraht says:

    I just posted on Susan’s Facebook page that all trucks must be off the highways in Massachusetts by 11:00 AM tomorrow. I wonder when the bulls are due to arrive. They might have to resort to mutton busting. It would be fun to watch PIstol Robinson hang on for dear life on the back of a sheep!


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