HIGHLIGHTS FROM OKLAHOMA CITY (yes, waaay back then)

Bushwacker is 35:0– one reason he should’ve been 2012 Bull of the Year. This is his first appearance of the year; he came back from having a hole in his horn, some of the horn was removed, and supposedly he’s okay. All it took was a couple of swings from those powerful hindquarters to make Shane Proctor, on their third date, the 36th consecutive buckoff, and rack up a bull score of 46.

I can’t describe what Shepherd Hills Tested did to Jory Markiss, or the expression on Jory’s face after he recovered from being splattered onto the dirt, but I hope they re-run this clip. His usual ebullience was kinda gob-smacked.


  • “Arrgghh!” –Brent Atwood heading to the locker room after an altercation with Cody Ohl’s bull of the same name.
  • “He’s done gave up right there.”—Ty Murray on Guilherme Marchi’s attempt on Asteroid.
  • “Doesn’t get broke at the hips” was Justin McBride’s analysis of the moment when Ryan Dirteater’s ride on Ringo that started out so well went wrong.
  • “You can go a long ways with a lot of try.”—Sean Willingham, pooped after his 87 on Rockie Smooth.
  • “Bull riding is just putting one leg on either side of the bull and making an ugly face for 8 seconds.”—Jim Shoulders
  • “To worry about the future and not be focused on the present is the fool’s way to be left in the past.” –Austin Meier’s tweet, according to Leah Garcia.
  •  “A lot of us are riding in pain, but one like that’ll make it all go away.” –Luke Snyder after a 87.25 ride on Slippery Devil.
  • “Jump off like that!” –Robson Palermo muttering in disgust on his way out, after his dislocation-prone shoulder made him desert long, black, skunk-streaked Jonely Bonely.


  • The outstanding bull action in the opening clips. Slo-mo is always the way to go when you want to show what these bovines are doing to the cowboys.
  • Clint Adkins substituting for Craig Hummer.
  • The “Bulls: 8, Cowboys: 0” scoreboard. Like in real sports.
  • Mike Lee’s speed lap after his ride, with Flint in hot pursuit.
  • Guilherme Marchi’s ear-high kick victory move.
  • Cool face on Mega Ton! Like a Halloween mask: black and white on a black bull.
  • Shane Proctor’s and Sean Willingham’s core strength—especially impressive since I’m having a guilt attack about not going to the gym this weekend.
  • Spotlighting early champions—great idea!
  • Love the hype: “The Beast Called Bushwacker.” Makes him sound like a heavyweight boxer. He needs a satin cloak with “The Beast” embroidered on the back. Have him burst out of the chute and fling off the cape like James Brown doing “Please, Please, Please.”
  • Sean was off the BFTS since March, 2012, and tonight he wins his first title since 2010.


  • Adkins mentioned Jory Markiss’s round win last night on Fairy Tattoo, without mentioning that the bull died! Another example of the PBR closing ranks to protect secrets that might make somebody look bad. Autopsy, anyone?
  • The spotlight microscope view from last night of Cody Nance’s spur showed it hooked in his knots before the chute opened. It was followed by a clip of him saying he wanted to see the tape again, protesting that he didn’t have his spurs in the rope. He was blinking away, his eyes moving left to right, instead of focusing on the interviewer’s face, which in body language terms, means someone’s lying. And before people start coming down on me for being prejudiced against Cody, read up on body language. It doesn’t lie.
  • Silvano’s 4th straight buckoff?? It’s a world gone mad.


I feel bad for Douglas Duncan: he’s so young to have permanent hip problems. Good point: he said he wishes people wouldn’t keep bringing it up, so he wouldn’t have to keep talking about it and thinking about it, and he wishes he didn’t have to show the pain by limping away after each ride. McBride was very offbase about why Douglas got bucked off by Johnny Walker Black, Jr. after a good start, saying he thinks maybe Duncan gives up in the middle, he should keep moving forward, has to try more. Uh, Justin, the whole point is HIS HIPS WON’T LET HIM DO THAT. It has nothing to do with him making excuses. It’s just a physical fact. I think Duncan’s comment from the backstage area was: “Arrrgghhh!”


  • Beetle Juice. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a bull jerk on a guy’s arm so hard so many times in a row. Quite a dirt bath Renato took.
  • Marchi said there was something easy about Yellow Jacket Jr., but the bull easily dispatched him. Marchi’s face said it all: he was clenching his jaw so hard, he coulda cracked a tooth.
  • Watching Rowdy All Night in slow motion—whew! Agnaldo Cardozo might have a few words to say to his countrymen who picked this bull for him.


Aw, come on, Mauney! Smackdown scored 45.25. Poor JB, hiding under his hat, collecting himself at the rail after a very quick insult from the bull. JB CAN ride this bull, I just know it.

A complete shutout by the bulls in the Championship Round! The only time I’ve ever seen that happen was at a Touring Pro Event a few years ago in Worcester.


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