Watching an event on the PBR website’s Live Event Center is a chore, but at least this time we heard different music for the opening video (yay!) and different music accompanying the second clip, too (yay! again). “Stand up, get your hands up…” OMG, a song that’s not offensive! I could be wrong, but I think that’s “Kick Ass.” (Egypt Central)

And wow, for at least part of the broadcast, scores were posted right away at the bottom of the LEC screen. We didn’t have to rely on the announcers to tell us what was happening, which was a good thing, because half the time they don’t.

Empty seats were pretty obvious, though. Hope the PBR doesn’t issue one of their livin’-in-Egypt pronouncements that the event sold out, ‘cause really, a lot of us can count.

Seems weird not to have Austin Meier and Ryan Dirteater in the mix, but it’s nice to see new faces and some returnees:
Matt Triplett (He’s here because he won a TPD event in Eugene)
Jared Farley
Jason Malone
Zack Brown
Reese Cates
Troy Wilkinson
Brant Atwood
João Ricardo Vieira (According to Marchi, says Clint Adkins, he’s the real deal)
Nathan Schaper
Eduardo Aparecido

It’s very cool that Jeff Robinson stayed on his great grandfather’s property.

Why does JB get top billing, as in “He’s a fan favorite—give it up for J! B! Mauney!” Hey, Mr. Hypemeister, there are other fan favorites, too, ya know.


  • Ben Jones riding Buck Naked for 86.25 made him so happy, he busted some new dance moves. At some point, we’re going to see 8 seconds of dancing.
  • How cool was that video of Silvano Alves and his family on their ranch in Brazil? What a nice thing for the PBR to do! Love the last shot of The Four Horsemen riding at the camera— quite the apocalyptic cowboy image. It’d make a good poster, PBR marketing dudes! Start crankin’ ‘em out.
  • Edevaldo Aparecido had quite a struggle with Charlie Bullware (now 11 for 54) in the chute: the bull bucked inside the chute, his horn snagged in front, Aparecido’s helmet hit the chute; and a re-ride was the result. After knocking over a barrel, Charlie fought the safetyman all the way out. First funny bull performance of the night.


  • Brandon Bates explaining who Reese Cates scored 87.50 on: “the name of the bull— big, scary—they call him Jello.”
  • “Real cowboys and cowgirls have to wear Wranglers; it’s the rule; otherwise you’re just a line dancer.”—Flint
  • Flint’s take on Marco Eguchi wearing a hat instead of a helmet: “I broke my head, and now it’s too swollen to wear a helmet to protect the head that holds the brain that told me to get on a bull in the first place.”
  • “Every once in a while I have to create the illusion that I’m doing something productive, to keep my job. You guys know how it is.”—Flint, to Clint Adkins and Brandon Bates. The response: “Yeah, we do!”


  • Wow—Bad Boy Mowers used a male voice for “Mow with an attitude.” But where’s the dude in the little denim shorts and skin-tight, low-cut tank top?
  • Whaddaya know, two cowgirl sisters chosen as Best-Dressed Fans! Guess the people who do the picking finally heard some of us squawk about girls being invisible.


The Stanley Stud Finder finally got it right: Bushwacker is the Stud of the Night.


  • I wish The Bummer would stop calling Douglas Duncan “Double D.” It makes the PBR seem even more breast-obsessed than they already are. He notched up 86.75 for his ride on Studly.
  • Yikes! This is why we want JB to wear a helmet (no matter how good the hat looks): Angola Slim went down on the ground for a bit, then threw him against the fence; I think JB actually bounced and hit it twice. Later, Stubby did a step dance on him and sent him limping off the dirt.
  • Have you listened to the lyrics of the Jack Daniels ad song? It’s about drinking ‘til you’re “all jacked up.” Do the people who chose it know anyone who was killed by a drunk driver? Do they know a mother who lost a child because some “all jacked up” asshole got behind the wheel of a car? I do. There’s also a verse about a woman knocking out another woman’s tooth, and the line, “I guess I had it comin’…” Yet on the Jack Daniels website is some pious cant about drinking responsibly.  Which message do you think speaks louder?
    Fans of the Night were, as Flint put it, “a group of ladies who are really annoying to everyone around them.” Man, do I know what he’s talking about! There were at least two groups fitting that description at the New York event in January. One batch of toasted tootsies were tossed out of the Garden (ha! I borrowed Hummer’s poetry book). The other bunch were in the row ahead of me: dressed to the nines, didn’t give a rat’s ass about the bull riding; they must’ve made five beer runs (and five bathroom trips), and managed to stand up in front of me every time any world champion was about to ride. If I drank beer, I would’ve poured it on them.

Now the winner has to stand on the Shark Cage surrounded by the Monster Energy “Girls,” like that’s an honor?  The sexist displays get worse with every event. Can’t the PBR execs get with the sponsors and negotiate with them to cut the crap? It has never been proven that bouncing boobs make people buy more energy drinks.

The PBR claims it’s making the sport appeal to people outside its “traditional” audience, making it “mainstream,” yet they persist with this knuckle-dragger treatment of women, though half their fans are women. What is wrong with them? Why is degrading women part of their “thinking”?

They’re pissing off people who want to bring their families to the events, but don’t want their children seeing the bimbo display. They’re pissing off self-respecting women who’re busting their asses to be taken seriously in the world. They’re teaching young girls that being a bimbo makes you famous. They’re teaching young boys that this is what women are for, and it’s a “normal” part of the sport. And they’re perpetuating the stereotype that to be a man, you’re supposed to salivate at the sight of random boobs and bellybuttons and buy more MonsterRockStar5-Hour swill.

There’s no reason why degrading and insulting women should be considered part of the sport. It’s an unacceptable way to treat us. Do you want our money or not, boys?


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Creative services, marketing and public relations professional from entertainment industry background. Published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. I believe bull riders are the new rock stars.
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  1. My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different web page and thought I might as well check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to exploring your web page


  2. S. says:

    I was at the Fresno event and they started things off with two Monster Energy girls shimmying on the shark cage. It was so sad– sad in that there were these two girls pathetically dancing by themselves, and sad in that the PBR and Monster think this is what is going to sell, well, anything.


  3. BullT says:

    Here’s something empiracle for you. I had a booth at the National Restaurant Show many years ago. IMO company was selling disposable chef hats and my booth featured a mime in Chet’s outfit. He would step out of the display and Antonine pantomime with the hat. The company 2 booths down from me featured breasts and legs. Since I was searching for a thesis topic, I had someone question people at the end of the aisle. When asked what thy remembered of the booths they jut saw, almost very one mentioned the surgically enhanced models. But when added what product thy we’re selling, something like 85% had no use. My mime had much better product recall, but he still outshined the product. I eventually chose another thesis topic, but I thought my intended title was pretty good: “So what’s the point?”


    • My point exactly. But a mime at your booth– how embarrassing. Was this between the Jerry Jeff Walker stint and the motocross years? I’m just trying to assess the amount of brain damage involved.

      PS–Had a mini-reunion out on the North Fork with Pattycakes, Artie, and Rudd. Guess which of them was also at the Garden event in January?? This is too ffin’ bizarre– what are the odds of 3 of us being bull riding kooks? Then I tried to convert Artie by making him watch part of the Kansas City 15/15 Bucking Battle.
      Next parlay is at Mark’s (W. 12th St.)– when he gets it together. Ha.

      How are you & LJ settling in down there?


      • BullT says:

        It was after both, into the “I can act upright, civilized and reliable” stage. I was Dir of Marketing or a company that are disposable Edward. Those crappy caps the proliferated in every fast food store and prison kitchen around the country.

        We are slowly settling in. I now own a big boy chain saw and a hydraulic log splitter. 26 cows on the hillside we look at out the kitchen window. LJ is waiting to sneak a bull out there!


      • What, no Big Boy Mower, so you can “get your mow on”? Don’t you wanna make your lawn look “hotter”?

        Um, “disposable Edward”? Can you clarify, please?

        Waitaminute– a hydraulic log splitter? WTF??


  4. Used to be a fan says:



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