ANAHEIM Round 2 Sat. Feb. 10, 2013

I tuned in late, in time to hear Ty Murray praising João Ricardo Vieira for his handling everything Hammer Head had (yet scoring only 82.50).

• The split screen would be fine for showing a ride while announcers talk about it, but it was not a good idea to interview Jeff Robinson (who’s been to 95 consecutive events) while Zack Brown rode Graffiti for 86.25, or show Marco Eguchi’s excellent ride on High Time while Brendon Clark’s interview went on and on; Marco looked very solid on that bull no matter what it did (yet scored only 82.75).
• By the twelfth time I saw the Wheat Thins commercial, I was ready to kill the guy with the night vision goggles!

What’s the deal with the quickie SFX clips of a miked rider way after the ride, so we hear what we didn’t hear during his trip? Is this the equivalent of the bleep? I think I may have heard Brendon Clark saying after his buckoff: “Stupid idiot!”

In Sacramento last week, Brendon Clark rode all three of his bulls and took the Championship Round. This time, he got called for a touch when Pike did a weird little hiccup move. Don’t know how he managed to be civil to Hummer when Craig asked Brendon to talk him through the ride: “What went wrong?” Just what every cowboy wants to hear after he doesn’t make 8. Do ya not think he’s running the ride through his head over and over?

• I’m making an exception to my Facial Hair Is Yucky principle to say that Zack Brown looks good with a mustache and beard!
• Flint (“who doesn’t get enough screen time”) Rasmussen got interviewed! What does he do to keep in shape during the week? “It’s treadmill season in Montana.”

• Ty Murray talking with Ben Jones before his ride. “Modern day gladiator,” was how Ben described what riding is like for him. Little White Out was awkward, then at 8 parked on a dime to let Ben step off. I love how the Brazilian riders do as much hollering for Ben as they do for one another. And no matter what score Ben gets (81.50 in this case), the crowd always goes wild.
• “We won’t just hear one Brazilian, we’ll hear about eight.”—Hummer, trying to make the wired feature sound useful for Guilherme Marchi’s (84-point) ride on Ball Peen. I do love how enthusiastic the guys get, whooping through the whole ride.

Stubby stepped on JB Mauney last night, possibly fracturing his fibula. JB wouldn’t even get x-rayed. (Not a smart idea.) He was going to get on a bull no matter what, so they splinted him up. Hummer commented to the doc that JB probably tells him what to do with his body. Freeman’s comeback: “He certainly doesn’t let us tell him whether he can ride or not.” Score one for Craig, saying that JB’s got the Monty Python outlook: “It’s only a flesh wound!” But sheesh; it’s only the second month of the season, and JB’s already got both arms and one leg braced. He can hardly hobble, and that landing delivered by Shameless must’ve hurt like hell. Thank god Jesse Byrne literally did grab the bull by the horns.

Storm Warning is another one of those bulls with a hyperactive behind that was very effective in ditching Troy Wilkinson, who proceeded to have a JB moment on his way back to the locker room.

• I heard “Let’s go!” pretty quickly while Edevaldo Ferreira wrapped on JD, a bull with serious Attitude.
• Silvano Alves did everything right, and even threw in an extra couple of seconds on Filmore Trouble, but was scored 81.25. Well, we knew he’d be underscored, but this time it’s at least partly on the bull, whose score was only 39.75. On the other hand, Snickers, with the same score, gave Cody Nance an 81.50. Oh my; are we starting with those .25-point dings this early in the season, so it won’t look as obvious as the Finals approach?
• Says Hummer, “Some money on the line, but for Marchi, it’s all about pride.” I know he thinks that sounds like classy rhetoric, but it’s so not true; we’ve all heard the Boys from Brazil talk about how important the money is for their families.

Ty Murray demonstrating “forward on the jump” on a bucking machine. Yup, it looks a lot harder up close— two quick weight shifts, not one. That’d put my back out on the first jump. He also showed how dull spurs have to be able to grab rather than cut the rope, using Lachlan Richardson as the curiously lifeless model.

Filmore Heat’s got some fierce set of horns! Love the nasty sidewinding he did. (Sorry, Renato.)

I just don’t get it! Lachlan Richard is riding like it’s his first time. Again.

“Aparaciado” is Craig Hummer’s latest attempt at Eduardo’s last name. Before that, it was “Aparacidu.” He’s still working on Resende; so far he’s stuck on “Hess-en-day.”

Ty tried to explain how the chute judges decide how long a rider can take in the chute. No matter how you slice it, it’s arbitrary and subjective. Chase Outlaw was given plenty of time, but not Edevaldo.

Cody Lambert using the bucking machine operated by Keith Ryan Cartwright. Kinda gross.

Jory Markiss, the Christmas Cowboy— I mean come on, look at that outfit! Who else could pull off a red and green ensemble? His ride was snazzy, too: 87.75 on Super Cool Cat. He actually was showing off for the guys on the chute, going wild with his outside leg.

Has anyone noticed that since New York, the bulls have been gunning for Frank the Tank? JD sure meant business when he went after the Fearless One. Chaparral dusted Chase Outlaw and practically ran Frank up the fence. The Kawasaki Highlight of the Night showed him taking a revenge crunch from the same bull that attacked him last week. On the ground, cornered against the chute, he took a square hit from the bull’s head. What does he have that the other guys don’t?

• Ty Murray talking about getting out of the chute quickly being better for the rider: “Kinda like your parents telling you nothing good happens after midnight.” (Oh, but they were wrong— so wrong.)
• “I’m the old man on a team of young bucks.”—Luke Snyder’s take on his Clash of the Cowboys crew.
• “This sport’s all about having fun.”—Jory Markiss, who knows more about fun than anyone.


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12 Responses to ANAHEIM Round 2 Sat. Feb. 10, 2013

  1. saraht says:

    Esther – Thanks for clarifying! Based on your research, the riders shown on the split screen during recent Pure PBR broadcasts have been from Canada, US, Brazil and Australia. It can’t get much more random than that! :-))


  2. esther says:

    Reviewing the past four events I still have on my recorder I noticed the split screen as follows:
    The 3/10 broadcast: riders J Hupp, J Faircloth, J Vieira, B Clark, J Markiss, E Resende.
    The 2/24 broadcast: riders D Douglas, G Marchi, A Roy
    The 2/16 broadcast: riders J Vieira, B Clark, C Nance, A Roy
    No split screen during Iron Cowboy

    Tacoma Event
    The first two fans were good. The last two were terrible, I thought they came across as not wanting to be with each other.

    They interviewed JB at the beginning because he was leading coming into the second day, same as they did Ty Pozzobon at the St Louis and Kansas City events. They interviewed JB later because he rode a bull that hadn’t been ridden in seven outs. Both legitimate reasons.


    • S. says:

      I don’t have a problem with them interviewing JB generally if he’s done something noteworthy, but it’s really weird when they can find time to interview him multiple times, as well as others, but they apparently don’t have time to interview the winner of the event.

      Have we even seen Tab Barker at the last several events? I wonder if he’s still around or not.


  3. saraht says:

    Opps! Sorry for the typos.


  4. saraht says:

    Did anyone else feel like this past weekend’s Pure PBR event was different than past events…a bit forced perhaps? I thought Craig Hummer was in-your-face aggressive with his behind the scenes rider interviews. The PBR needs to put some privacy guidelines in place. The riders are pretty good sports about doing interviews but I think that is going to change if they are constantly having a mic shoved into their face when they are upset or not in a good frame of mind. Up close and personal is good up to a point…then it becomes invasive. I also noticed that every split screen featured a Brazilian riding a bull and Craig interviewing a non-Brazilian. Chance perhaps?…..I hope so.

    There were some great bulls this past weekend! Buck Naked seemed like a very appropriate for Shane Proctor….remember his naked photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Bodies issue? Plus both Shane and the bull were almost buck naked after his ride on Saturday! Lol!


    • Yep, I did think it was a bad idea to send Craig behind the chutes. He just sucks at doing one-on-one. He was totally invasive, and calling a guy “buddy” doesn’t make it any better. He didn’t even alter his “style”– kept the same hyped-up level right in the guys’ faces. JW is much better at being around the chute; guys are used to him because he was a rider, and he’s low-key and real– also PFF when he tells it like it is instead of toeing the party line.

      What’s amazing to me is that nobody was rude to Hummer. Either the riders have the patience of a bunch of saints, or they’ve been well-schooled in “PBR 101: This is how you stay on the BFTS, or else.” If I were him, I’d be looking over my shoulder around midnight in case a posse of p.o.ed bull riders jump him. (And not in a good way, either.)

      I don’t know if anyone saw “30 Rock” last night, but they had a two-second parody of a sports analysis show called “Shouting Sports,” in which a screen split in four showed four sports announcers simultaneously hollering at top speed at the top of their lungs. I was howling. That’s where the PBR is headed, folks, now that David Neal Productions has introduced the split screen.

      I can picture it now: in one corner of the screeen, Shorty talking about the dirt; in another corner, Hummer hollering about “NoneOtherThanJBMauney!” In corner #3, Ty Murray with the Telestrator explaining a ride, and in the fourth corner, Leah Garcia interviewing Random Rider so he can say, “I take ’em one bull at a time. You gotta ride ’em one jump at a time. I’m just gonna have fun. We’ll get it done tonight. I’m only thinkin’ ’bout my next bull.”

      Oh, wait a minute– what’s missing? Oh yeah, that’s right: THE RIDES. Almost forgot what the whole ball of crap is supposed to be about: bull riding.


  5. S. says:

    What was with the skit with Austin Meier and Shane Proctor calling Asteroid and Bushwacker? It was just kind of harmless and dumb until we got to Shane pretending to be Valdiron, complete with fake Brazilian accent. Why does the PBR continue to do this kind of stuff?!


    • Why? Because the marketing/PR decision-makers just don’t get it. Their whole world is themselves and people who look like them, so they are absolutely clueless as to what’s insulting, insensitive, racist, or anything else. I am SO glad I didn’t have to see that skit– I’d have gone ballistic.


      • S. says:

        They showed it again on the LEC recently. I guess they don’t have much material, since I think they’ve showed the one about Silvano and his home in Brazil at least six times in the last few weeks. But surely they can come up with something that isn’t just downright insulting. I would hope.


  6. Used to be a fan says:

    Just watched PBR last night. I really don’t like PBR Live. It is too chaotic for me. It is really loud and distracting. Is it really necessary to interview fans in the stands about the new format? Another interview with JB? Precious time was wasting away with these interviews, time that we could have been watching rides. I would like to see the PBR in “realtime”, not the next day or tape delayed.


    • S. says:

      And could those fans have been any more disinterested? It was kind of hilarious, actually.

      Not hilarious was that they found time for multiple interviews with JB, but I guess the translator wasn’t on duty because they didn’t bother to interview the guy who actually won the event.


      • I don’t know why they wasted time talking to those people. Those so-called fans looked like they couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. This was probably the PBR trying to act on the oft-repeated suggestion (at the top of my lungs) that they actually go out into the audience and see who’s there. This may be the first time they’ve noticed that their audience is not composed of rich fat middle-aged white guys.

        JB is always their go-to guy. It doesn’t matter where he is in the standings, they all have a crush on him. I’ve seen this phenomenon in the rock business. You wouldn’t believe what happened when Gene Simmons first showed his Kiss Destroyer costume to a room full of roadies. The image is burned into my retinas.

        I haven’t seen Tab around much, but that’s no excuse for how many times they interview JB instead of the winner and second place rider, who a lot of times just happen to be Portuguese speakers.


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